What Happened? Cheap Mattress Scam Sweeps Nation

What Happened? Cheap Mattress Scam Sweeps Nation

Dec 01, 2023

There are scams everywhere these days…

But did you ever think that there would be a cheap mattress scam knocking at your front door?

Offering you a mattress that is hard to say no to.

Let’s delve deeper into this mattress scam.

Cheap Mattress Scam

Let’s face it…

Times are tough these days, money’s getting tight, you are looking for bargains wherever they turn up now.

Just like a brand new mattress from the back of a van on your street corner, or in a market sold at dreamily low prices.

What’s not to like.

We’ll all too often a great deal means…

If a man with a van comes knocking on your door offering you a mattress that seems a price too good to be true.

Well, it probably is.

Because this apparently lovely shiny new mattress that you are looking at, might in fact be this a filthy old mattress covered up.

Buyer beware!

If I said you can have that brand-new mattress for 70 quid?
Would you be tempted…


So what is it when you get home?

What you have got, and you have no come back is…

These people are taking really filthy old mattresses and recovering them.

People that do that have no conscience other than to do that to people…
In fact, these people go to the lengths of doing it.

Things That Crawl In Your Mattress

And these cheap mattresses are rife with little creatures, they could be your new bedfellows from that contaminated unhygienic so-called new mattress.

What we have here is a magnification of this culture of house dust mites.

They feed off the skin scales that we shared from our bodies all the time.

So if you were to get an old mattress or old recycled parts of mattresses.

What might you be going to sleep with?


You could be sleeping with all sorts of creatures.

And there’s quite a zoo and botany that could be living there in the middle of your mattress.

There will be a lot of moister because of human sweat, there will be possibly urine and in those damp areas.

Then you will have some moulds that like really wet condition’s.

Whereas around a certain age, you will have these welted seams and in those, you might find the eggs of bedbugs with cheap coverings on a recycled mattress.

That complex ecosystem will soon work its way to the surface and there are more recycled materials not treated with flame retardants that will catch fire in seconds.

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Potentially lethal for your family, would you put this special offer mattress on your bed from this warehouse.

There has been furniture that has been bought by West Yorkshire Trading Standards and other trade and standard services for testing.

Trading Standards officers are seeing a worrying rise in a dangerous bug in mattresses at rain Sanders across the country are probably finding matches that are not standard on a daily basis.

Good Cheap Mattresses On The Internet

People can get very good deals on the high street and from the internet…

And realistically.

Rather than take something that’s just being sold to them door-to-door when they can’t really check the provenance of it.

You won’t know who to send it back to, so you should take great care.

So how do you know that the mattress you buy is up to standard?


The National Bed Federation has made it easy.

It’s these labels that are going to reassure customers in the future.

With a new logo comes a National Bed Federation code of practice to certify that their mattresses are all they claim to be.

When you look at a mattress or a base you can’t tell what’s going on inside.

It might have the right labels it might look absolutely fine with the new logo you’ve got the NBF logo.

What does that say to customers for the first time?

Those consumers can be really reassured that if they see that logo they know they’ll be buying a product from an MDF member who has been audited.

You will know that they are doing things properly and that the product is what it says it is it’s safe it’s clean.

It’s honest.


When you buy a new mattress!

Make sure you know it really is new and up to standard.

You don’t want the nightmare of finding you have bought something rehashed, dirty and potentially dangerous like that do you?

Door to door salesman is rare these days…

But if you see a salesman knocking on your door offering you a cheap mattress.

Go and buy a mattress online, there are plenty of good deals for a good cheap mattress now.

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