What Is A Heated Mattress Pad All About Then

What Is A Heated Mattress Pad All About Then

Dec 01, 2023

You do not have to be shivering in bed when the weather gets cold.

Have you ever had an electric blanket before…

So what is a heated mattress pad?

And how can it help on the coldest of those winter nights?

What is a Heated Mattress Pad

If you live in one of those tropical countries, you won’t see a lot of the winter season.

Which is why they normally want air coolers to keep them cool throughout the day as well as the nights.

But what if you are in a colder climate where you really do have all four seasons.

You will not be looking for air coolers much of the time, but something which will keep you warm on those cold nights.


You might have a heater for the house to keep you warm.

But when it comes to bedtime.


You know what it’s like, getting into a cold bed, RIGHT!

You almost end up on the ceiling with your nails firmly dug into the plaster at the first contact with cold sheets.

It needs to be a choice you need to make to help keep you warm from those chilly nights.

It does take time to warm up.

I mean, warm the bedsheets with your own body warmth when you get into a cold bed.


You could be getting into a warm bed.

Those warm bedsheets when you peel back the covers and are immediately enveloped in a cape of warmth when you cover the sheets over you.

Nice feeling, isn’t it?

Sommons Heated Mattress Pad

There is a company called Simmons, and they are among one of the many producers of heated mattress pads.

And, apparently one of the most elegant of its variety within the bed market itself, so it is believed…

It is also patented, having a Security Watch microprocessor that performs about 120 checks every single 2nd.

It also has a ten-hour automated on and off switch which silently operates so as not to wake you up during your slumber…

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If you decide on going with a king or a queen size mattress, then you can have more controls that suit your taste and style.

Cleaning Your Heated Mattress Pad

As for that cleaning…

The mattress pad can be machine washed then tumbled dried on minimal heat for about 5 minutes.

It has a safe and warm technological innovation.

And it is one of the most secured items in the bed sector, functioning in less than 25 volts.

An electrical power box is also included in the purchase of your heated mattress pad.

And it makes sure that the individual working it, can not be electrocuted.

The mattress pad is also extremely soft and will make for an extremely cosy night’s sleep.

The wires in the heated mattress pad run from the head to the toe area and is well covered so you can not really see them.

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam is another producer of a unique type of heated mattress pad.

They have one of the most advanced lines of mattresses that no other producer has.

Their mattress pattern is unique and truly well apart from its competition.

It has several control selections.

It also has an interchangeable plate that you can match with your own decoration.

So, what is a heated mattress pad, it is another name for the electric blanket.

I know that there might be confusion when other names come out, and you think it is another product altogether.

But manufacturers do this to us.

To confuse us?

I don’t think so.

But it happens anyway, so what is a heated mattress pad?

You now know the answer now, and a few companies that make them.

But I have mentioned two that do stand apart when it comes to a quality article.