What Is A Duvet Cover And Why Should You Use It

What Is A Duvet Cover And Why Should You Use It

Dec 01, 2023

If you have never had a duvet cover before, or am thinking about getting one?

But really they are still a mystery to you.

Let’s fill in the gaps for you…

You see them on the movies, those puffy things on the beds and think to yourself.

”They look lovely…”

Might be something I would like.

Let’s find out, shall we…

Is A Duvet Cover A Blanket?

You could say what is not a blanket…

But these covers are something different, and once you try one you might never look back.

A blanket is really a generic term that refers to almost anything you can cover a bed with including:

  • duvets
  • comforters
  • quilts

It also refers to a more utilitarian woven covering that is as you say…

Sandwiched between a flat sheet and another layer primarily for warmth that it gives out.

As you know, a blanket drapes over the sides of your bed, it just does not sit on top of your bed.

In fact, duvets have become quite a popular choice of bedding by the general public now.

The duvet itself consists of a quilt that is filled with a soft substance, usually eider or down.

So they are often referred to as a down comforter as well as a duvet.

They can be so very soft and very warm indeed.


They can also be a very expensive article.

Additionally, they are usually white in colour, or some other monochrome colour, and not always very decorative to the eye.


These duvet coves, plain or not, are is a popular choice with the people.
Let’s put it this way…

A duvet cover is a cover that slips over a duvet to protect it and ties in the corners to keep it on.

What Is A Duvet Cover Used For?

A down comforter, which comes in many materials and lovely patterns, is a protective layer that slips over the duvet and has a closure so that it does not come off.

This can come in the form of buttons, a zip or ties…

Because comforters and duvets can be expensive.
I say can…

They are not so difficult to clean, depending on the material.

A good go in the washing machine will wash most of them.

Duvet covers are useful because they protect your comforter during its use.

Can you imagine washing the duvet itself every time it gets dirty?
I don’t think so…

I would rather wash a light duvet cover, which is just like washing bedsheets really.
And leave the washing of the duvets themselves only every so often.

Keeping Your Duvet Clean

Duvet covers can actually serve many purposes, and it’s usually a good idea to use on over a down comforter as we have mentioned unless you like to wash big bulky items a lot and then hang them on the line?

Down comforters can be hard to clean, and apart from the pain of washing a duvet cover, that regular washing can increase wear and tear dramatically which means buying another duvet in record time.

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Let’s get some wear out of it…

In fact, duvet covers are made to be machine washed, and the fabrics are durable can stand up to the many items of washing you give them.

Did I tell you that duvet covers also protect duvets from the dirt, dust and grime that comes with regular use?

Good thing it’s the down comforter that is copping all that dirt, isn’t it?
And what about the fur and dander.

It’s the pets I am referring to here…

It’s better for the dirt, dust and fur to be left on the duvet cover so that’s it’s easily washed and maintained.

Anyway, preserving the life of a down comforter and helping it to last that much longer.

Oh, and another big advantage to using duvet covers…

Mixing and matching the covers with the decor and seasons for the room.

Duvet covers come in a big variety of patterns, colours, patterns and fabrics than the dowdy down comforters.

In fact…

It’s fun covering a duvet with a cover that you can change around when you like.
The look and style of it dramatically add to the decor of your room.

Duvet covers are also inexpensive enough that you update the look of your bed whenever you like.


I see…

Your cupboard is going to be piled up on one shelf with all the duvet covers you are collecting.

And think of the many varieties of duvet covers you can get.

Let your imagination go wild!

Temperature Control with Your Duvet Cover

There is also temperature control…

That’s right!

Another reason to consider the duvet cover.

In the summer months, you can have a lighter duvet cover, this will keep a down comforter from getting too warm for you.

And in the winter.

A heavier fabric cover will make that down comforter even warmer.

Duvet covers that are appropriate for the season…

Now there is an economical choice for you too.

And also keeping the thermostat of yours working overtime and saving you money!

So, the duvet cover will protect the comforter from dirt, dust and pet fur, you can change the colour and pattern of the duvet and can even help keep you and warm in the winter and cool in the summer season.

You can find them for sale in local linen stores, online, or even make them yourself if you are familiar with a needle and thread, and come in a range of prices and sizes for every size of shop-bought duvet covers as well.