What Is A Duvet Cover Really?

What Is A Duvet Cover Really?

Dec 01, 2023

When you think of duvets, many things might come into your head.

But what is a duvet cover really?

Let’s have a look at this and find out what it does and how it can
brighten up your room in so many ways you might not have thought possible.

What Is A Duvet Cover Really About

Well turns out that the world of bedding is a whole lot more complicated than the humble blanket you know…

We also have:

  • comforters
  • duvets
  • quilts

So, what is the difference between all of these…

While a blanket refers to a single layer of warm fabric such as fleece or wool.

The other three that is comforters, quilts or Dew ways refer to a three layer combination of fabric and fillings.

Which are stitched or quilted together the words duvet and quilt generally refer to the same thing while duvet is more commonly used in Europe.

This quilt is used everywhere else, so we will focus on the difference between comforters and quilts.

The Comforter

A comforter is a soft flat bag that is filled with natural or artificial fibres the filling is held together with the outer fabric through the stitching.

Which is often in patterns such as squares or diamonds.

These are often not too close together which allows the comforter to have a soft feel…

Comforters generally don’t require covers because their outer fabric itself is dyed and printed for attractiveness.

One advantage of comforters is that they keep you warm in cold weather and cool and warm weather which is great.

Comforters can also be reversible which increases your style options.


Now quilts…

This is where it gets even more exciting.

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Quilts are also loosely speaking a three-layer flat pack with different types of fillings such as feathers down or polyester fibres.

Here too the layers are held together with different techniques of quilting such as ties medallions or other intricate patterns this allows the quilts to be a varying thickness depending upon the filling.

The main difference is that a quilt requires a cover which is also known as a duvet cover which protects the inner quilt during use.

These days we have quilts with different fillings which give them different properties for example…

There is an anti-radiation quilt that is especially recommended for pregnant women and children because it protects them from the excessive radiation in our environment.

Milk Protein quilts have anti-ageing properties aloe vera quilts are anti-allergenic.

And soya quilts are antibacterial which help improve the immunity of the body.

In fact, you can choose from a wide range of quills to address special health and lifestyle needs.

You can also get beautifully handcrafted quilts but those are more for decorative purposes.

A soft luxurious comforter is that final touch to your bed which invites you to curl in with a good book or a movie

So what is a Duvet Cover really for…

To protect your duvet and have fun with it.

You have only one or two duvets in your wardrobe, mostly…

And I bet you have a lot more duvet covers and am probably going to get more at some time or the other when a new one catches your eye.

Would we do without them?
Probably not.