The ‘Luxury Mattress’ That Will Help You Get Through The WeeK

The ‘Luxury Mattress’ That Will Help You Get Through The WeeK

Dec 01, 2023

With Luxury Comes Quality Materials and Craftsmanship for that Luxury Mattress.

Now around the back sweatshop here, where the materials are second grade or made in some country off the map that you can’t even pronounce the name…

But by no means does it mean that if you spend out the biggest bucks, you will get the most luxurious bed either.

In most cases, you could say yes.

But there are ways to find the best bed for you as everyone has their own needs, and it does not say that you cannot drift into slumber with a bed that might not be as luxurious as the price tag.

There are three main sorts of mattresses out there:

  • Coil Sprung
  • Pocket Sprung
  • Memory Foam

The Traditional Open Coil Sprung Mattress which were seen to be the cheaper alternative to all the different mattresses of today.

Maybe this is because with all the New different designs now, the poor old Open Coil Mattress design gets a more day-in-day-out reputation to it…

The Luxury Mattress seems to fall into the Pocket Sprung Mattress idea.

You see this pocket design seems to move separately (that’s getting a little creepy to me now) which will support your body’s natural position in bed, moving separately to your movements, OK…


It is also an advantage when it comes to sleeping with your partner, (if you have a partner at the time) the advantage is that you will not disturb your partner by rolling into them, thus causing them to awaken with your erratic movements.

But it will not prevent you from hitting them in the face whilst turning quickly.

The pocket sprung mattress can’t prevent that.

Oh, yes…

And the more pocket springs in your mattress the more supportive and comfortable it is apparently, so there you are.

Memory Foam for a Luxury Mattress?

There are a few things I need to tell you about the Memory Foam Mattress.

For a start, they can be expensive and can also aid your ills of a sore back or chronic pain conditions.

Yet if you are a person that sleeps hot, or in other words ‘a warm sleeper’ these synthetic materials are not of the natural material and what does that mean…

well if to tend to be a hot sleeper your overheating problems are going to be exasperated by this.

And you do not want to be tossing and turning, sweating away, but if you don’t suffer from this you will be just cosy.

Qualities of Your High-End Luxury Mattress

There are numerous different materials that your high-end mattress could be made of.

The quality and volume of the mattress can also affect just how long it will last and the weight of your mattress.

And the heavier they feel the more quality right!

When it comes to the filling of the mattress it will contain layers, yes layers of high quality and natural materials.

Such as cashmere, and silk

Yes, I did say silk.

You just don’t get the ‘silk bedsheets’ you know…

These natural materials will help your body regulate a temperature suitable to you and they are also resilient.

Yes, you will have a mattress that will keep its shape for longer and not sag in the middle or edges or sides…

We could go on…

There will be more stitching on the mattresses, this sort of stitching can be called side stitching or hand stitching, the more stitching will keep the mattress in shape longer and also reinforces the sides, making it more stable.

There is a catch though – and it can be said for many things…..

Manufactures these days, I don’t know…

Remember the old saying ‘copy watch, get your copy watch’ remember the man standing on the corner in Hong Kong trying to sell you a look-alike expensive wristwatch at a cheap or you could say knock off price.

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Well, you’re also going to get it when it comes to some manufactures putting in more sowing to lower-priced products to make them look expensive.

So beware of the copy mattress…

Some Of The Best Luxury Mattresses In The World

Now, people…

We cannot end this article without mentioning some of the most expensive mattresses in the world.

Some of these mattresses sold to the high end of town can be an eye-watering load of money.

So let’s have a look at what some people are paying.

Prepare to be amazed. I would still think sleeping in the clouds is the best bet there is, and it would be free if we can only work out how to do this…

Ho – hum…

Right, it turns out that some people will pay a lavish amount for what they sleep on.

No. 1 The Cluft Palais Royal

The Cluft Palais Royal is made up of no fewer than 10 layers. 10 pounds of mohair, cashmere, silk, and wool from New Zealand.

Wrapped and hand-sewn are thousands of pairs of springs galore.

This model alone you will be looking at a cool $60,000.

Are to still sitting in your seat…


Le Palais Royale | CNBC’s Open House Segment with Mayi de la Vega

No. 2 The Vispring Masterpiece Superb

Made on the rocky coast of Plymouth, England, since 1901, the creators of this mattress spend no less than to handcraft this bed of all-natural materials.

With over 4000 packed coils in its arsenal, the customers can choose the tension of the mattress and deck it out with their own choice of fabrics.

They could also add another layer of rare wool which will drive up the price.

Price can be driven up with alterations to: $71,395.

These Beds Cost More than Your Car

No: 3 The Vividus by Hästens

This Swedish company Hästens has been around making beds for more than 160 years.

Now, these mattresses have up to 300 man-hours invested in them with all the luxurious fillings you could think of.

These luxurious mattresses can last up to 45 years – so the quality shows out when it comes to getting mileage out of you’re a very expensive, and at around $150,000 you would hope so.

Through all of this and the expense of these beds, do not despair…

These eye-watering prices in some ways are like buying designer jeans.

You are paying for the brand as well.

But that does not mean that you cannot find mattresses out there that can come close to the fluffiness and comfort of some of these high priced beds.

They would probably not agree with me, and why would they when they are selling a brand and making good money out of it.

And do you know that some of these mattresses like the last one I mentioned?

Have a waiting list!

That’s right…

Never seems to amaze me about such things – so it also flows over into the mattress section.

What I can say is that there are mattresses out there, yes…

A luxury mattress out there, that will give you a good night’s sleep and not have you consider putting a mortgage on your house or taking out a loan to buy one.

And we will have a look at some on this site to do just that, yes…

You to can become savvy about your choice of a mattress that you can be happy with, and it does not have to be a designer brand.

Almost just as good without the rare fillings and gold thread.

Worlds Most Expensive Bed: Ferris Rafauli x Hästens