What Everybody Ought To Know About The Best Cooling Mattress Pad

What Everybody Ought To Know About The Best Cooling Mattress Pad

Dec 01, 2023

Is There A Cooling Mattress Topper?

Glad to say that there is indeed such a thing, otherwise known as the best cooling mattress pad as well. It is a godsend to those people out there who suffer from just being a hot person.

In bed I mean – let’s put it another way OK. You get hot in bed because of the temperature of your body.

This is a clean site…

Now getting back to the best cooling mattress pad.

It can also be used for those hot Summer nights or if you live in a hot part of the world. Not always the dessert, as there are other places that are hot as well – humidity, for instance, the tropics…

While no fabric can replace the humble fan, the cooling topper is the next alternative apart from buying a water bed (can you still buy them) and let the water partially out whilst laying on top of it in a puddle.

While some mattress act as heat pads the cooling mattress pad or topper can change all that.

It’s purpose is to distribute the heat that is transmitted from your body to the surface you are in contact with. It is constructed in a way that distributes the heat, not making you hotter than you want to be.

Comfortable is the word when we sleep and that’s the way we like it. Isn’t that right? unless your a sadist and I am sure you’re not?

Some may ask: Do Cooling Pads really work?


YES! They Do…

The materials that the topper is made of is not your run of the mill material, as you now many materials do not breathe, and therefore stick to you’re body if you are sweating.

Most mattress pads are made from materials such as latex or gel-infused foam, but not all, there are other materials that they are made of, such as bamboo material – yes there is such a thing (unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years).

In today’s market, these cooling mattress toppers come in a variety of different designs and colours, and the range of materials vary for their construction.
Oh don’t forget you also get the added comfort of your topper as well, don’t forget the comfort factor.

You may also save money owning your very own cooling pad, saving on electricity bills by not using the fan or air conditioner all the time and… and I do say a big.

AND… you can take it with you when visiting other people by barging through their door with your mattress pad and announcing that you have come to stay for a couple of nights.

What Is The Best Cooling Mattress Pad Protector

Now I could give you a rundown on what I think is the best and then you will see another list by somebody else and then another list that says different.

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So I’m not going to get into these list wars in which you will run around screaming What do I do?

So, I will give you a rundown on the benefits of what different cooling pads offer. Because let’s face it… were all different and no one mattress pad is going to be everything to everyone.

  • Natural Latex – which is extracted from the tree.

*Gel-Infused Memory Foam -otherwise known as viscoelastic polyfoam- a polyurethane-based material that is infused with chemicals to enhance softness and regulate to temperature changes. This is filled with little swirls or you could call them beads. I don’t know why they have to confuse people. Just say beads.

  • You have Goose and Duck feathers – pillow fight!
  • And sheep/ Lambs wool – here we are again- trying to make things complicated…

As for material, we have:

  • Rayon
  • Cotton
  • Bamboo

Whether you’re looking for a Mattress topper with cooling gel, memory foam of duck feathers (hmm…. duck feathers) you need to consider if you want that extra comfort that the duck feathers give you (enveloped in a fluffy thickness of comfort).

Or the Laytex model, we live in different places to each other and different temperatures. So you need to look and see what might be best for you.

As far as it goes with the mattress pads you can’t go wrong.
You have your mattress and you want something extra that you are making it your business to make your sleep much more comfortable. So adding to the mattress with a topper is the right move.

You know the different cooling mattress topper types and they’re all good for distributing the heat dispersion for you.

So now the decision will come down to what suits you better. And if you have a partner and they have different ideas on what they want.

Well… I’ll just have to let you two battle that one out.

Pillow Fight!

But if they don’t feel the heat like yourself, then buy a single cooling mattress topper and just put it on to your side only, leaving your partner

Here… I’ll give you a choice into some of the different cooling mattress pads to have a look at, and you can take it from there.

Read what they have to say, as all brands are different, and I am not going into putting down all their differences or we will be here way too long.

Happy hunting and keep cool… look for that best cooling mattress pad now.