Interesting Mattress Facts And Information You Might Not Have Known

Interesting Mattress Facts And Information You Might Not Have Known

Dec 01, 2023

A mattress is just not a mattress…

There are interesting mattress facts and information that you might not even have thought of.

And some of this will make you think twice…

Let’s go into this.

Interesting Mattress Facts And Information

Did you know that a good mattress can greatly improve the quality of sleep you get during the night.

It is not just you that determines how much sleep you get and what type of sleep you get.


If you have had a busy day, you feel you could sleep on a picket fence…
But would you really?

A comfortable mattress will in fact also decrease those stress levels you get depending on what sort of day you have of course…

But a comfortable mattress will provide you with a restful sleep nether the less…

This, in turn, will go on to give you a calmness and peace of mind that will uplift your mood.

Yet, sleeping on a mattress of inferior quality can, and most probably will, contribute to a poorer quality of your sleep.

And this will lead to you having decreased energy levels.

The Importance Of A Good Quality Mattress

You might know now, that if you have been reading my articles, that we spend a third of our lives sleeping.

And that mostly is in a bed.

Not the desk at work or in your study late at night burning the midnight oil.

It is the mattress people…

So choosing a good quality mattress is going to be better for you in the long run.
Especially if you have difficulty in sleeping.

The Mattress Topper

Did you know that it is a myth to assume that a mattress topper will add years to your mattress?


With mattress facts and information in hand, you be the judge.

A mattress topper has its uses, and if, for instance, you spill something on it, it is the mattress topper that gets the brunt of the washing.

Not all the spot washing that you would most probably do if you were getting your mattress dirty.

A mattress topper is mainly there to add more cushioning to your mattress and relief at pressure points for your body.

These are cases where your own mattress might just be too soft for you, or it is just no longer giving you the support you need.

So, a mattress topper will not give you that quick miracle fix.

In fact, it will most probably not make that much of a difference at all…

Apparently, in a recent study, over 60% of participants who complained of back pain did note a significant improvement after getting a new mattress over the use of a mattress topper.

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The Firmer Mattress Is Better?


I’m afraid that it just is simply not true that one of those firmer mattresses are better for you.

When looking into buying your next mattress, you should get one that is right for you.

Now, none of us are the same.

So it is important to try out different types and brands of mattresses in order to ensure that you get that mattress that provides you with the greatest pain relief and comfort factor for yourself.

Some people have said…

That it has been mistakenly said that the age of a mattress has no effect on the actual quality of sleep that you have.

This is not really true.

The age of your mattress does happen to be a huge contributor to the overall quality of your mattress.

Apparently, those who sleep on a mattress that is less than eight years of age, actually have a far better nights sleep than those who sleep on mattresses eight years and older.

Some might dispute this.

But for bad sleepers, I am sure there is a reason to look for a new mattress.

Now, some say that mattresses require to be flipped and rotated on a regular basis.
But others say that this is also just a farce…

I can not be the judge of this, as one person says one thing, then they change their minds.

Testers of mattresses do change their minds, so I think it is better for you to be the judge of this yourself.

If you think that flipping your mattress is a good thing, then flip away…

With the advancements that have been made in the factories today, and the level of construction of mattresses today.

It means that there is most probably no need for a bed to be flipped on a regular basis as it had been previously.

I would just flip your mattress every so often.

That way.

They should all be happy.

Now rotating a mattress is still advised unless you have a no-turn or a memory foam mattress.

What do you think about this?

Mattress facts and information like this can get a bit confusing, but they are good to know.

And who would have thought that beds, mattress, sleep and overall wellbeing would be so interwoven as they are.