Unexplained Ways Chiropractic Care Could Be A Sleep Disorder Treatment?

Unexplained Ways Chiropractic Care Could Be A Sleep Disorder Treatment?

Dec 01, 2023

There are so many people who suffer from some type of sleep problem including insomnia, timing of sleep disorders, sleeping sickness and apnea have never really been worse seeking sleep disorder treatment.

Other disorders include nightmares, sleepwalking, and bedwetting.

Could Sleep Disorder Treatment With Chiropractic Treatments Help People Sleep Better?

There has been some new research that shows this might, indeed, be the case.
It is estimated that one out of three people have insomnia at some point in their lives.

Not good, is it?

Women are twice as likely as men to have difficulty falling and staying asleep.
Hormonal changes can cause changes in sleep patterns for instance.

Over half of Americans over age 65 experience disturbed sleep.

Sleep problems are responsible for an estimated $16 billion added to national healthcare costs alone.

More serious problems occur when automobile drivers nod off to sleep causing motor vehicle accidents, or when sleep deprivation is attributable to industrial disasters.

Generally, adults require an average of 7.5 to 9.0 hours of sleep per night.

But most of the US population, for instance, gets much less than this amount.

Since the chiropractic profession’s inception in the late 1800s, there have been many anecdotal incidents of patients claiming that they sleep better after receiving chiropractic care.

Until lately there has not been much in the way of verified scientific data to explain this phenomenon of sleep improvement.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help With Sleep Disorders?

Those who suffer from sleep disorders can benefit from chiropractic adjustments of the neck region, that support the muscles and soft tissues in the area.

This can help reduce the tension that has built up and better breathing for instance…

Helping To Relieve Nighttime Pain

There are many ways chiropractors can help relieve pain.

One primary method that chiropractors use to treat pain is spinal adjustment, also known as chiropractic manipulation.

This is the process of realigning the vertebrae of the spine so that
it improves blood flow and boosts the communication between the brain
and the rest of the body.


You could be suffering from an old injury or some
sort of chronic pain that you have been carrying around for some years,
spinal adjustment can help reduce that pain by treating it at its very

The other way that chiropractors can help reduce pain
is to suggest exercises that can help reduce muscle tension and control
the pain you might be suffering.

Helping relieve pain with better lifestyle advice is also a-gain.

As we know if you have been following this website that mattresses or
poor ergonomics at work are sources for patient pain as well.

Your chiropractor will help to identify these problems so that they
can stop the behaviours that you have formed over the years and cause
such discomfort.

Helping To Relieve Stress

Stress in little doses can be good for you, but too much stress is bad for your body and immune system.

Chiropractors can help patients relieve stress in many ways.

Prescribed stretches by your chiropractor and exercise help you work
out your anxieties and relieve that built-up tension in the muscles. 

Another way for sleep disorder treatment is a massage therapy which is another common technique that chiropractors use to help relieve stress.

It helps the body relax and feel good at the same time, which sounds good to me.

Also, chiropractic care can treat everyday stress by
thus improving your overall physical comfort and stress factors in your

Having chronic pain can cause stress by reducing the quality of your life. And a poor immune function does not help.

With such techniques as a chiropractic adjustment, it can help you
build up your immune system, and reducing stress which also improves
your quality of life.

Sleep Disorder Treatment Environmental Changes

A main and good goal for many chiropractors out there
is to help patients treat their conditions without the use of
medications, and we all know that too much reliance on medications is
just not good for you.

Chiropractors will do this holistically.

When you go to the chiropractor, they will ask you
questions about the environment where you sleep, the sounds you hear to
the lights in the room, to name a few.

Based on what you tell them the chiropractor may make recommendations to your home environment a better place to sleep in.

During research being conducted at the University of Madrid Medical School in Madrid, Spain in 2014 it was found that chiropractic manipulation increased a chemical in the brain called hypocretin.

Hypocretins have been shown to increase another chemical in the body called serotonin.

It has been well-established for many years that serotonin is known for playing a role in the ability to get proper sleep.

While this research is relatively new and, certainly more research in this area is needed.

There appears to be a valid scientific explanation from the results that many patients receiving chiropractic care have experienced.

The benefits of improving sleep are significant in that getting a better night’s sleep .

Can lead to having better body weight, having less anxiety and depression, controlling hypertension, and lessening the effects of diabetes.

These types of changes can have a more global effect when we co
nsider the overall cost of healthcare within not only our country but the worldwide population.

Certainly, if there were to be less obesity, depression and anxiety, diabetes, and hypertension healthcare costs among the nations would be reduced impressively.

For those individuals plagued with a poor night’s sleep seeking help from a chiropractor is certainly in need of investigation.

So if you are in need of sleep disorder treatment, I would really look into this or just give them a ring and see what they say.