Really? What Is Duvet Cover Madness?

Really? What Is Duvet Cover Madness?

Dec 01, 2023


The madness is here…

What is duvet cover madness you say?

When I was young duvets were not really around just bed sheets.

But what was this strange-looking thing that sat on the bed with literally no other bed sheets.

I was curious…

What Is Duvet Cover Madness

The madness is that duvets are everywhere now.

People have gone mad over these things, and if you have a duvet you need a duvet cover.

Duvet covers come in all sorts of colours and styles so let’s find out more…

Yes, let find out why they have become to go-to for beds.

What You Should Be Looking For In A Duvet Cover

Okay, you might be asking yourself…

There are some things that you should consider when purchasing your next duvet cover that will not only offer a better construction style.

But it may actually improve your night’s sleep even…

So here’s the first item that we see on a periodic basis.
And that’s the use of upholstery grade fabrics with the duvet cover.

Now with this type of fabric, I mean it’s got a really nice texture to it and there’s absolutely no doubt it’s an interesting-looking duvet cover.

But with this texture comes weight…

Now, this fabric was actually used for a duvet cover on the top side only in a sheet.

Weight fabric was used on the underside but the duvet cover and then ended up weighing 18 pounds.

Now we see some people will use this fabric you know an upholstery grade traffic on both sides of the duvet big cover.

So I think it’s safe to say that not too many people enjoy having 36 pounds of weight on top of them while you’re sleeping at night.

Talk about being pinned down…

And, if you’re a back sleeper, what this ultimately ends up doing is it displays your legs open a little so are your feet through the weight.

And it can lead to hip pain…

So I don’t recommend using them on a poster great fabric.

But in addition to that extra weight, it squashes out all the air in the down comforter.

And it’s the air is that provides the insulating value of the comfort of the comforter-like insulation in your house.

So the heavy fabrics ends up compressing all the air out of the duvet cover or inbound comforter.

You should look for a sheet weight fabric now King Dubey cover in she wait cotton fabric is going to weigh somewhere between three to four pounds.

The cotton breeze is really nice and it’s lightweight.
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In addition to that most of them are washable, so that is something again you might want to consider in addition to that look for a duvet cover that’s got some flanges on it.

Duvet cover construction styles are flange or just a simple sack.

Now with the mattress manufacturers producing these incredibly thick mattresses.
You may find a duvet cover without flanges that don’t fit your back.

If the duvet cover comes with a four-inch flange on three sides so you’re going to pick up eight inches on the overall width of the cover.

And you pick up four additional inches on the length.

Another thing you might want to consider is the closure.

We see just a flap closure and what happens with that is your down comforter may find its way out of that flap.

Yes, I see it come bulging out of the flap may a time…

You’ll be adjusting it on a regular basis.

We see velcro sometimes as a fastener…

What is Duvet Cover madness when it comes to velcro?

I don’t much particularly care for velcro because it’ll load up with with with debris, string and down.

What is Duvet Cover madness when it comes to zipper closures?

And you know whatever else comes in contact with zipper closures I don’t care for either.

If you’ve got a lightweight zipper that’s likely five to six feet long, and it can jam upon you, and so you’ve got additional problems with that look.

For a button closure now, not just a button closure but a hidden-button closure.

You’re going to see the buttons at the foot of the bed…

But if you have a hidden button closure, the buttons are not visible, so it just adds a nice little finishing detail to the cover itself.

Duvet cover madness…

What can I say, in fact, I would say that there are more duvet covers on beds than there ever have been.

So duvet cover madness had to follow.

There are so many styles and as what have covered here that you just can not go out and buy any old duvet covers without knowing just how big and fluffy your duvet is.

So when you go into a shop and feel the duvet cover madness coming on.

Just stop and think for a minute, what duvet cover is going to fit your own duvet at home before you go buying up all the shelves full of colours, and design duvet covers.