The Firm Mattress Benefits That Can Help You

The Firm Mattress Benefits That Can Help You

Dec 01, 2023

We all have beds…

In some form or the other.

So what is it about firm mattress benefits that might be better for you than a soft mattress?

Let’s find out.

Firm Mattress Benefits And You

Do I need a firm mattress?

You say…

Generally, it is considered that people of a heavier stature do seem to prefer these heavier mattresses.

I can see why…

If they get into a soft mattress, they are most likely to sink into it, and if it is in a big way, they might have more trouble getting out of bed.

A flurry of arms and legs as they try to get out.

Not so dignified.

Where on a firmer mattress it will not sag, this way they have a much easier time getting in and out of bed in general.

The soft foams of a softer mattress may sink in just too much, and as for comfort and adequate support.


Also, people who are lighter sleepers may sink in less and find these firm beds to be uncomfortable, it could be a bit like sleeping on a wooden plank.

So these people prefer a softer mattress to sleep on.

Are Firm Mattresses Good For You?

Who does a firm mattress work better for?

When it comes to firm mattress benefits, and people suffering lower back pain.

And we all suffer from this now and again, but there are people that suffer more than others.

Firm mattresses are more often the better choice for these people.

Because a firm mattress keeps your lower back from collapsing so much, and this in turn.

Distributes the weight of the body more evenly on the mattress.

What Does A Firm Mattress Help You With?

When it comes to a firmer mattress, your bones are actually forced to support your body much more when you are laying in bed and also asleep.

This can be an added advantage rather than relying on your muscles alone.

This, in turn, allows your muscles to relax more, and this also improves your body’s circulation.

And because the lower back is unable to sink into the bed mattress and collapse into it will help prevent that back pain of yours…

Is A Firm Mattress Actually Good For Back Pain?

Now we’re talking…

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, a firm mattress may.

I say MAY, to help alleviate back pain.

This is because the body’s weight is distributed more evenly, and this, in turn, goes a long way in supporting your spinal alignment.

And because of this, it might even help improve your sleep quality of yours.

How To Know If A Mattress Is Too Firm?

Yes, there are firm mattresses, and then there are firmer mattresses of different grades.

So you still have decisions to make.
Not making it easy for you are they…

Like to make different intensities of firm mattresses for every occasion, so it seems.

So we plod on…

Say if you are waking up with neck pain for instance.

Back pain or shoulder pain.

Then it would be safe to assume that your mattress is just too firm for your individual needs.

You should be able to get mattresses on a trial basis, so you can try it out first.
After all…

How can you really know that that firm mattress is going to be the best for you unless you spend some time in it to relax and sleep?

To find out how you are feeling every morning.

So, if you are feeling discomfort during the night, or in the morning when you get up.
Or have any discomfort on certain pressure points, like your hips, knees, or even your shoulders…

This mattress is probably not for you and is just too firm.

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Can A Firm Mattress Actually Cause Body Your Aches?

If you have symptoms like back pain, aching of the shoulders, and even stiffness of the neck.

These can all be symptoms that this mattress is just not the one for you.

It could be that your mattress can either be just too soft for you or too firm for you.
It can go either way…

Waking up sore is your indicator that there is an issue.

Can A Firm Mattress Go As Far As Cause Hip Pain?

There can be many things that can cause hip pain, and not always from your bed’s mattress.

But, yes…

Some different types of hip pain, as well as back pain, can be caused by your mattress.

Now, this can be a firm mattress or a soft mattress.

Hip pains can be caused by pressure points, the way that you sleep for one…

For instance, you might be a side sleeper and this can misalign your hips when you are sleeping on your side too long at a time.

If you find that you are turning over at night automatically, this is your own body’s indication that you are getting too uncomfortable, and you just turn.
Avoiding this issue in general.

How To Choose A Firm Mattress?

If you are a side sleeper for instance…

And when it comes to firm mattress benefits.

You should be looking at Medium Soft to Medium Firm mattresses for yourself.

This, in turn, can cushion those impact points.

Now, if you are a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper.

You need to be looking at a different mattress type.

And this is a medium firm mattress to firm beds, lightly conforming to your body’s needs…

Can A Firm Mattress Cause You Upper Back Pain?

Say you have a poor-quality mattress that you might have got off the back of a truck for instance…

Or from a dodgy door-to-door salesman with shifty eyes.

This poor-quality bed can definitely go as far as causing you misalignment of the spine.

This is because the mattress will be pushing up your shoulders, or even your hips…

This in turn does not allow your spine to be in a neutral restful position in your bed, there lies the problem.

How Firm Is A Luxury Firm Mattress Then?

One of those luxury firm mattresses that you see is in fact very similar to firm mattress benefits.

The only thing, it has a little more of that extra padding to it, giving you more pressure relief.

Those luxury firm mattress actually contours your body’s shape.
And get this!

It still maintains its very firm support.

This Luxury Firm could also be defined as a “Cushion Firm”

Could A Firm Mattress Better For Hip Pain?

Not really…
As far as mattresses go, you would be better off going for a soft mattress when it comes to hip pain, it is better for relieving hip pain altogether.

Look at it like this.

Firm mattresses really put too much pressure on those hips and shoulders of yours…

While those softer mattresses actually allow for some sink age of your body into the mattress.

And this can provide that much-needed pressure relief to all those sensitive areas that you might have.

Well, those firm mattress benefits can be a bit of a roller coaster to deciding what sort of firm mattress is going to be good for you.

Go with this guide and above all…

Ask that they have a trial period for their mattress so that you can try it for yourself before you commit.

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