Tempur Topper Review – Really? The Best Pressure Reliefeview

Tempur Topper Review – Really? The Best Pressure Reliefeview

Dec 01, 2023

Well unless you’ve been living in a cave lately, you probably have not heard of the Tempur Topper or otherwise known as Tempur-Pedic.

So let’s have a look at this bad boy and see what it’s got under the hood you could say…

Tempur Topper, Supreme Topper, Is It worth It?

Now, they were one of the pioneers of the memory foam mattress.

So what about the construction, who it might be good for, and who it’s not good for.
Is it suitable for you?

Let’s find out shall we…

First off, it’s going to be three inches thick. On the outside from the top cover, you’re
going to have a polyester blend.

On the bottom is going to be a polyester cotton blend as well.
Though more of a canvas feel…

This is going to give this topper some traction so it won’t move around quite so much on top of your mattress and have you spinning off during the night.
I might be exaggerating a little here…


You probably want to know what’s inside, don’t you.

Well, the cover is actually removable, which is a good start

And you can even wash it at home, so no going to the dry cleaners and spending out money.

On the inside, you have three inches of a TEMPUR material.

And it has very soft memory foam, it is slow-moving even for memory foam. You could even say very, very slow-moving.

Also, it is of a very high density as well.

In terms of the size options of this mattress topper, you have:

  • twin
  • twin long
  • double
  • queen
  • king
  • California King

The Arrival Of Your Mattress Topper

First off, you get this topper at your house in a box.

So when you take it out, it is going to be rolled up.
Now when you take it out of the thick plastic. And put it on the top of your mattress…

It is of softer memory foam.
And it does take a little time to expand, but you should not have any trouble using this topper the same night.

Also, in terms of off-gassing, you won’t have much off-gassing to worry about, so no need for our gas mask the first night you use it ok…

Not too much of that chemical smell which is a good thing.

For the firmness of this topper, you could put it on the top of a mattress that was close to a 9 out of 10 in terms of firmness.

This brought the mattress down to a 6 out of 10. A very soft mattress topper.
That is three points of firmness taken off the mattress.

Sleeping On Your Back Test

The mattress pillow can be a bit too firm when you are on your back. But it does soften it up quite a bit.

Your hips should sink in just the right amount.

Also, you will have some nice contouring and this foam presses up into your lumbar area.

Very, very nice for back sleeping.

Side Sleeping Test

This is where this topper really shines well…

By lying on your side you are feeling almost no pressure on your shoulders or hips.

If you are a larger person you can often hit the mattress beneath, and don’t feel the best pressure relief that a mattress topper can give, but not with this Tempur Topper.

So this Tempur Topper does actually give amazing pressure relief.

Stomach Sleeping Test

Once moving to your stomach the Tempur topper is softening the mattress quite a bit.

If you bow at your hips it is actually getting out of alignment.
So it’s not the best match if you are a stomach sleeper.

In terms of feel, as I said before, it does have this very, very soft slow-moving memory foam feel.

Even for memory foam, a very slow-moving memory foam. It is also, very high density as well.

There is however a big issue with memory foam toppers when it comes to warmth. As they can trap heat.

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With the Tempur Topper, I can say that you will be sleeping a little warmer at night.
So if you are one of those people who is a hot sleeper, then not the best option for you.

Topper Pros

What sort of person do I think this topper might be a good fit for.

First off, I think if you learn more on sleeping on your back at night, then this is definitely a good option.

If you have a mattress that is way too firm for you, your hips don’t sink in quite enough, going with the Tempur Topper is definitely a good idea.

It will often up the mattress for you.

Your hips will sink in a little more, and you will feel some nice foam pressing up into your lumbar area.

It’s a very good choice for back sleeping. And also this really shines if you are more of a side sleeper.

If you sleep on your side primarily, definitely check out the Tempur Topper.

As it softens the mattress quite a bit. I think even if you’re a larger person, you won’t bottom out from the top.

You’ll feel nice pressure relief on your shoulders and also your hips.

Even if you’re a lighter person, a great option there as well.

If you like that memory foam feel, that classic memory foam feel, Tempur-Pedic will give you that feeling.

That is that classic memory foam feel.

Very slow-moving.
Very quick sandy.

If you like to slowly sink into your mattress, the Tempur Topper is definitely a good option for you.

And if you sleep with a partner you and find yourselves waking each other up at night because of your movement.

Take a look at the Tempur Topper.

With this thick memory foam, it will help cut down on motion transfer so you and your partner will sleep better throughout the night.

Topper Cons

If you sleep primarily on your stomach you might want to look elsewhere for a different mattress topper.

This is going to soften your mattress quite a bit. And could cause your hips to bow in when

you’re on your stomach.

You get out of alignment.

Not the best match for stomach sleepers.

Also, if you’re a hot sleeper this is probably not the best choice for you.
One of the things with memory foam like this is it can trap heat.

Actually, direct it back at you and as a hot sleeper is not good is it?

When you’re on top of this topper, you can actually find yourself sleeping hot through the night.

Also, if you have trouble moving around at night, you have mobility issues, probably not the best topper for you.

Again, it is that slow-moving memory foam feel.

If you have trouble moving around at night you’re worried about getting stuck in your mattress topper, probably not the best choice.

Finally, right now at full price, this topper is $400 for a queen size.

I think it’s a good value when you consider what you’re getting, but it might be outside of some people’s price ranges if your on a budget.

There are definitely more affordable memory foam mattress toppers out there.

In the end, I think this mattress topper is a great option for back sleepers, side sleepers and those who want that slow-moving memory foam feel.

And it does also comes with a 25-year warranty and free shipping which is good.

So when it comes to the Tempur Topper there are the good parts and the not-so-good parts about this mattress topper that is not going to suit everyone.

But you cannot have everything in one Memory topper.

You just need to find which one is best for you.