Your Heated Blanket For Bed Do’s And Dont’s

Your Heated Blanket For Bed Do’s And Dont’s

Dec 02, 2023

The heated blanket for bed bliss…

What would we do without them.

Hold on…

We had to do without them once!

But now they are here and warming up our cold nights.

But do you know how to handle you heated blanket?

Let’s talk about it, then.

Heated Blanket For Bed Dilemma

As with anything electrical…

There are things that you should do and things that you should not.

Sure, it is great to use an electric blanket in the winter time, because it will keep you very warm indeed.

But if you intend on going to sleep, do make sure that your electric blanket is on low because it can catch on fire.

So make sure that you and your family are safe, always keep your blanket on low while you are sleeping.

Anybody on a cold night does not want to be jumping into a cold bed, right?

So, remember to get the best results, and this is most probably not getting the shock of climbing into cold sheets.

To warm your bed before climbing in it, turn it on the setting you want it on, but never go leaving your home with it on.

Even for a sudden midnight snack that you can only get at a drive through or café at that time of night.


I don’t know what is open in your neck of the woods at this time…
Any way…

Remember to turn off that blanket, as it is electrical and something not to be taken for granted just because it is on your bed.

It needs to be respected.

Electric Blankets And Beds


Electric Blankets are not that much money compared to your warmth at night, and are worth the price, even if you go for a more superior electric blanket type.

Do check your wires on your electric blanket on a regular basis though…

To ensure that none of the wires are bare as well.

As bending can damage the electrical cords in the blanket itself.

So when you do put it away for the next cold season, be mindful of how you fold it.

If you fold it too tight, this puts stress on the electrical cords.

Bending them until the wires inside start to snap is a no, no.

The electrical cord can also break and if you have any of the electrical wires sticking out.

You can get an electrical shock.

So fold it loosely, and make sure that your electrical blanket is also not weighed down with other blankets that can force the electrical wiring to fold on itself as well.

You could try rolling up your electrical blanket before you put it away, that way the folding of the blanket does not happen and the doubling over of the electrical cords.

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If you do find any wires that are bare, throw your blanket away and get a new one.


It really is possible to get electrocuted if you have bare wires on your blanket.

They say that you should get a new blanket at least once a year.

Who does that?

Just make sure your electrical blanket is not showing any signs of wear and if it does start to get older.

Then I would say it’s time to get a new heated blanket for bedtime.

Ensure that the wires don’t get exposed and hurt someone or cause a fire now…

Especially if you use it more than ten hours a day for more than three months.
If your blanket fails to work, don’t go trying to fix it yourself…

That is a big no, no!

The last thing you need to do is think that you can fix an electric blanket.

This is something you lay on at night, if you get it wrong you can get electrocuted.
And you don’t want that!

Just get another one.

And do not go thinking that it’s old, I will give it to the pets to lay on.
They can chew the wires.

Being off of course.

You would never give a pet a working electrical blanket.

Just throw it away.

And also if you do decide to fix it and I do not want anyone to even go there.

The company you bought it from cannot guarantee your repair work.

If anything, just get in contact with the shop, they will probably give you a new one.

That’s if it does not work when you get it.

Not if you have had it for nearly a year and take it to them.

Not good form, they will just look at you and say ‘Wear and tear’.

If you follow the guidelines from the start, then you shouldn’t have to worry about any kind of malfunction.

Never had any problem with them myself.

Heated blanket for bed designs…

Well, you can get them in so many colours and so many stores sell them, as well as online.

They are very easy to find, especially during the holidays and when the cold weather is approaching.

So it shouldn’t be hard to find your favourite.

And as long as you read the directions on how to use your electric blanket.

Remember to follow the guidelines and rules, you should be warm and trouble-free.

The heated blanket for bed bliss is not far away on a cold winter night.

So as long as you remember that this is electrical and no partying with drinks in bed.

You should be fine snuggled up and in your warmest part of the house.