Underhanded Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress Showdown Shootout

Underhanded Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress Showdown Shootout

Dec 01, 2023

We are getting into the shootout at high noon here.


Sort of…

We are walking out on the street is the Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress.

Both have qualities that would woo a damsel.

But which one is going to fare better in this shootout!

Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress Showdown


It’s time for the main event, in one corner we have the old guard the inner spring mattress in the other corner we have the new Challenger the memory foam mattress.

So let the spring mattress vs foam mattress shootout begin…

Now which one Should you get?

Well, I want to talk about what an inner spring mattress is, and what a memory foam mattress is.

The difference in the pros and cons of each and who should get one over the other shall we…

Let high noon come for the shootout of the spring mattress vs foam mattress.

Inner Spring Mattresses

They are one of the oldest types of mattresses out there today, in fact, they date back as far as 1871, and I like to think that generations were sleeping on these spring mattress maybe even Jesse James the famed outlaw himself.

And no…

He’s not in the shootout.

But people even sleep on them today.

It is still a very popular type of mattress, but what exactly is an innerspring mattress.
What is inside an inner spring mattress and that coil system.

There’ are many types of coil systems like pocketed coils individually wrapped coils other types but overall it’s the same idea.

And that is when you press into the mattress like a spring it compresses, and then it bounces back, so they’re known for being very supportive and also very bouncy as well.

So what Exactly is Memory Foam

Now memory foam was created in 1966 by Charles Yost as a NASA project it was used in spacecraft so during takeoff you see in old movies like Moonraker – very James Bond movies…

To help comfort astronauts during that process of take-off for instance, they used memory foam.

But since then has also been used for pillows for car seats and last but not the least memory foam mattresses.

So the mattress here this top layer is going to be classic memory foam I’m going to get into the specific feel in a little.

It has that slow-moving feel slow to respond it’s very good pressure relief very comfortable and also very good with contouring as well.

What are the Differences between Inner Spring and Memory Foam?

Well first off with the spring mattress vs foam mattress, there are feel differences with inner spring you sleep more on top of the mattress it’s very responsive and has a little of bounce as well.

However, with memory foam you slowly sink into the mattress going to have more of that quicksand feel…

You are going to sleep in the mattress versus sleeping on top of the inner spring mattress as I mentioned is going to be some difference in bounce.

So with the innerspring mattress very bouncy very responsive memory foam though has very little bounce.

If you drop a ball on memory foam it kind of dies there.

Now I am going to speak to the ease of movement on each type of mattress.

The spring mattress vs foam mattress movement difference.

So with an inner spring mattress again you’re sleeping on top if you switch positions at night it’s very very easy.

However, on memory foam especially one with a thicker memory foam layer on top you’re going to slowly sink, and it’s not quite so easy for you to move around.

Now there are going to be some major support and comfort differences so with an innerspring mattress in general.

It’s going to be more supportive than a memory foam mattress on the other hand memory foam is known for being very comfortable.

And better with pressure relief than innerspring in general and then last but not least is speaking about sleep temperature.

Inner spring mattresses in general are going to sleep cooler than memory foam mattresses.

That is because with an innerspring mattress you have a lot more room for airflow with those coils they’re not going to trap quite as much heat.

Memory foam on the other hand is known for trapping heat it’s going to actually direct the heat back at you to make you sleep hotter.

But there are some infusions that memory foam is going to have like gel graphite and copper is going to help with heat dissipation, so you don’t sleep quite so hot on a memory foam mattress.

Now, all that being says a lot to think about when you’re looking for a mattress.
I don’t know what’s most important to you in a mattress…

Is it comfort is a support is it cooling justly if your aims?

So let’s talk about the:

Benefits and the Drawbacks of Innerspring Mattresses

First off in regard to benefits…

They are going to be very supportive again with those coils they compress underway they’re able to handle much heavier weight.

With very supportive material they’re going to be more breathable, so again a lot of room for airflow

With inner spring mattresses are not going to trap quite so much heat at the same time there are some drawbacks to inner spring mattresses.

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First off…

While they offer a lot of support they are not going to offer quite so much pressure relief.

Also, they are going to be on the noisier side especially as they get older they can’t get squeaky to make more noise when you’re moving around at night.

What are you doing!

Now speaking of moving around at night…

They are also not as good with motion transfer – now motion transfer means you’re lying down on one side of the mattress your partner moves around on the other side during the night

You might feel some of that motion if you are on an inner spring mattress versus with the memory foam mattress.

You are not going to feel quite so much…

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Memory Foam

First off in terms of benefits…

They are very good with pressure relief so especially on your shoulders and your hips when you’re on your side.

A lot of times on a mattress you are going to feel more pressure on your shoulders and your hips when you are in that position memory foam is very good at relieving that pressure.

It is also very good with contouring so especially when you’re on your back it’s going to take the shape of your body contour to the shape of your body feel very comfortable in that respect they are also going to be less noisy to innerspring mattresses in general.

And then also with motion transfer to handle it much better.

So if your partner does move around a night or two feels less of it on a memory foam mattress.

What are the Drawbacks of Memory Foam

Well, first off they are known for trapping heat.

They can sleep quite hot especially if they don’t have a gel infusion a graphite infusion or a copper infusion.

You might wake up sweaty is it’s definitely a drawback of memory foam.
Now they’re also going to have some issues sagging especially if it’s going to be a lower density memory foam.

Do keep an eye on the density of the memory foam in your mattress.

If it is a lower density it might sag pretty quickly you are going to see some indentations in your mattress and then last but not least there is the issue of mobility with memory foam.

So moving around to memory foam matters it’s not quite so easy as it is on an innerspring mattress you might feel stuck in memory foam.

But you just want to know which one of these should you get well in terms of who should get an innerspring mattress.

If you are of the heavier person variety, you want something just more supportive.
Innerspring in general is going to be more supportive than a memory foam mattress.

Now, also if you like sleeping on top of your mattress as a preference.

Go with the inner spring now also you have mobility issues, and want to move around at night or you switch positions between back side and stomach.

Inner Springs is also be a better choice, and it’s definitely easier to move around on an inner spring mattress.

Because it is bouncier and more responsive and then last night out leaves just speaking of sleep temperature.

I think inner Springs definitely the way to go is going to sleep cooler the memory foam in general again a lot more room for airflow with those coils.

So you should sleep cooler on an inner spring mattress.

So who should get a memory foam mattress…

Well first off, you like sinking into your mattress, sleeping inside your masters versus on top of it, I would go with memory foam.

With memory foam, you slowly sink in feel the mattress, and bail up you contour the curves of your body if you like that feel go with memory foam.

It’s also a very good choice for side sleeper’s memory foam is bearing it with pressure relief.

So if you’re lying on a memory foam mattress especially with a thick memory lair you’re on your side, or you feel very little pressure on your shoulders and your hips.

It is also a good option for people who have pain issues so easy to have pain issues joint issues this could be a good option for you as well.

And then last but not least….

If you sleep with a partner I would definitely go with memory foam, memory foam is very good at handling motion transfer

So if you’re lying down on one side of the mattress your partner moves around on the other side, you should feel fewer of those movements on a memory foam mattress.

So who do you think one innerspring or memory foam?
Who wins the shootout!

Well it’s actually all up to you at this point you should know which type of mattress is right for you.

Well, there is a difference, the spring mattress vs foam mattress has its positives and negative, so if you are a sweaty sort of sleeper, the differences between the spring mattress vs foam mattress is a game changer.

At least points have been bought up here to help you along the way of your overall of the spring mattress vs foam mattress shootout.