The ‘Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress’ On A Need To Know Basis

The ‘Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress’ On A Need To Know Basis

Dec 01, 2023

Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

What Is A ‘Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress?’

I am glad you asked me because not everyone will know exactly what it is.

When you think of memory foam, OK that’s one thing, but Hybrid!

I mean we’re not talking about some super crossbreed creature or something.

Thankfully we are not, so you can rest easy and know that this mattress will not be haunting you in your dreams.

The Hybrid Mattresses combine two or more support systems, that’s right

We are usually looking at memory foam layers along with an Innerspring System.

So I guess you could say they are crossing the mattress.

Let’s go into it more shall we?

The Hybrid mattresses are a great way to experience the pressure-relieving benefits of the memory foam while retaining the classic feel of an innerspring mattress that we all know.

Now we did say Pressure Relieving Benefits, so we must be onto the right track here, as we all get a bit achy at times.

Is The Hybrid Mattress Worth It?

You may well ask this, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty, shall we…

While all marketers would like to ‘blow their own horn’ and say their mattress is the best. You need to realize no mattress is going to be perfect.

They will all have their downfalls (unless you sleep on air, and that’s not going to happen) so we need to make the best of it.

Now the manufactures will say that the memory foam and the hybrid together will give you an almost perfect bed, but!

You will always have the issues of the coil spring and the memory foam in any design mattress.

The Best Of Both Worlds

However, I can say that when we talk about the best of both worlds, there must have been a reason why someone would cross a memory foam mattress with a coil spring mattress.

So here it is.

While the memory foam is very comforting to the form and is bound to melt away many of your aches and pains after a night out that we might not mention – I am sure it was all innocent.

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The coil springs give the added benefit of circulating the air in the bed, thus making the bed cooling and not so stuffy is good when the weather is very hot, or you just really feel the heat.

So, there was a reason why they did it.

I think this combination has done the memory foam hybrid mattress proud, the core of the mattress is filled with inner springs while the outer top of the bed is covered with memory foam.

And as we know memory foam holds the shape of your body when you lie down or
sit down on it.

Now don’t start playing with the memory foam to see what shapes you can make… OK!

At least the foam is not going to bounce up as soon as you get off it, and that the form is going to cradle you to a better night’s sleep, a bit like sleeping in the clouds (not really sleeping in the clouds).

Because you can’t really do that can you.

Do Hybrid Mattresses Last Longer?

The Hybrid mattress can last 10 years, now if you look after it can go on and on.

But that applies to everything don’t you think.

Treat it badly and you will not get the years out of it.

No dragging it down the yard to pretend that you now have a trampoline in your back yard.

No drenching it with the hose if you feel it needs a wash.

This way you’re going to have a comfortable bed with the memory foam giving you a firm bed wrapping you in the comfort zone.

And the coil springs – and did I mention that the coil springs, make the mattress cooler and ventilated?

Sure, these two complementary designs of coil spring and memory foam that is going to support your spine and help you lay better in bed.