Trying To Distinguish Bed Bugs And Dust Mites

Trying To Distinguish Bed Bugs And Dust Mites

Dec 03, 2023

Bed Bugs…

Dust Mites

They are all bad news when you think about your house and what could be lurking around the corner.

But how do you distinguish the difference?

Let’s talk further about this.

Those Dust Mites

At first glance, the bed bugs and dust mites picture looks nearly the same.

Brownish to the orange colour of the body, both are round and are tiny insects.

But the bed bugs and mites picture can be deceiving.

The bed bugs and dust mites picture have differences when you look closely enough.

Bed bugs have six legs while dust mites are arachnids, which means they have eight legs.

Other differences between the bed bugs and these mites’ pictures are the details of their body shape.

Bed bugs have a round flattened shape, which plumps up when engorged in blood during their feeding.

Dust mites are already fully rounded and feed most on human dander or skin scales.

Looking closely at the bed bugs and dust mites picture, you will see that bed bugs have antennae while these mites don’t have one.

Dust mites are all legs.

Their body structure may look alike but bed bugs are much more related to fleas.

The bed bugs and dust mites picture also reveal that bed bugs are visible enough for the naked eye to spot.

They are tiny but nonetheless visible.

Dust mites have translucent bodies and that makes them invisible to the unaided eyes.

When bed bugs and dust mites pictures are placed together, one can clearly see that these two have distinct marking unique to the specie.

Another noticeable thing about these bed bugs and mites pictures is how, when dismissed by the untrained eye, they can be mistaken for one another.

These Pests Create An Unsanitary Place For Us Humans

Bed bugs are parasites and these mites contribute to allergies.

Dust mite allergy is very common and occurs when we inhale their excrement. One thing the bugs and mites picture reveals is that they both like to live in our beds.

Yes, our mattress hosts hundreds of squirmy little pests.

Looking at any

bed bugs and dust mites picture is enough to make you want to sleep on a bamboo bed. Unfortunately, bed bugs and the dust mite can live there too.

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Based on the bed bugs and dust mite pictures, there is a way to eliminate them in your home.

One is to make sure you wash your bed sheets, pillowcases, draperies and carpets regularly. Change them twice a month or better yet, once a week.

This will prevent bed bugs and dust mite pictures from popping into your head all the time.

Clean the house with a vacuum.

If you don’t have one, try running a wet cloth to wipe the floor and other small places that the vacuum cannot reach.

The dust mite are the ones that form dust bunnies so make sure you clean these up well.

Dust bunnies are a collection of the dust mite‘s excrement, hair and other substances that land on the floor.

The bed bugs and dust mites picture also show us how different their natures are. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects.

They like to feed when it is quiet and when people are sleeping. Bed bugs hide during the day in cracks and warm places.

These mites are content with living their whole lives in the dark corner.

The bed bugs and dust mite picture show how they live out their cycle: hatching, eating, growing, defecating, mating, and laying eggs.

When looking for the worse between these pests, take a look at the bed bugs and dust mites picture.

You’ll see that though bed bugs look scary, at least they are visible and there is a treatment for their infestation.

Dust Mites Are Not Like That

The bed bugs and dust mite picture shows that these mites may have more numbers than bed bugs in the mattress.

Why is that?

Because when the bed bugs and dust mites picture of their nymphs (or developing babies), dust mites always show us a group of bed bugs and dust mite pictures.

They huddle together and show us their might in numbers. No wonder a lot of people experience allergic rhinitis.

If made to choose between the lesser evil, the most obvious choice are bed bugs.

At least there are pesticides formulated just to kill and eliminate these pests whereas, with dust mites, you could have an allergy for the rest of your life.