Yes! Circle Beds Are Here To Stay

Yes! Circle Beds Are Here To Stay

Dec 02, 2023

Circle beds or you could say round beds – they are all the same.

So what do you think about them?

Zanny, fantastic, eccentric?

All of the above…

But who really, secretly would like to have one?

Let’s get into the world of the bed with no corners then.

Are Circle Beds A Real Thing

You better believe it.

They might be a design of the past, but they are still very much here.

Yes, you too can still buy a round bed.

Circle beds have round mattresses, who would have thought that?

Well, most of the time anyway.

And also provide a different sleep style than standard-shaped mattresses, because well…

They have no edges, do they? I mean being round.

So it is pretty much impossible to roll off a round mattress, unless you are doing something stupid of course.


You might have silk sheets on.

Just a thought…


You don’t have to worry about banging your shins or any other things on the corners of your bed frame – because there are no corners, are there?

And we all have done that at some time or the other…

When Did They Become Popular?

You might ask…

Well, the round bed arrived really as a futuristic statement in those good old swinging ’60s.

You know…

The ‘make love, not war’ time.

They burst on the scene as a Space Age sleeping surface around the same time as the waterbed.

Yes, the lovely water bed.

Which also was offered in a round shape as well. Two for one you could say…

Is The Circle Bed Good For The Home

Is a round bed good for your home you ask…

In fact, circle beds do work well in many contexts, so yes, they can be good for your home.

The only thing is if you have a very small bedroom or are also on a rather small budget as well…

A circle bed most probably not be the right choice for you as these circle beds do tend to take up more space.

You just can not go placing it in a corner closest to the wall…

Because they have no corners, so need their space.

And that means a bedroom that is not tiny in size.

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And yes…

They might have been bought into in the swinging 60s, but they are still expensive in cost today.

It is harder to manufacture these circle beds because you have to bed the wood into a circular shape and that takes time and money to do just that.

So What Size Is A Round Bed

Glad you asked…

Or you could say what size is a round mattress.

Round mattresses are actually measured in diameter. And yes, they do come in a variety of sizes from 76″ to 99″.

The standard round mattress sizes, however.

You are looking at:

  • Twin-76″ diameter
  • Full 80″ diameter
  • Queen 84″ diameter
  • King 87″ diameter
  • CalKing 96″ diameter

If you have seen on television a scene on-screen in the Austin Powers movie, one of those circle beds that do tempt you don’t they…

They are one of those symbols of the swinging bachelorhood.

Or even in a comedic prop in one of those seedy hotel suites.


In real life, there are those celebrities that have embraced the round bed.

Such as sports star Shaquille O’Neal, with his famous 30-foot-wide round bed, and Hugh Hefner, who had one that rotated and vibrated. And also musician Tommy Lee.

Need I say more…

So Do They Still Make Round Beds?

They sure do…

They might not be as common as they were, but a custom mattress factory is a perfect place to look for one or…

Even get them to design your own.

They come in typical sizes as well!
As far as round beds for sale…

You can get a king-size round mattress, and if you do not have room for that, you can always downsize to a queen.

We all know these circle beds are not the norm.

Yet, there is a surprisingly decent selection of round beds on the market still.

Circle beds… Have you ever thought about what it is like to sleep in one? I have, and I am sure you are curious as well…