Organic Is The New Craze / So What Does It Mean For The Organic Mattress

Organic Is The New Craze / So What Does It Mean For The Organic Mattress

Nov 30, 2023

The Organic Mattress

We have talked about organic before and how it benefits you with different products like the organic mattress topper for instance, but now I want to start talking to you about the organic mattress.

Yes, the thing you sleep on but with a green eco-friendly attachment to it.

You could call it, let’s see…

My green mattress, or green mattress if you prefer, or just your eco-friendly mattress if you prefer not to be so personal…

So what’s it all about this green mattress?

Well, there are different mattresses out there varying from the:

  • Organic Cotton Mattress
  • Organic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Organic Latex Mattress
  • Natureppedic Mattress

You could get confused when you decide that a natural mattress is what you just might be looking for.

But not a 100% sure yet?

So let’s get to it and see if the nontoxic mattress is for you.

So What Is An Organic Mattress?

Let’s start form the beginning shall we…

The Organic Mattresses are in fact manufactured by combining natural and non-toxic materials like organic cotton, organic wool, and even organic latex.

In fact, organic mattresses do not contain the other chemicals that traditional mattresses are made from.

You see, organic cotton and wool for instance are the most common sources of padding and fabric if you didn’t know…

If we look back at our prehistoric ancestors, the hairy men, and maybe hairy women sorry women…

That roamed the earth wearing nothing more than loincloths and grunting all the time – well maybe not the grunting part.

Anyway, they used what they could get a type of mattress together, using their brain matter they did actually build their beds using organic bedding material.

Well, how could they not as man-made products were not around at that time, they were using leaves, straw, branches, and even wool (don’t ask me where they got that from as I am still trying to work that out that myself) furs, and so on.

They most probably were a bit itchy at the time, but I am sure with trial and error our prehistoric ancestors got it right in the end to get the most comfort possible with what they had to work with.

Now, moving on to the mattress industry of today, yes society evolved…

Producers/manufacturers started using man-made materials.

Yes could not stay away from the man-made materials…

Such as synthetic weaves, memory foam, and steel coils, ouch! (no not on top of the bed in the bed) and more.

They started using them I guess because man-made materials were cheaper and offer at least some level of comfort.

But surprize, surprize, not as durable over time and didn’t always support that healthy sleep routine you’re looking for.

Maybe some people don’t care…

Maybe some people can sleep on a bed of nails…

YES!, that’s right…

Don’t the Indian Gurus do that – some of them or it’s just a rumor.

And, for this, there are some manufactures that have returned to natural organic materials such as wool, latex, and cotton.

Getting that all-important high-quality sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health.

There are many people out there who do have trouble with sleeping and need as much help as they can in creating the environment that they can have a better night’s sleep – you could be one of them.

If not, there are allot of people who suffer from insomnia.

Why A Good Nights Sleep Is Important

Sleep allows the body to reset after a long day at the office or whatever you’re doing, it balances your hormones and helps control stress which I don’t have to tell you that stress is one of the biggest heath matters that is plaguing humans in modern times.

This is in no doubt caused by our faster-paced lifestyles and the need to get things done more quickly.

Lack of sleep can mean weight gain, I am sure that there are some of you out there that did not know this and how it happens I have no idea.

But if lack of sleep can do this most probably to your body not regenerating properly at night, it must have that all-important reason behind such weight gain.

Lack of sleep also causes impaired functioning and an even higher risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease as an example.

So, knowing this, the first step to getting that good night’s sleep, (now that we know it just does not mean sleep deprivation) is buying a good quality mattress to give us better odds of that good night’s sleep.

Did you know…

That over 90 percent of mattresses contain toxic chemicals in them?

I know a bit of a shock…

Many mattresses are linked with a growing number of health concerns?

For instance, some of the most common chemicals that are found in mattresses today include formaldehyde, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, boric acid, antimony.
Sounds a bit scary doesn’t it?

If you switch to a nontoxic mattress made without the use of things like GMO fibers, perfumes dyes, and even synthetic pesticides.


You’ll experience such benefits including:

  • Reduced risk for sleeping problems like sleep apnea and snoring
  • A natural body temperature control and fewer episodes of sleeping hot in bed
  • Supporting the all-important use of eco-friendly manufacturing and crops
  • Protecting livestock from being raised inhumanly in order to obtain those certain fabrics
  • Health with the non-use of artificial chemicals
  • Improved posture and comfort while you snore… Sleep
  • Motion transfer – not moving around on the bed like a twirling derby
  • A reduced risk for allergic reactions due to phthalates, dyes and harsh perfumes
  • A reduced risk for allergic reactions due to phthalates, dyes and harsh perfumes

So How Environmentally Friendly Are Organic Mattresses?

A mattress that is truly organic should consume low levels of energy during their production process.

The process should not emit any fumes into the atmosphere, and should be biodegradable once it’s out of use…

You know thrown away on the tip, yes the tip not the side of the road, OK…

Sadly to say that we might not be as organic as the caveman when it comes to 100% organic materials from the stitching process right through to the whole manufacture process as yet, there is no such mattress right now.

But if you’re willing to join your hairy ancestors and sleep on a bed made of straw and roll in the hay…

But mattress manufactures are getting there.

