Top Brands to Look Out For When Shopping for a Flippable Mattress

Top Brands to Look Out For When Shopping for a Flippable Mattress

Dec 06, 2023

What is a Flippable Mattress?

A flippable mattress, also known as a double-sided mattress, refers to a type of bedding that has two different comfort layers.

These layers can be made from various materials such as memory foam or latex and are designed to provide optimal support for the sleeper’s body.

The top layer provides pressure relief while the bottom layer offers firmness and stability.

Are Double-Sided Mattresses Worth It?

Whether or not a double-sided mattress is worth it depends on personal preference and sleeping habits.

For those who share their bed with a partner who may have different preferences when it comes to firmness or softness, a double-sided mattress could be an ideal solution.

Additionally, if you frequently rotate your mattress to avoid wear and tear, then a double-sided mattress might make sense.

However, they tend to cost more than traditional single-sided mattresses so it ultimately boils down to what works best for individual needs and budget constraints.

Top Brands for Flippable Mattresses:

1. Casper – Known for its innovative design and use of high-quality materials, Casper offers a range of flippable mattresses including the Essential and Wave models.

Both options feature breathable covers and responsive memory foams that adapt to the contours of the body.

2. Leesa – This brand specializes in eco-friendly mattresses and offers several flippable models like the Sapira and Alta. Made from sustainably sourced materials, these mattresses combine premium foams with a flexible base to create a comfortable night’s rest.

3. Nest Bedding – With a focus on affordability without sacrificing quality, Nest Bedding produces a variety of flippable mattresses including the Alexander Hybrid and Serenity Gel.

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Each model uses advanced technology to deliver targeted support and cooling properties.

Tips and Tricks for Shopping for a Flippable Mattress:

When shopping for a flippable mattress, there are some key factors to consider.

First, determine your preferred level of firmness and support based on your sleep style and any existing health conditions.

Next, consider the size of the mattress relative to your bed frame and room space.

Finally, look for brands that offer trial periods or warranties to ensure satisfaction before making a purchase. By keeping these tips in mind, you can find the perfect flippable mattress for your unique needs.