How To Sleep Through The Night

How To Sleep Through The Night

Dec 01, 2023

Sleep your way to a healthy and fit body.

What we do while we are awake is just as important as what happens when we close our eyes to rest for the night and sleep through the night.

While sleeping might seem like a simple task to many, the simple truth of the matter is that a lot of people suffer from insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Not Getting Enough Sleep Through The Night

Not getting enough sleep is in fact becoming more like an epidemic in today’s modern life.

The reason – well we could speculate a lot on this, but the main fact is that we have made for ourselves, a more complex and faster pace of life.

And if you don’t think that changes anything compared to yesteryear…

Think again…

Not are we only suffering through our fast-paced lives, stress has come about because of the expectations and competition out on our lives that this is also one of the driving factors of lack of sleep.

It can be a rehabilitating state of affairs that can easily upset a person’s health and general well-being and lead to more problems in the future.

A lot can happen if a person doesn’t get the required amount of sleep every night.

Signs That You Need To Get More Sleep

  • Feeling tired and lethargic
  • Waking up exhausted
  • Feeling irritable
  • Suffering from nerves
  • Having trouble falling asleep
  • Constantly dozing off
  • Having a hard time remembering simple things

In order to ensure that you sleep better at night you might consider doing the following things:

Sleep Through the Night Solutions – WHAT TO DO?

1. Remove all Distractions

If you have electronic gadgets in your bedroom, get rid of them.

Your TV is both a visual and audio stimulant that might still engage your senses while you are trying to get some sleep.

I, for one, do not have a television in my bedroom for the main fact that this is not my entertainment area. It is a place of rest.

If I want to watch television I go outside to the lounge to do that.

Keeping clear boundaries in your house can help you focus on what the bedroom should be, a serene place to relax.

If you put too many distractions in it your mind will get confused.

Part of the subconscious knows, or you could say in knowing.

Meaning that it will switch onto the zone if it is made for a specific purpose, to rest and sleep through the night.


If you mix it up, your subconscious will not switch off completely.

Yes, our minds and subconscious are much more complex than you could imagine, and it does this all without our awareness.

Your radio is an audio stimulant and noise has never been a companion to sleep.
Your laptop should always be used far away from your bed.

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Surfing the internet just before bedtime is a bad idea.

Stop opening page after page of interesting stories and get to sleep early.

It’s a rabbit hole don’t even try to click that first link.

The biggest culprit is your phone.

It’s like a silent siren drawing you to your ultimate downfall.

Remember that time you spent the night chatting away on your phone only to regret it the following morning?

Not only does it ring but just having it near will encourage you.

Leave it in another room and use a bedside alarm to wake up in the morning. Or just turn off the ringing noise in case someone tries to phone you.

This is if you have enough discipline to leave it alone when in your bedroom, otherwise out it goes.

I hope you are not like many people addicted to your phone?

So Items like the radio and the TV can stop you from sleeping early and soundly and removing them will be a good start.

2. Buy Yourself A Comfortable Bed

Isn’t that what I have been telling you all through this website?

A lumpy mattress will do a lot of damage to your body.

There is nothing worse than waking up with an aching body.

As long as your body is not comfortable, you will not sleep well.

Make an investment in yourself and buy a comfortable mattress that your body will thank you for.

3. Go To Bed Early

Adjust your bedtime and trick your body slowly but surely into sleeping early.

Adding a few more hours to your sleeping time will do wonders for you.

You might toss and turn for a few hours during the first days, but the persistence will eventually pay off in time.

In a few days, your body will realise that there is no point in putting up a fight and allow you to sleep.

I am not saying that you have to go to bed early every night but training your body to fall to sleep on earlier nights is something you need to work at.

Because if you go to bed late every night, your body gets into the pattern of not wanting to sleep early. And going to sleep late every night is doing damage to your body.

Early nights are a must to keep you functioning properly and rejuvenated.

Treat your body the way it deserves and allows yourself to rest throughout the night.

As you can see, there are plenty of distractions that you can get around if you put your mind to it, and not say just a little longer.

It can wait till the next day.

The more you sleep through the night, the better off you will be in more than one way.