The Conflicting Pros And Cons Of Sleeper Sofas

The Conflicting Pros And Cons Of Sleeper Sofas

Dec 01, 2023

A sofa bed is a common sight in a guest room, but more and more people are now considering using them as part of their standard living room set.

When you think of it if you have a friend land on your doorstep and wants to crash for the night or even two…

Sleeping them on the floor is probably not the best one.

And you might not have another guest room to put them in and even if you did, it does not mean that you might not have more than one visitor at a time.

Sleeper sofas don’t always have to be out in the lounge, you might want to put them in another room if you have one.

So they can be really handy, sit on them during the day and by night they turn into a bat! I mean bed.

Most furniture stores now offer a wide array of sleeper sofas, which can be folded up into a couch, or pulled out to be a full or queen size makeshift sleeping surface.

However, any potential consumer should consider a few factors when weighing the pros and cons of regular couches versus a sleeper sofa bed.

Function Of The Room For Sleeper Sofas

If your home has an extra room that isn’t being used as a full-time bedroom, it may be convenient to use it as a sitting room most of the time, then convert it into a guest bedroom when you have visitors.

It may also come in handy if you have friends over late, who would prefer to stay with you instead of driving home.

Now that’s a good reason.

However, if you are considering purchasing a sofa bed to be your predominant sleeping surface, make sure to thoroughly research the mattress type and try out a few options for comfort.

Cost Efficiency

If one of the main reasons for your purchase is your desire to entertain out-of-town visitors, be realistic about how many guests you will host in a year.

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If you only have a few visitors in a year, purchasing a deluxe sleeper sofa may not be cost-effective.

However, if friends or family visit regularly, a sleeper sofa can be the perfect way to keep your guests comfortable while reducing hotel bills.

I am sure they will be hedging to stay at your home if possible…

Size Of The Room

If the room in question is of a smaller size and is meant to have a double function, a sofa bed may be the perfect double-duty furniture item.

For example, if you live in a studio, then this might be a perfect option for you so that you can have your bedroom when you want it.

while retaining the option to transform it into a TV watching room or a sitting room for friends.

All furniture stores should stock a wide array of size options, ranging from twin to full to queen-size mattresses.

Whether sleeping sofas for small spaces or big, or whether you use them much or not, is it nice to know you have a backup sleeper if needed.

Don’t you think?

If you do decide to purchase a sleeper sofa, remember to look for one of the highest quality that will last you the longest time without malfunction.

Typically, a hardwood frame is more durable, such as one made of furniture grade plywood.

Softer woods like pine will bend and warp after a shorter amount of time.

Additionally, make sure to look for a smooth, quiet mechanism for lifting the bed in and out.

Finally, check that there are no sharp edges under the sleeping surface that may snag or rip your sheets.