So This Is How To Clean An Air Mattress

So This Is How To Clean An Air Mattress

Dec 02, 2023

When it comes to how to clean an air mattress, it is different from your normal mattress.

Firstly, it is filled with air, not solid.

So how do you go about cleaning one of these things?

How to Clean an Air Mattress

Did you know that air mattresses are one of the best mattresses that you can have while travelling around?

So cleaning them is something that should be left to the professionals?

But there are some DIY methods that you can use to help you clean your own air mattress.

Air mattresses are indeed well recognised for their cosines.

As well as comfort, and they also provide an excellent choice for providing that much-needed space for when your friends come around to stay overnight or longer…
Air mattress is usually made from delicate material.

And this is why the cleaning method for air mattresses can be different from the normal solid mattress that most people have in their houses.

Regular mattress cleaning will help you in keeping that air mattress of yours intact.

And, when it comes to stain removal.

This is also an issue that needs to be considered.

In fact, there are multiple methods for cleaning an air mattress.

And here are some examples that you can use for yourself.

How You Can Clean Your Air Mattress?

Mild Soap and Warm Water people…

That’s right!

Sounds simple.

Doesn’t it?

You will need to prepare a solution of mild soap as well as warm water in a bucket and rinse the cloth in the solution.

Then, go ahead and use a rinse cloth by scrubbing every inch of your air mattress.

Paying special attention to the stains as well as any dirt as well.

A mattress cleaning service provider would suggest to keep scrubbing the surface of the entire air mattress.

And do not forget to scrub the air mattresses bottom as well.

When it comes to how to clean an air mattress, you also need to provide proper drying time for your mattress.

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White Vinegar And Water For Air Beds

Did you know that a White vinegar solution can be used to regularly clean that air mattress or yours?

Prepare this solution of vinegar as well as water in equal parts.

You do not want to have too much vinegar as it is quite strong.

Pour this solution in a spray bottle and spray it evenly, yes evenly, on the surface of your whole mattress.

Once you have finished spraying your air mattress, then take a sponge and thoroughly clean your mattress.

Do repeat the same process if a stubborn stain is still there.

You might not be aware that Vinegar is known for taking care of deodorisation along with acting as the antifungal agent as well.

Isopropyl Alcohol And Water

This isopropyl alcohol is known to be a commonly available ingredient.

This substance can also be used when you clean a mattress as well as the removal of stains.

You need to mix some warm water and alcohol in a bucket for your cleaning and rinse a cloth or sponge inside the solution.

Then rinse the sponge or cloth and go ahead and scrub every inch of your air mattress.

You need to keep on repeating this process until you get it as clean as you can.

Alcohol will also take care of the sanitization process of an air mattress, as it is also an antifungal as well as antimicrobial.

Fancy that!

Then hang your air mattress out to dry.

Well, maybe not hang it out, but you know what I mean.

Now, who thought how much fun it would be in how to clean an air mattress…


Not really.

But it has to be done.

You do not want to go having a dirty air mattress to sleep on, do you, or for your friends to see before offering it to them to sleep on for the night.