Producers have actually started to look at one of the materials that are plaguing us right now, and that is recycled materials.

If they can use recycled materials and try to use processing methods that don’t require high levels of energy or the use of those harmful chemicals.

We could have a winner on our hands by getting rid of waste and continually re-using materials that might end up in landfill.

What About The Organic Latex Mattress

The best latex mattress out there, in fact, all latex mattresses are made from natural products.

As such, the difference between a traditional mattress and mattresses that are made from natural latex is huge when production costs are compared.

While your run of the mill traditional mattress has a series of man-made elements such as a topper, cover, a frame, and coils.

The latex bed only uses natural latex and an organic cover.

While it is true that both beds do need processing and yes…

Do consume some energy.

The environmental impact on the planet is lower with organic bed manufacturing than it is with non-organic bed manufacturing.

As long as the producer does implement environmental-friendly methods.

If you’re interested in buying a green mattress, it’s best to know the pros and cons before you go online or out shopping at an organic mattress store.

The Pros And Cons Of An Organic Mattress

  • Soo friendly towards the environment, now that’s what I want to hear…

  • The concern for our earth is a must and is growing in awareness daily, and it’s something we should all think about RIGHT!. We, as buyers, should be supporting producers as much as we can who use eco-friendly methods by buying their products as much as we can and I don’t just mean mattresses. Think about bed sheets as well.

  • The best nontoxic mattress provides a healthy sleeping experience for one and all… Those natural materials that we all crave used by these products don’t come with chemical compounds that make your head spin, literally.

  • Some don’t even use glue to stick the layers of the mattress together.

  • This means that you can breathe easily, while harmful chemicals that even in low concentration, can have a detrimental impact on you over time.

  • I want a mattress organic, you say with high durability – Well, you don’t have to worry about that, the Organic mattresses have a long lifespan, in fact, longer than most synthetic mattress designs out there, and react better to that constant use you are going to use it for, well… There are going to be pillow fights right! So, therefore, you will find the best warranties with these certified organic mattresses.

The Cons Of An Organic Mattress

  • Yes… when it comes to the risk of fraud it has even found its way into the mattress industry. Surprized?

  • I’m not. Their into everything these days. Because there are no strict regulations on what constitutes an ‘organic mattress’, believe it or not! there are many producers who use natural materials and go and promote these surfaces that are in fact only partially organic. Really! So, buyers are forced to have to go out there and do some extra research, to ensure they are buying a truly green mattress product.

  • The price, we had to come to this at some time or the other.. Well here it is. Don’t squint now… Mattresses that use real natural materials are only, and I stress ONLY a bit more expensive than the synthetic designs of their non-organic mattress partners because there is the added cost of the transport and processing of natural materials. But look at it this way… Due to the long lifespan of the green mattress, the investment you are making makes a lot of sense when you compare the health and planet-friendly aspects of the really affordable organic mattress.

Can You Get Ill From VOCs?

There are many health issues that have been attributed to VOCs, let’s have a look at them:

  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of coordination
  • Allergic skin reactions
  • Dizziness
  • Dyspnea (labored or difficulty in breathing)
  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • No Glue and No Formaldehyde

We can’t get buy that most mattress manufacturers out there today do use glue as an adhesive to bond the mattress those layers together and also inside of the cover.

This glue typically contains formaldehyde.

It is associated with a strong odour that can cause the following symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Sore throat
  • Skin irritation
  • Wheezing
  • Itchy, scratchy eyes, or even a burning sensation
  • Nosebleeds
  • Nausea as well
  • Watery eyes
  • An urge to cough

Is An Organic Mattresses Worth The Money?

Well, Obviously!
Considering the affordable organic mattress is not as expensive than its non-organic counterparts I believe that organic mattresses are well worth the money you put your hands in your pockets for.

Remember, Organic Mattresses contain all needed natural materials that smoulder instead of igniting, just in case you decide to go camping on your bed…

This means they are made without those toxic flame retardant chemicals that just are not needed with natural materials.

How Long Does An Organic Mattresses Last?


Traditional memory foam mattresses can typically last going on 7 to 10 years as well.


100% natural latex organic mattresses are known get this!

To be considerably more durable, and can last up to…

Wait for it!

25 years without losing their support.

Without losing their support, how about that.

Can’t get better, can it?

Well, your eco-friendly mattress could make you a cup of tea in the morning.


Probably not.

Well, we have covered why it is important to look at an organic mattress when choosing a mattress for your bed that uses mostly natural materials, they are getting there to producing fully organic natural mattresses one day…

And leaving a lower carbon footprint on the environment is going to make you feel better as well, true…

I am sure as more non-toxic mattresses become more popular with other manufacturers out there, they will start producing them as well and the prices will come down even more.

Have a look at some of those organic mattress reviews online.

There are different mattresses out there when it comes to eco-friendly mattresses, like the:

  • nontoxic memory foam mattress
  • full-size organic mattress
  • organic cotton mattress
  • naturepedic mattress
  • organic memory foam mattress
  • organic mattress latex

And such terms such as the organic mattress latex, organic mattress latex all point to the eco-friendly mattress.

If you think that this mattress and is for you…

And I have convinced you that the price isn’t really that scary.

Then you could very soon be laying on an organic mattress all to yourself.

More about the Organic Mattress in Pictures etc…..