The Best 5 Ceiling Fan Choices For Your Cosy Bedroom

The Best 5 Ceiling Fan Choices For Your Cosy Bedroom

Dec 02, 2023

The good old ceiling fan

What would we do without them?


We had to once many years ago before some smart person decided that putting the fan on the ceiling was a space saver.

So which ones are the best?

Let’s have a rundown, shall we?

Ceiling fans still remain one of the primary choices for many families to stay cool during summer or any other time as well…

Compared to an air conditioner or other options those who use a ceiling fan at home know how the smaller details make all the difference when picking the right fan.

A quality ceiling fan is not only functional and durable it has to be convenient and pleasing to the eyes as well.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 best ceiling fans available on the market today, shall we?

The quality features and values have been considered when narrowing down the best choices possible for your bedroom.

So here are the top 5 best ceiling fans:

5 – Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan

While ceiling fans vary in price power and aesthetics a budget version like the harbour breeze Armitage is a cost-effective way to increase circulation in any room.

It has an airflow of 2263 cubic feet per minute this ceiling fan has a 52-inch blade span which is sufficient to provide good airflow in bedrooms living rooms and other spaces up to 400 square feet in size.

The harbor breeze also features a frosted globe light to provide illumination though it’s only a single bulb fixture.

So it’s better suited as a supplemental illumination the alabaster glass light kit that comes with the fan includes one 6.5 watt led bulb for attractive energy efficient illumination.

This fan provides a clean flush fit to the ceiling making it a good choice for even low ceiling heights the blades are also reversible and offer both a light and a dark wood grain look.

The harbour breeze is designed with a clean white finish its hugger mount design is ideal for low profile ceilings while its casual and sophisticated look will complement any house decor through the led technology.

The ceiling fan is energy saving and provides 6000 hours of maintenance-free operation with its manufacturing brilliance this fan will be the statement piece of any large room for many years to come.


It is durable and it has a strong airflow making it suitable for rooms of all sizes.


It is not the best-looking fan on the market as its design is more focused on function than aesthetics but if you are looking for a fan that will get the job done without breaking the bank.

Then the harbor breeze armitage is an excellent choice for you.

4 – Hunter 51061 Low Profile Iv Fan For The Ceiling

Even small spaces or areas with low ceilings can benefit from ceiling fan air circulation the hunter low profile iv is a popular choice thanks to its flush mount design and efficient operation.

This 42-inch fan comes with five reversible blades so you can select the colour that looks best in your space.

Its hardware is available in both pewter and bronze finishes the low profile iv is a hugger fan that mounts the ceiling without a download.

It measures only 8.8 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan housing giving you plenty of headroom.

This small ceiling fan can also be mounted in a basement and rooms with low ceilings of 8 feet or even less its fan motor has 3 speeds.

Its 23 28 cubic feet per minute rating is a bit low compared to other models however the low profile iv’s ability to move air in a small room covers for it.


It comes with a classic look of a ceiling fan with its traditional weathered oak or wine country reversible blades.

It is durable and you can easily adjust its speed through the pull chain control however unlike other more advanced models this one has no lighting feature.

If you’re on the market for a traditional fan that performs well then the hunter low profile iv ceiling fan is perfect.

3 – Honeywell 5061401 Carnegie Led Fan For The Ceiling

For a ceiling fan with lights in style look no further than the honeywell carnegie featuring an industrial look.
This modern fan flaunts warm rustic dual finish rough pine or chestnut blades a bronze finish motor housing and Edison style light bulbs .

This model has an integrated drum light fixture that features three e26 b10 led bulbs and is dimmable from 100 to 20 per cent.

Unlike some ceiling fans with lights that have frosted globes obscuring the light this drum design provides illumination and a modern look for your living room bedroom office or anywhere else that you decide to install this fan.

With a ceiling fan like this, you don’t need to choose between illumination and ventilation the 52-inch blade span is sized for rooms ranging from 12 feet by 12 feet to 18 feet by 18 feet.

