What Is A Slatted Bed Base Really?

What Is A Slatted Bed Base Really?

Dec 01, 2023

Are you pondering in your mind about what exactly is a slatted bed base?

Well, you would not be alone, in fact, many people out there do not know exactly what a stalled bed base is.

So let’s get to the down and dirty and find out what all this bed foundation thing is all about shall we…

Do you need a slatted bed base, lets see…

The Slatted Bed Base Meaning

Slats are a type of base made for a bed.

They in fact are a series of connected bars that lie across the width of the frame of your bed base.

It can be made from strong wood such as beech or pine, these bars work together with your mattress to provide that cushy support that you need in a bed frame…

You should have seen me when I tried to move the slatted bed base, just watch out not to tip the bed on its side without tying down the wooden slats…

Like a ton of falling cards they were.

What Does A Mattress Fou

ndation Do?

A foundation is basically anything that supports something, like the foundation of a house for instance…

Slatted bed bases raise and house your mattress and most times usually consist of a wooden frame and slats.

Did you know that foundations are a firmer bed base than box springs?

This is because they are spring-less, which makes them the perfect base for your foam or hybrid mattress.

Just think springs and a foam mattress, a bit like riding one of those electric bulls that you see on the movies.

In fact, I always wanted to have a go on one of those…

Do You Need A Slatted Bed Base Then?

Well, lets see…

There are a few main benefits to an adjustable sprung slatted bed base: The main one is that it is very good back support.

The wooden slats can adapt to the weight exerted of your body when you jump, I mean get on your mattress, providing you with just that right amount of support you need.

And the other one is the great ventilation you get with slatted bed bases, as they allow the air to pass freely beneath your bed, as the slats are spaced apart, keeping your mattress that much fresher longer.

Can You Put Mattress Directly On slats?

Sounds like a basic enough question doesn’t it

In fact most mattress types can rest directly on the slats, see…

Not a trick question.

In fact, slats are much more supportive and will ensure your mattress doesn’t sink or slide.

Even though they are a pain to move when you are going from one house to the other.

Can Any Mattress Go On A Slat Bed?

You will be glad to hear that nearly every mattresses can be used for nearly every bed base of bed frame.

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However, it is good to take some precautions if you are considering going for a slatted mattress base.

It’s a known fact apparently, well I am telling you now…

That slatted bed bases may be lighter and cheaper to buy, but they can also provide you with an uneven form of mattress support.

Slatted Bed Bases: Are Sprung Slats Better Than Solid Slat Bases?

Most bed frames do come with some sort of slatted platform to support the mattress.

The two most common forms of slatted bed base are sprung and non-sprung slats.

Non sprung refers to any base where there are either flat planks of wood covering the whole width of the base or smaller slats that meets at central supports.

This type of bed base is fine for a mattress and will provide good solid support.

One note of caution is that the gaps between the slats must be no more than three inches apart any more than this and the support for your mattress will be compromised.

Now sprung slats are usually smaller and always connect to central support they will give a slightly softer overall support than solid slats.

Again, providing no more than three inches apart will provide good support for the mattress.

However, sprung slats do have a drawback and this is because the centre of the bed and the edges were all solid.

But the sleeping areas are softer this can result in uneven settlement of the mattress and a ridge or dare developing down the centre of the bed.

On balance, I would recommend a solid slatted base rather than a sprung one as a supported uniform, and even any benefit of having sprung slats is far outweighed by the uneven support.

If you want softer mattress support it’s much easier to get from the right mattress.

When using any slatted base we always recommend protecting the underside of the mattress in the same way that you would the sleep surface.

Some wooden slats have a tendency to splinter and break and could cause damage to your mattress.

To be fair this is where it’s always best to protect just in case…

Well, the slated bad base does have many advantages to it compared to other bed frames. I have had one and find them very comfortable,

Just remember with these slats at the base of your mattress, those gaps let ire into your mattress keeping it sweeter, a thought if you live in humid conditions…

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