Those Harsh Truths About The Cocoon Mattress You Need To Know

Those Harsh Truths About The Cocoon Mattress You Need To Know

Dec 01, 2023


Cocoon mattress?

What does this say to you when you hear this word?

Well, I think of the cocoon of an insect, soft and inviting.

So this is what the Cocoon chill mattress is all about.

Let’s find out, shall we…

Cocoon Mattress Undressed

The cocoon chill by sealy is an all-foam mattress that is available in two different firmness options.

  • Medium soft

Comes in at about a four on our 10-point firmness scale

  • Medium firm

Comes in about a six.

Sealy is actually a major online and brick and mortar mattress company that’s been in business since 1881, and today it’s part of the temper sealy international company.

Now sealy offers a wide selection of beds including the:

Cocoon Chill Seeley’s Latest Bed In A Box Mattress Model

Let’s talk about who this mattress would be a good fit for…

The cocoon chill is great for people who enjoy the deep body contouring of a traditional memory foam mattress.

Specifically, sleepers who often experience pressure or pain in the shoulders lower back or hips


Those who overheat and feel uncomfortable on an all-foam mattress will enjoy the cocoon’s cooling features.

It is a great bed for couples who awaken easily due to noise or movement in bed from their partner, however, there are a few things worth considering.

The cocoon chill mattress is an all-foam mattress the cocoon chill does not provide enough support for heavier individuals who will likely sink too far into this mattress.

So that’s not good…

Also, the cocoon chill lacks edge support which leads to sagging around the perimeter making it difficult to sleep or sit near the edge of the bed, so be careful not to just slide off the bed onto the floor.

Just warning you…

Cocoon Chill Mattress

It is available in all six standard sizes and comes with a 100-night sleep trial a 10-year warranty and free shipping for all of us.

About To Get Technical Now

The cocoon chill has three layers of foam…

The comfort layer is made of two inches of low-density foam which makes it more breathable than the higher density foams found in competing mattresses the one-inch transition layer and the 5.

The 5-inch support layer is both made from high-density polyfoam which helps stabilise the mattress.

The two firmness options of the cocoon shield basically have the same build though the transitional layer of the medium-firm is much sturdier than that of the medium-soft version.

Yet, both versions of the cocoon chill include a polyester and cotton cover infused with phase change material or PCM.

Testing found that the cocoon chill provides strong cushioning for the shoulders and hips which is great for side sleepers.

And it helps promote even spinal alignment side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds should experience excellent pressure relief on the medium soft model.

But side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds may want to opt for the medium firm feel, so they won’t sink as deeply ensuring better alignment.

Testing has also found that the comfort layer and the support foam contour evenly to the body which should improve overall spinal alignment to back sleepers.

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Memory foam mattresses are generally considered the best models for people who experience back pain and pressure points in different areas of the body.

And the cocoon chill is no exception…

However, testing has also found that the comfort layer and support foam may not fully prevent a stomach sleeper’s midsection from sinking in too deeply.

Now this will depend more on your body weight and what firmness option you choose, so stomach sleepers over 130 pounds should consider the medium firm model.

It has also been found that the memory foam in the comfort layer absorbs quite a bit of movement nearly eliminating motion transfer.

In the process additionally, the mattress does not produce any noise when bearing weight, so the cocoon chill should be great for anyone who wakes up easily due to noise or movement in bed.

It has also been revealed that the high density foam, while sturdy in its own right, can’t withstand compression as well as steel coils latex and other support materials.

This lack of edge support may make getting in and out of bed somewhat difficult…

And you may feel less secure lying near the perimeter there was more sinking in the medium soft version of the cocoon shell as opposed to the medium firm model.
But all versions of this mattress will experience some sinking that can worsen with time.

Finally, the cocoon chills cotton-polyester cover absorbs and releases heat from the body which helps maintain a cool temperature on the surface.

And the memory foam doesn’t trap as much heat as one’s made out of denser foam however the mattress may still sleep warm to some people due to its all-foam composition.

So let’s take a look at the overall outcomes from our mattress testing, shall we…

So, we found the cocoon chill mattress provides above-average support for side and back sleepers and average support for stomach sleepers.

Although your individual comfort will depend on your body weight and what firmness option you choose.

Thanks to its adaptive comfort layer and sturdy support foams it has above average pressure relief the cocoon chill comfort layer absorbs quite a bit of movement giving it great motion isolation.

The cocoon chills perimeter sinks quite a bit, so it has average edge support.

Finally, the cocoon chill’s built-in cooling features give it better temperature control than most all-foam models.

So what does this all mean?


The cocoon chill provides a traditional memory foam feel characterised by close even body contouring and pressure relief while sleeping cooler than many competing all-foam mattresses.

You have this mattress unopened, and I have shown you the Cocoon Mattress warts and all.

But you can not dismiss the overall factor of its ability to reduce movement and noise.

So would you be able to dismiss the soft edges of the mattress for this?
After all…

You will only slide down onto your butt, I mean floor.