Why Would Buying Plain Bed Sheets Online Ever Be Banned Worldwide?

Why Would Buying Plain Bed Sheets Online Ever Be Banned Worldwide?

Dec 01, 2023

Unless you have lived under a rock recently, there are more places to buy bed sheets than at the shops.

So why would you go out in your car to find those designer plain bed sheets you want and come back empty-handed and disappointed?

So why would you think that they would ban the fact that you can buy plain bed sheets online?

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Why would you do it?

There is a reason why plain bed sheets would be banned online worldwide, and that would have been the brick and mortar stores.

They not only lost many of their customers to the online buying frenzy that has gripped the world since retailers have found how to make the same if not more money away from stores.

To the person next store sewing away in her sewing room making designer plain bed sheets for the fussy.

There would have been screams and yells from department stores selling bed sheets, or you could also say linen ware for the bedroom.

To think that customers would have been taken away from their stores via the internet.

While their stores found fewer people coming in because they did not have the most modern design bed sheets or the ones that glow in the dark.

No, I don’t think they have made those yet…

The Rise Of The Brick And Mortar Shops

Now, these owners of linen shops on the high street eventually stopped yelling that it was not fair.

While standing outside with their big signs and placards trying to entice customers in, to buy their bedsheets.

Yelling ‘buy linen bedding’.

These crafty owners eventually, just like the discovery of the wheel.

They decided that they would like to get a piece of the internet pie.

And decided to start selling their own brands of bed sheets online too.

What a decision, such places such as Walmart not only got on the bandwagon, but smaller shops also took the next step to sell their wares online as well. So they would now be yelling on the internet.

‘By your best bed sheets online.

Now it was fair game, as soon as they got someone to build their website online to show their shop name up in bright lights and their bed linen for all to see.

The Battle Of David And Goliath In Bed Sheets

Well, that sounds a little odd…

Never mind, moving on.

Enter the internet websites popping up all over the net. Now everybody can go and sell bedsheets online, buy double bed sheets online…

King single sheets online….

Kinky bed sheets online…

Discard that last one…

So what happens next, the big cheeses in the big department stores decided that they now had competition and had to do something about it, as the stores selling these sheets were coming online more and more.

This meant competition, and they were losing sales to the smaller websites.

Not only that, but they also weren’t making as much money.
Not it’s anyone’s game to be on the internet selling as they please within reason of course.

But the big cheese decided to start marking down their stock, and they were yelling ‘ cheap bed sheets online…

Bed sheets cheap online, sheet sale…

Bed sheet sale, linen sale!

It started to get ugly when the small shops, now online saw that the bigger shops started to undercut them.

So the bedsheet sales were like a war ground.

But no blood was spilt, fortunately, as the two opposing sides did not meet up in the public square and start a punch-up.

Buying Bed Sheets Online At A Cheaper Price

Although shops have been selling and making money on sales for a very long time, this did not stay on the sales floor, did it?

It soon got into online marketing.

And how is this good for us?

You guessed it! Underselling…

While you have sat comfortably on your lounge, maybe near your cosy fireplace if you’re so lucky.

You find that so many shops online now sell to please people surfing the internet.

While buying all those bedsheets, while all the time making a profit as well.
It’s a good position you are in now.

Just think of it!

You can go buying on the internet highway buying all the linen you want without getting into your car and actually go shopping in convenience stores.

You might be jostling with other customers, the weather might be really cold, and you don’t want to go shopping – because you feel really lazy right now.

Remember the saying with the yellow phone pages ‘ Let your fingers do the walking.
Now it’s the same with the internet, you can let your fingers do the walking, or you could say surfing, A you could say swipe from one online shop to the other.

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Never has it been a better time to go shopping in the real world or the real world.
It’s up to you and how you feel right?

Where Can I Buy Bedding Online?

I do have another big thing to tell you, not that you already don’t know. It’s not just the online shops online that you can buy your wears.

Enter online Megastores such as Amazon and eBay buying.

If there was not the competition out there already for the brick and mortar stores.
Here comes another player on the stage.

But as we know…

EBay and Amazon are your friends.

Not only to the offline stores, but they also cater or the individual wanting to get their chance to sell these items such as bed sheets.

We are talking about bedsheets so I had to put it in…

So if you are wanting a bedroom to feel like a luxury five-star hotel suite or just the most calming bedroom you can imagine.

TODAY you too can access the top online retailers where you too can find the best bedding sets and more.

Let’s have a look at what some of these retailers are selling, shall we…

You can:

  • buy linen bed sheets online
  • buy double bed sheets online
  • buy king single sheets online
  • buy single bed sheets online
  • buy fitted sheets online
  • buy bamboo sheets online

But where to buy silk sheets online?

Don’t worry there are online shops for that as well…

So You Want To Buy Bed Sheets Online

Whether you are looking for:-

  • linen house sheets online
  • double bed sheets online
  • fitted sheet
  • luxury bed linen
  • plain bed sheets online

I could go on.

But there are so many different designs out there for you to buy.

You will either have your head spinning with the choices, not to mention the designer bed sheets.

Now don’t think because you can’t touch and feel the bedsheets, they are not good quality sheets.

You are protected by guarantees from places such as:

Amazon guarantees of purchase and also eBay guarantees of purchase.

Plus all the big department stores online now have a guarantee attached to their products.

And another added security is paying by say…

PayPal – they guarantee purchases as well.

So anybody feeling that they are nervous about buying online for quality and returns are pretty much guaranteed a good purchase.

But do be careful with smaller stores that do not look legitimate.

Bed Sheet Thread Count Explained?

Thread count is the difference between good bed sheets and not so go, or you could also say the total number of yarns per square inch of fabric.

A high thread sheet count is often associated with high-quality fabric because it’s thought to make the sheets softer and more durable.

You could say that you will not be putting your toes through the bottom of the sheets any time soon…

Although thread sheet count does matter for the overall thickness and its luscious heavy weave or lighter if you so prefer…

The truth is that other factors do come into play such as the fibre quality that the bed sheets are made of and also the weave is more important.

After all, you might be looking at satin sheets and the weave is going to be different. But be warned with the silk bed sheets, you will slip around a little and that’s not such a bad thing…

As long as you don’t slip too far and fall out of bed.

As you can see, the whole new world of buying bed sheets online came about not only with the modern intervention of the internet.

And when it was to start selling goods…

The rivalry and competition came from that.

It might not be as good for the shops but this rivalry has gone from the corner store to online.

And when it comes to quality bed sheet items being sold on the internet for a good price, it is a win-win for the public buyers.

So get on that internet and take advantage of buying the best price linen that you can.

Not only are bedsheets cheap online, but they are also of good quality if you look around.

Buying bed sheets online is the new virtual shopping for the customer who has a head for finding out those good buys and buying those difficult to find bed sheets that they can’t necessarily buy in the shops down the road.

Why not just buy from another country if you prefer a bed sheet with a different cultural design?