What Is It About Bedroom Flooring Making Those Hard Decisions

What Is It About Bedroom Flooring Making Those Hard Decisions

Dec 02, 2023

Your sanctuary in the house is hands down the bedroom.

And one of the biggest decisions, when your bare feet hit the ground, is the bedroom flooring.

So whether you already have flooring that you are not happy with or want to put flooring into your new house where do you start.

Bedroom Flooring And You

When I think about the bedroom I want to feel comfortable and the one area that I look at first is the floor.

That’s right…

Bedroom floors.

And why do I look to this first, apart from the bed of course…

Is that I walk around the house barefoot most of the time. It is something I do and I am sure that other people do the same.

It is not only hygienic to take your shoes off when you come in from outside.

You really do not know what you have been stepping in. And the other reason is that I have felines that are a frequent in my life and they are indoor cats.

Now, you want to look after your furry friends by not bringing in anything that might cause them illness and that also means what you can bring in on your shoes.

Well, that could be the same for anything really, you do not want to be bringing anything from outside that might cause illness. Especially if you do spend a lot of time on the floor.

Like just sitting on the floor for instance.

The last thing you want is to have to think twice if you are sitting on the floor.

And I can say for one, that I do enjoy sitting on the floor, even sitting with my back against a chair or sofa for a while.

There is something about siting on the floor that is comforting. If you have never given it a try, I would suggest you give it a go. And if it does not do anything for you. At least you have given it a try.

So Where Are You Living?

I bet you are thinking, what has this got to do with flooring?


Allot actually.

You see, depending on where you live has got an impact on what you are going to put on your bedroom floor.

Say if you live in a cold climate, the last thing you want is cold floors all the time.

And the same if you live in a hot climate, those thick shaggy carpets are not really going to keep your feet cool. And if your feet are hot you are also going to be hot as well.

I want to give you a situation here…

Picture this…

What if you lived (not that you would) but say you lived in an outback town where the dirt was red dust.

There are many such places.

Could you imagine if you decided to put carpet on the floor?

Even though you might not be wearing your shoes into the house, the dist is still going to get through the open windows right?

So can you imagine what that would do to your interior and the carpet is going to be a disaster here? And if you were really going on the edge of stupidity and put down white carpet.


We can all see where this is going, enough said!

Types of Flooring

So what types of flooring are there that you can choose from?

Here is a guide to what is out there:

  • carpet
  • laminate
  • wood
  • Vinyl

Carpet In Bedrooms

This is my favourite, right here.

Carpet to me is the ultimate of luxury and comfort for the bedroom. And I would go for this every time as long as the situation is right.

As long as you live in a fairly good climate, why would you not go for a carpet?

Just think there are short and long carpets out there.

The long shaggy carpet makes you want to roll in it…

But there is the cost and also the upkeep. Just like a long shaggy dog, there is upkeep.

To that, I am saying that you have to get down on your hands and feet and brush it.

That’s if you want to of course…

Each to their own.

As I say there are many types of carpet on the market in all lengths and coloured and we can not forget designs.

But what if you were on a budget, then this might not be the way to go.

Laminate In Bedrooms

If you are indeed looking for a wood-like finish to have as your bedroom floor and find the pricing of other floorings just not in your budget, such as hardwood floors for instance…

You could think of laminate.

That’s right.

Laminate flooring for your bedroom does offer an attractive and affordable alternative if your budget just can not reach carpet flooring for instance…

It is actually much more economical than hardwood flooring…

But it can, much like vinyl flooring, mimic the look of natural flooring materials like wood. and vinal.

I know, I know…

Once it did not look so good, in fact, it just did not look like wood. But these days with the advancement of printers and computers, laminate is quite the chameleon.

It can look so much like different wood grains and will fit into someone’s bed or who does not have deep pockets to pay for the more expensive flooring at the time.

Laminate also has many of the same advantages that you can get with vinyl flooring if you did not know…

It is easier to maintain, looks great, and is highly resistant and long-lasting to whatever you throw at it.

So if you like to go skidding around the place, I am sure that the laminate will take the punishment.

However and there is a, however…
You are saying… ‘OK go on…’

When it comes to comfort underfoot, laminate is going to be a disadvantage.

Noting cushy here I’m afraid…

Yes, it is known for being quite hard underfoot, especially when you do compare it to vinyl.

So, if you are looking for comfort underfoot, laminate might not be the best flooring choice for your bedroom needs.