And provides reversible direction to adjust circulation. The 3-speed quiet reversible motor can even be used during winter to circulate warm air in the room this helps you cut down on energy costs.

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The honeywell carnegie includes a remote control to adjust the three-speed fan motor and lighting function to your preference there are three-speed settings on this fan.

The smart sync light dimmer and walk away light delay its


It is aesthetically pleasing its lighting is one of the best in the ceiling fan market and it performs well in rooms of all sizes.

However, it is a bit hard to install so make sure you have a helping hand when setting it up.

A trendy-looking ceiling fan with convenient functionalities the honeywell carnegie is a good fit for any home

2- Minka Aire f844 dk Lightwave Fan For The Ceiling

This ceiling fan doesn’t just circulate air.

It turns heads the minka aire is a stylish unit that fits right into homes seeking a beautiful modern ceiling fan.

The body and blades of this fan mimic koa wood so well that nearly everyone agrees you won’t see any difference once the fan is installed with three-angle blades spreading over 52 inches.

And a great wind flow of 45 31 cubic feet per minute the light wave ceiling fan is capable of circulating air in medium or large rooms.

It hangs from a six-inch download so you’ll certainly have enough roof leeway to suit your needs.

An integrated led light provides illumination but tends to be focused on its output while some people find the light to be too direct or harsh.

You can easily dim the lighting with the included remote acquiring this fan for your home will enable you to add some charm as its sleek design perfectly fits your modern interiors.

The good thing is that the fan can be set up within minutes.

The process is quite easy and doesn’t require you to have advanced or professional skills the lightweight provides you with the benefit of saving energy costs the light kit for this fan uses one bulb.

And this saves you the money required to buy multiple bulbs to light a room the light is quite bright and is sufficient enough to light a small and medium-sized room depending on the size of your room.

This may be all you require to meet your lighting needs its pros are its eye-catching design is a plus point.

And you can upgrade it into a smart ceiling fan that works with Alexa and Google home through the bond home smart wi-fi hub that is also from minka air.

However the cons

This ceiling fan sometimes produces a light humming sound while operating that can be annoying to some purchasing this fan gives you an opportunity to enjoy excellent performance features great quality and modern aesthetics associated with this package.

1- 53091 Transitional Fan For The Ceiling

This well-known ceiling fan is a top pick for any room that could profit from more airflow with three fan speeds.

And a wind stream rating of 5102 cubic feet per minute this 52-inch fan from hunter fan company has been measured to be appropriate for medium to large rooms.

What’s more, it includes a coordinated two-light setup with a frosted bowl dim the lights or turn them to full brightness for more light in your lounge room bedroom storm cellar and so on.

Hunter fans feature a whisper wind engine for peaceful effective operation and a mountain configuration intended to reduce wobbling.

This transitional ceiling fan model is easy to install and is a relatively noiseless fixture while the light might be dim for certain people.

It is much diffused and makes a fantastic wellspring of supplemental light in front rooms or delicate light in rooms.

When fully assembled this quiet ceiling fan achieves a vertical footprint of nearly 18 inches and should be installed on ceilings at least eight feet high.

It also comes with comprehensive instructions and materials for self-installation as well as a balancing kit and instructions on how to balance the fan blades once installed.

You may initially detect some wobbling but after following the directions any unwanted movement and noise can be eliminated for a completely silent operation.


It comes with a high wind stream rating it is whisper quiet it is engineered to perform quietly.

So you can get a good night’s sleep or chill peacefully on your patio it is wobble-free.

And it is durable hunter performs twice the agency recommended testing to ensure that their fans stand the tests of time.

However, it is a bit on the expensive side the hunter 53091 is a classic ceiling fan with dual functionality with its durable design.

This fan is guaranteed to provide you with excellent airflow for years and that completes our list of the top 5 best ceiling fans on the market.


We have looked at the ceiling fan in all its glory and even go a bit picky. Whether it be looks or performance, you need to think about what fan for your bedroom ceiling you want.

Remember… It is really a good idea to get a fan that complements your bedroom and keeps you cool when needed.