Small Bedroom Designs For Great Storage

Small Bedroom Designs For Great Storage

Dec 02, 2023

When it comes to small bedroom designs there is only one problem…

Sure you are ok with our full-length bed.

But what about all your things?

I am talking about storage being in short demand here.

Let’s have a look into how you can fix this problem.

Inspiring Small Bedroom Designs For Storage

Clever Ways To Store Clothes In A Small Bedroom

Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, including ones with little to no storage space.

With a bit of imagination, you can turn your closet-less bedroom into the stylish and storage-savvy place it deserves to be.

So here are a few ideas for keeping your clothes, linens and other accessories organized in your bedroom.

Cut Down On Visual Clutter With White Walls

If you have no closet but still need to store clothes in your bedroom paint your bedroom, stark white.

This will cut down on visual, clutter and add a sleek, modern, look.


Believe it or not.
Bookshelves are insanely resourceful for storing just about anything in your bedroom.

Consider the benefits of bookcase storage…

They are tall, inexpensive and roomy for holding your kicks clothes purses and just about anything else, you used a dresser for.

Contain Clothes Storage With A Curtain

If you install hanging rods on your wall but don’t necessarily want to see your clothing all the time.

Clever Ways To Store Clothes In Your Bedroom

A sleek curtain can hide your clothing storage.

But don’t just use any old curtain for this pick, something you love, and that goes with the decor in your room.

Use A Combination Of Small Dressers Hanging Rods And Shelves

A combo of low free-standing, dressers, a hanging rod and a shelf up top on an empty wall will give you the storage.

You need since the dresser is low, it allows for enough hanging space for dresses, slacks and even long coats.

Put Baskets Under Your Bed

Baskets are something you probably already own, and storing clothing within easy reach under your bed is smart.

Out-Of-Season clothing boots, shoes and accessories are great options when deciding what to store under your bed.

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You won’t be using them now so store them till the change of season and have out what you will be wearing to suit the seasons you are in.

Storage Solutions For Small Bedrooms

Floating Shelves

One of the easiest ways to carve out more storage space in a small bedroom is with floating wall shelves.

Along with creating much-needed room for storing sweaters, shoes, linen, baskets and more, you can place them just about anywhere on your wall.

Hanging Hooks Funny

How something as simple as a hook can be such a game changer for your home.
Whether you hope to hang up your assortment of hats and purses, or some of your jackets and scarves coat.

Hooks are a cheap way to forge more storage room while maximizing your wall space.

Add Clothes, Storage Behind The Bed

A great solution for moving clothes out of the way is to create a clothing nook behind the bed.

The area above and slightly behind your bed is space you won’t miss your bedroom.

Storage Benches

From storing spare bed sheets and pillows to books and handbags on storage on storage benches.

Choose different styles.

How To Choose The Right Bedroom Dresser

There are a few things that a storage bench can’t hold or do.

Place one at the end of your bed for extra storage room and let it moonlight as a clever accent, table or desktop.

Employ Clothes Racks

Using a clothes rack when you don’t have a closet to store your clothing in is a simple, easy way to create.

The necessary space to hang:

  • blouses
  • jackets
  • coats
  • pants
  • dresses
  • skirts
  • and even bags…

When it comes to small bedroom designs, you can make it work. I have done just that and you do get used to it after a while.

So don’t be put off by small bedrooms.