Is a Single or Double Quilt Enough for Your Needs

Is a Single or Double Quilt Enough for Your Needs

Dec 06, 2023

When it comes to buying a quilt, the first question that pops up in our minds is what size should we opt for?

While single and double sizes are common choices, there’s also another option available – king size. But is a single or double quilt enough for your needs, or do you need something bigger like a king-size one?
Let us explore this topic further.

King Size Quilt: What is it:

A king-size quilt measures approximately 203 x 198 cm (79.5 x 78 inches), which makes it larger than both single and double sized quilts.

It is often referred to as an ‘Eastern King’, while the standard queen-size bedding is called a ‘Western King’.

The extra space provided by a king-size quilt can be very beneficial if you share your bed with someone else, have pets who love to snuggle up next to you at night, or simply prefer more room to stretch out comfortably.

Cover size for a king quilt:

The cover of a king-size quilt will typically require two standard pillowcases worth of fabric to complete.

This means that if you want to make your own king-size quilt from scratch, you may need to purchase twice as much fabric as you would for a smaller-sized quilt.
However, many manufacturers offer pre-made king-size quilts in various designs and colors.

Is a doona the same as a quilt:

In Australia and New Zealand, a quilt is commonly known as a “doona”. A doona is essentially just a type of comforter or blanket that has been stuffed into a decorative covering made of cloth.

So yes, a doona is technically a form of quilt, but not all quilts are necessarily doonas.

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Single vs King Single Quilt Sizes:

While a king-size quilt is larger than a single or double quilt, there is also another option available called a king single quilt.

A king single quilt measures around 183 x 203 cm (72 x 79.5 inches) and provides slightly less coverage than a traditional king-size quilt. If you find that a full king-size quilt is too big for your needs, then a king single might be a better fit.

Too Big or Just Right – The King Quilt Debate:

Ultimately, whether a king-size quilt is too big or just right depends on personal preference and sleeping habits.

Some people prefer having plenty of space to move around, while others feel overwhelmed by large amounts of empty space.

Additionally, if you live in a small home where every square foot counts, a king-size quilt could potentially take up too much floor space when not in use.

On the other hand, if you have a spacious master suite, a king-size quilt could provide ample warmth and comfort without feeling cramped.

By choosing between a single, double, or king-size quilt ultimately boils down to individual needs and preferences.