The Emergence Of The Bedroom Ceiling Fans

The Emergence Of The Bedroom Ceiling Fans

Dec 02, 2023

Bedroom Ceiling Fans

What can I say?

Would we be without them now?

I doubt it.

Once that breeze floats down from the ceilings of our homes we are addicted to them.

So where did they come from and who invented them?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Bedroom Ceiling Fans

Behold the ceiling fan!

But where did it come from?

Meet this gentleman called Phillip Deal who was born in Germany in 1847.

Although Phillip grew up in Germany he immigrated to the United States in 1868 after stints at local machine shops.

Phillip found a job working for the singer manufacturing company during his time at the plant.

Phillip put himself to work and began working on several groundbreaking inventions including:

  • improved light bulbs
  • a bobbin driver with an oscillating shuttle
  • and of course ceiling fans

Philip did not invent the electric fan itself though…
That distinction goes to Schuyler wheeler who invented the first electric fan in 1882.

But the ceiling fan Philip made was a combination of several other inventions.

First, the fan concept was designed by wheeler, and second the electric motors Philip had earlier experimented with during his time at singer.

Philip patented his electric fan in 1887 and his timing could not have been better with electricity grids springing up all around the country.

Now I know it would be hard for some of the later generations to get a grasp of it, but electricity was not as prevalent as it is today.

In fact…

You could say that we are reliant on it compared to the old days.

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Just think when the power goes off in your house.

You stand there scratching your head thinking about what you can do.
Because nearly everything you have in the house is run on electricity.

And if you are like me in a power cut and decided well I will have a hot drink then.


That’s just not going to happen if your cooker is also on electricity.

You would be fortunate to have gas for the cooker then a cup of tea is ok.

Not that I have not had the vision of going outside and starting up a little firepit on the ground to have a hot drink if the
power has been off for quite a long time that is.

Has not happened yet though…

Electric ceiling fans became more than just a convenient way to catch a breeze they became status symbols and soon they could be found all across the United States.

So they started in the United States and then went around the world.

And as a status symbol, I am sure the need to have’s rushed in to get their first ceiling fan to show off to their family and friends.

Bedroom ceiling fans are indeed the best way of cooling your bedroom. That breeze floating down from the top of you is most probably the most comfortable way of circulating the coolness around the bedroom.

If you live in a warm climate the most natural way to cool yourself and probably the healthiest, is a ceiling fan.