Wood In Bedrooms

Wood floors…

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What can I say…

Wood in the bedroom brings up thoughts of history.

Warm colours are timeless in style and just beautiful.

I can think of one thing and this is probably the major, being that it is natural. And nature gives off a basic instinct of feeling comforted.

Here is an example, think about concrete then think about wood. Which brings out the warm and fuzzy feeling in you?

I rest my case…

You can choose from strip or plank wood.

With the plank wood is wider than the strip wood, giving it a more casual feel.

Both are really popular choices for the bedroom. It really all comes down to what sort of house you have and your own personal tastes.

You can stain wood in different coloures or just leave it natural and lacquer it.

Vinyl In Bedrooms

We have come a long way in vinal from years ago. I remember stepping on some vinyl in a friend’s kitchen years ago. And immediately felt its cushy feel which bought out a sense of comfort in me.

And I also thought that because of this it will be nice standing so long in the kitchen cooking with this sort of soft vinyl underfoot.

There are two key advantages of vinyl over some of the other bedroom flooring choices, and that is the affordability and there is almost an unlimited choice of designs to choose from.

Vinyl is available in a wide variety of. We are talking about:

  • coloures
  • styles
  • designs

From tile look-alikes, wood, stone, and graphic effects that will dazzle you.

So you will not be left short as w to what will suit your bedroom floor no matter what sort of dwelling you are living in.

I bet they even have something that would suit a cave…

Well, people do still live in caves you know, and I am not talking about the old stone age caveman caves here.

Cave House

The Price Of Bedroom Floors

More often than not the cost factor does come into decisions on the choice of your bedroom flooring.

We can not go past the fact that people are in all sorts of situations financially.

And just because you might have to put down cheap bedroom flooring first. That
does not mean that when you are in a better financial position, you can not rip it up ad put your shag pile carpet in later.

We have looked at the different types of bedroom flooring, well flooring in any situation really.

But I can tell you now, do not get upset if you can not have your dream flooring first.
You have the choice to make a better decision on remaking your bedroom floor later.

So do not get too down in the dumps if you can only go for the laminate the first time.

One hint I have for you is if you do have to go for laminate first. And we do know that it is going to be hard underfoot is get a small carpet rug and put it beside youur bed.

So when you do put your feet on the floor, if it is a cold morning or not, you don’t want to get any cold surprises.

It is by putting your feet onto a nice soft warm rug, you can then put your slippers on you will not feel the need to dig your claws out of the ceiling.

Hot Climate Bedroom Flooring

Flooring for bedrooms in a hot climate needs to be thought about. When it comes to bedroom flooring ideas.

I for one think about the bedroom floor should either be a short carpet or Vinal, but only if the vinyl is soft and cushy.

I am not forgetting about wood here, I love wood and it brings back the old-world style.

But It is not going to be cheap here, so yey I would also think of wood as well.
Hot climates can not only be the decision-maker in choosing a good bedroom flooring.

Hot climates also bring in the creepy crawlies – and with wood. You do need to think about wood borers and fleas getting in the cracks of the wood.

Now I can not give you a lot of advice here about the fleas, with the exception of a good insect spray.

But with borers, you need to make sure that you have treated wood to make sure that you do not end up with wooden boards that are being eaten from within.

Also with carpet, hot climates also make you feel… well hot. Not only to step on but look at.

We are visual people, and just looking at a long shaggy carpet is going to have you break out into a sweat.

So if you do go for carpet, make sure that you go for the very short-length carpet in your bedroom.

Cold Climate Bedroom Flooring

Next to having your bedroom carpeted, hardwood flooring is by far the most popular choice for bedroom flooring.

But for a cold climate, and I am meaning snow here people.

The last thing you want is to see a hard surface on the floor when you enter your bedroom. You do not want the thought of looking at an ice rink as your bedroom.


The fluffy comfort of the carpet is the best. However, you do not have to go and buy that shaggy carpet.

There are indeed mid-length carpets for sale and in different grades of softness.

So you can have the best of both worlds here.

Not only is it beautiful and warm, but durable as well.

So you do not have to keep your slippers beside your bed, trying to stay off the floor.

And flooring such as carpets helps make your bedroom a cosy and inviting space.

Carpets also absorb sound and give your bedroom a comfortable warm feeling and a sense of calmness.

And if you did not know…

Psychologically, this also promotes better sleep and that can only be a good thing, so when it comes to bedroom flooring.

It is more than just a decision, it is a lifestyle that you are choosing to come home to.