So This Is How You Buy Metal Beds

So This Is How You Buy Metal Beds

Dec 01, 2023

Sizes in metal beds

We are all different, some short, some tall and some in between.

So how do we go about working out what bed is best for us.

Let’s see, shall we.

Sizes In Metal Beds


Metal Beds come in different sizes, so what bed is right for you.

You have:

  • 2ft 6inch Small Single Beds
  • 3ft Single Beds
  • 4 ft Small Double Beds
  • 4ft 6inch Double Beds
  • 5ft King size Beds
  • 6ft Super King size Beds

As you can see, there are more than enough metal bed sizes to choose from.

Are you looking for a metal bed that fits into a small space, or are you used to a big bed?

So many choices…

Metal beds have a old-world charm about them, in fact, they have been around for a very long time.

And I can say myself when I see one, I love the intricate detail that an iron bed has.
It stands out and has an elegance all to itself that other beds just do not have.

Your Metal Beds Auyer’s Guide

Metal beds have been hand forged by artisans to unite strength and style about them.

In fact, wrought iron beds are the embodiment of craftsmanship, elegance and yes…

Just because they are metal, they have a tendency to look hard, but you are wrong here, the look can be deceiving, especially when to put that mattress on.

They are built to last a lifetime, and this enduring quality ensures that you will have cherished memories as well.

The Metal Bed As A Legacy

Metal beds have been around in history, and yet, here they are still…

Still being used and sought after.

Why is this?

Yes, they are in a way a legacy…

They were designed for their desires and style forms.

You can even get iron bed lines that include divan beds, and even day beds.

What Size Iron Bed Is Best

There are beds available as headboards only, or you can get complete sets.

Complete sets are defined as those which include a headboard, footboard, wood frames or side rails.

And if you want, a canopy…

Why not.

Some of the finest iron bed manufacturers include:

  • Fashion Bed Group
  • Stone County Iron works
  • Village Smith
  • Lamani and Southern Splendour

Each of these firms conforms to the current United Kingdom’s standard for common sizes.

You will have to have a look for companies in your country as I could go on and on, so I have only added one country for you to get the idea.

Now, bed height and bed frame sizes might vary from one manufacturer to the other.

See also Gothic Bed Frame for a Classic and Elegant Look

Due to these beds being of a handcrafted nature.

Yet, both mattresses and frames alike, are constructed to have that degree of flexibility for a better fit.

Frame Dimensions For Iron Bed

  • 3ft Single Bed 90 x 190 cm. These single size beds are most often used in children’s rooms and guest bedrooms.

It is in fact a narrow iron bed that’ is easy to make and can fit almost anywhere you like.

Well almost anywhere…

Let’s not get too carried away here.

  • 4ft Small Double Beds 120 x 190 cm. The 4ft Small Double beds are just 12″ wider than a Single bed.

These will not leave you with leave much elbow room to thrash about with, but for 2 adults, each person will only have about 24″ of width (vs. 36″ for one person in a 3ft single bed).

And also, a small double bed is only 72″ long, which may be getting just too short for some adults out there.

  • 4ft 6inch Double Beds 135 x 190 cm. These double beds are 4`6″ wider and 6″ wider than a small double size bed, which might be more to your needs.

These added inches can make all the difference when it comes to your overall comfort, yet, each adult still has 9″ less than if they slept alone in a standard twin bed.

Is that going to be a problem?

However, a double bed of 135 x 190 cm is a good choice if you have a guest room, as they are only going to be there for a little while.


Or even smaller master bedrooms, and for couples who prefer close quarters…

All lovey-dovey and such…

  • 5ft King Size Beds 150 x 200 cm. These standard 5ft King size beds are 12″ wider and 20 cm longer as double beds go.

One of these King size beds come with one mattress and two half-width box springs that can be more manageable when moving around.

Oh, I don’t know…

The house, moving house, or you just can not decide where you want the bed.

Apart from these metal beds sizes, there are some different sizes that are used by Ikea for metal beds as well and sold in Europe too.

These are called European sizes, which are totally different from the UK standard sizes of course.

Why can’t everything be a standard size and make it easier for all countries?

As you can see, metal beds do come in quite a range of sizes, which I am sure in the old days they might not have had such a choice.

Luckily for us, we do…