Is Selecting Carpet Online A Fantastic Lifestyle Choice?

Is Selecting Carpet Online A Fantastic Lifestyle Choice?

Dec 02, 2023

Wanting to buy some carpet?

Great choice…

But where to start.

Do you want to go traipsing all the way to a carpet store that might only have so many designs?

Or do you go online for your carpet choice?

Enter your carpet online adventure.

Your Carpet Online Adventure

You want to select a carpet for your lifestyle, don’t you?

Whenever you select a carpet, you have to consider many aesthetic as well as technical areas.

With well over a hundred thousand styles and colours being released every year…

Now that’s a lot...

So how do you find the carpet that is hidden away from view?

Selecting the right carpet to match your needs can be a very challenging task indeed.

Carpet is available in several different:

  • constructions
  • textures
  • colours
  • designs

As you can imagine will open the doors to virtually any interior design that you are looking for or even not looking for.

That perfect combination of colour and texture will complement the look of both a formal and casual bedroom.

While helping to bring continuity to your overall room design.

The most important thing to consider when you shop for carpet.

Whether it be online or offline.

Is the amount of traffic that will be on that carpet that is going to be the issue?

The construction and the texture are both key aspects when you select a carpet for your bedroom.

  • polyester
  • olefin
  • nylon

Are the most widely used fibres in carpet manufacturing, with each one displaying qualities that make themselves great with specific applications and uses.

Even though nylon is the most expensive type of fibre carpet.

It is also the softest and most resilient…

We all like softness.

And this alone makes it great for your bedroom, I am sure you will want to be sitting or laying on the soft carpet at some time or the other…

Polyester fabric is less resilient than nylon.

Although it is more cost-efficient, it also offers a high level of resistance to stains, which makes it a great choice for areas such as bedrooms that are not subject to a lot of that foot traffic.

The fibre olefin is solution-dyed, which results in a highly resistant stain carpet that can be

cleaned easily using a water and beach solution – without any loss to the colour.

Unlike the other types of fibres, olefin is:

  • fade resistant
  • mildew resistant
  • mould resistant

This alone results in a carpet that performs well indoors and even outdoors.

Not that you have a bedroom outdoors of course

Keep in mind, however, that olefin is not very resilient and as a result, it should only be considered with Berber construction.

You can get carpets in either plush or Berber construction.

The Berber type of carpets are well constructed with a continuous level loop.

While those plush carpets are constructed of loops that have been sheared, which results in the strands standing upright.

Berber construction carpets do not crush or matt, due to their high-level loops.

The cons are that they are harder underfoot, uncomfortable to sit on or lay down on, and they can easily become damaged by pets with long nails.

So not a good choice for bedrooms.

Berber carpets are well suited for high traffic areas, which include entrance areas, walkways, and living rooms.

They are not popular with bedrooms, as their hard texture makes them not so inviting if you set barefoot in your bedroom only to feel that harshness.

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Not very inviting is it?

And sitting on it or laying on it is really out.

The plush type carpets are much softer to walk or lay on and they offer better sound and thermal insulation.

They tend to crush and matt though when they are subjected to high levels of foot traffic.

The use of nylon fibre paired with a tight low pile construction will help to limit the amount of pile and matt crushing.

Now, this is due to the high resilient nature of the nylon fibre and the added support that is gained from tight construction.

The warranties for carpets range from 5 to 30 years, with the general rule being that you do not cover the stairs.

Most carpet warranties will require the installation of new carpet padding as well at
the time of installation in order for the warranty to become valid.

Just remember that it is better to do this anyway than to try and save money.
It will not be helping the longevity of your carpet and really defeat the purpose.

When it comes to carpet online, it is not only the convenience of sitting in the comfort of your own home.

And who knows…

You could be swiping through all those carpets online at midnight in your underwear.

Your choice…

But not a good look if you went to go to the carpet store of course.

So this carpet online thing might not have been around 20 years ago but it is now.
And not only that the advantage here is that you can window shop without window shopping.

Look online and see all the different carpets that you did not think existed, and you also get the advantage of seeing the newest carpet colours and carpet designs new to hit the market.

And what if you live in a small town but want something exotic?

I doubt that you are going to find it down the nearest carpet shop even if you do have a carpet shop in your town.

This online shopping is the way to go and not only that you can most probably find carpets at a cheaper price than you can in a shop.

And getting a bargain but not substituting quality is a plus in anyone’s wallet.
Wouldnt you say?

So you might think that carpets are too big to have sent through the internet, do not be sput off by this. If you see what is bought on the internet these days would shock you.

And I am sure that these caret dealers have all the efficient ways of getting that carpet right to your door.

They would not be advertising online if this was not true. So think of carpet online and really get into that buying mindset to choose that carpet you want for your bedroom.

And you can find some designs that might even start off the whole theme of your bedroom and that will get your creative juices working as to what else you can find online to buy.