Secrets of how to Measure a Mattress for a Fitted Sheet

Secrets of how to Measure a Mattress for a Fitted Sheet

Dec 01, 2023

Are you having trouble with making your bed in the morning?

The wrong fitting sheets can get you all in a tangle.

If you know how to measure a mattress the right way when you buy your bedsheets, life will be that little easier.

After all…

If you are not getting tangled up with the wrong size bed sheets, or just struggling because you cannot get that last corner to fit on your mattress.

We all know what that feels like…

Making your bed doesn’t have to be a struggle if you have the correct fitted sheet.

Mattresses today come in a wide variety of sizes many of which are much thicker with cushion tops and added padding…

In addition, you also may be using a mattress pad or topper such as a feather bed all of which can add inches to the thickness of your mattress.

And with a thick mattress and a too-small fitted sheet you can end up fighting to get it on the bed…

And eventually you’ll cause the pocket seams to strain and possibly tear or the sheet might just start to come off your mattress while you’re sleeping.

Or even bunch up under you in the bed causing discomfort…

Know all of that…

How to Measure a Mattress

You can avoid all of that, simply by measuring your mattress ahead of time and buying a fitted sheet in the correct depth…

To start with, remove all of your linens blankets comforters, and so on but leave on any mattress pads or toppers if you’ll be using them.

Next, using a ruler or fixed tape measure the depth from the top seam to the bottom seam in several places to be sure you have the right fit.

If you have a pillow top mattress or a feather bed, and it appears higher or fluffier in the middle.

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You should then estimate the depth beyond the side measurement.

Either way you should use the deepest measurement to determine which size fitted sheet you buy.

If you already own a sheet, and you are not sure what size the pockets are.
You can easily measure it by laying it on the bed and measuring along the pocket seam.

Typically cuddle downs fitted sheets are sized deeper than your average retailer.

So, depending on the style they may range from a 14-inch pocket to an 18-inch pocket our customer favourite 400 thread count sateen fitted sheets.

They also, come in an extra-deep 21 inches conversely if you have a slimmer foam mattress or hospital bed we also carry fitted sheets with a 10-inch pocket.

Most fitted sheets if you have noticed…

Are constructed with elastic all around all four sides, so your sheets will stay put so to save wear and tear on them.

And to save your aching back from the struggle of making a bed.

This can be in general especially when the bed is a double against a wall…
And with the wrong size sheet, makes it all the harder.


Simply measure ahead of time and buy the correct size fitted sheet for your mattress you’ll be glad you did…

So… Measure a mattress the right way, and you won’t end up getting the wrong sheets for your bed.

It might seem a pain, but once you have the measurements, that’s it!
No more measurements.

Just don’t go loosing those measurements you have written down.

Or measure a mattress?

Your mattress….

Is going to come back to bite you if you have to go and do it all again…