This Is Why People Love Organic Bedding

This Is Why People Love Organic Bedding

Dec 01, 2023

Organic Bedding

Now there are some people out there who might be a little confused when they hear Organic Bedding.

You say ‘what’s that?’. You hear the word now and then.

Pretending you know what exactly its all about because you see it on labels all the time when you go shopping.

But do you really know enough to be able to tell someone what organic bedding really is if asked…

And not look silly if you get the wrong answer?

So ‘eco’ is screaming at us from the mountain tops now and we want to know what it’s all about.

Why it’s more important these days, and what it means for yourself when it, comes to you making informed purchase choices.

So, let’s get into this and dispel some of the ideas you might have about the word and what it truly means.

The word ‘eco-friendly’ is popular, and when you think you know what one product means than another completely different product comes along and you start to think, what does this word organic mean to THIS particular product.

It not only comes in products that you use every day, but it’s also coming in food that we eat as well.


With a little bit of bewilderment, you are not alone, and just try to bluff your way through it.

Now it seems that we have organic cotton, organic sheeting for your beds just to name a few…

What Is The Difference Between Organic Cotton And Cotton?

When you farm cotton, organic cotton is the product of using natural seeds, but you say ‘arent all seeds natural?’

You would think so wouldn’t you…

Not, these days so it seems…

There is no use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals that are so fondly used these days.

The Bugs are controlled with other insects that kill the pests.

Whereas regular cotton is grown on the same old soil over and over again, and this, in turn, degrading the soil quality, removing all those nutrients that are needed for a healthy crop compared to an unhealthy crop.

Like organic foods that have been around for a while now, putting into the equation of Organic Cotton of all things…

It gets confusing to many of us and more and more people are becoming more knowledgeable as to how the organic cotton movement works.

That sounds good doesn’t it, it is just as powerful and important as that of organic foods.

I don’t like the idea of pounding the ground till it is that tired that all the nutrients go out of it.

In nature, the ground would not be planted again and again and not have time to regenerate its own soil to some extent.

But as we know, in the human world its all about the most productive for a profit, everything is so competitive these days…

And did you know that cotton is also one of the most chemical-intensive farming there is?

These chemicals have a tremendous impact on the earth’s air, soil, and water that it also impacts and the health of people in cotton-growing areas.

They are among some of the most toxic chemicals classified by the Environmental Protection Agency.

And what about the effects on wildlife as well, we can’t forget them!

Is Organic Cotton More Expensive?

Costs in general when it comes to buying organic is going to be higher, the costs of producing organic cotton are higher than regular cotton.

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Organic cotton is approximately 20% to 30% more expensive than regular cotton.

Thought you need to consider the extra work that goes into growing something that does not need chemicals, to bring it on and protect the produce.

The natural way might take more time and effort to give you a pure brand, but I for one when it comes to the impact of what some products are doing the earth.

We really need to seriously consider if we will put our hands in our pockets a little deeper to pull some extra money out when buying organic cotton compared to non-organic cotton.

What Does Eco And Bed Sheets Mean

Organic-Linen, Eco-Friendly Bed Sheets, Organic Bedding, they really all mean the same thing.

They’re just there to confuse you, no really they are just different terms that all really mean the same. Eco and organic are in the same sector when it points to being kind to our planet.

Organic Bedding you could say is a healthier option, manufactured without those harmful chemicals.

It is also more comfortable and breathable compared to synthetic counterparts, which often leave you feeling hot and sweaty in bed instead of cool and comfortable.

Organic cotton is completely handpicked which is good to hear…

Preserving the purity of every little fiber and ensuring that no fiber is damaged in the process, which makes it softer to the touch.

While Regular cotton is more in demand and supply (that would be right – cheaper) and is usually picked by machine to cope with this rush…

So Organic Cotton products are softer than that of regular cotton because of its long fibers.

Now I am not saying that you should just not buy cotton sheets, not at all.

But as with everything, if you want the quality of a softer sheet and knowing that the farming process is not using all those chemicals and its impact on the earth.

You do need to question your choices at the time.

I have not seen anybody getting rushed to the doctors complaining of big rashes on their skin because of the chemicals that have been used in cotton sheets.

We all use cotton sheets and they do get softer as they are worn in.

Hopefully not till they are falling apart, you know.

When they are that worn out and rotting you accidentally put your foot through the sheet while in bed.

It happens…

The Truth About Cotton Sheets

Just to let you know that so-called ‘cotton’ bed sheets are only made out of 73% of cotton, and the rest being those toxic chemicals added to the fabric.

The remaining 27% being treated by some of the most hazardous chemicals listed by the World Health Organisation, and they are.

  • Methamidophos
  • Formaldehyde
  • Formaldehyde
  • Hormone disruptors

So when you are looking for cotton sheets in general, look for 100% cotton sheets.

So that you know when you buy your cotton sheeting that is in fact, made with 100% cotton.

So, you now know the differences when you come across the word organic bedding you now are armed with the information that will make your choices in the knowledge that you know what your buying in organic bedding.

Remember, cotton is one of the best materials that breathe and great for hotter weather.