How To Move A Mattress By Yourself Safely

How To Move A Mattress By Yourself Safely

Dec 01, 2023

Has anyone tried to move a mattress, I mean safely?

Yes, how to move a mattress safely.

Not falling all over the place, while trying to tame that mattress while trying to push it into your vehicle, or tie it safely on top of your car.

I mean in your tailor…

Lesson On How To Move A Mattress Safely

I want to show you the way to wrap a mattress up, fold it properly, secure it, so that when it’s time for the move your mattress looks nicely packaged…

Not in the back of a pickup truck OK…

It needs to be nice and tight and secure, it needs to be wrapped up nicely and neatly so that dirt and water and other things can’t get on your nice clean mattress.

First of all, I want to talk about why you might want to use this method.

If you are moving anywhere that you’re going to have a mattress outside, and it doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the state or across the street.

As soon as that mattress leaves your bedroom and goes outside whether it be to a moving truck or your car, it doesn’t matter.

When it comes to how to move a mattress safely.
Let’s face it…

It’s going to get dirty it’s going to get ruined…

So I have two methods to teach you.

One of them is:

Using a Mattress Bag

And if you don’t have a mattress bag there is another method:

Plastic Sheet Method

And it’s good for thicker mattresses that won’t fit in a standard mattress bag.

It’s about one simple hack on how to move a mattress when you’re in a pinch.
When you don’t have those supplies.

Supplies needed: First a mattress bag, it’s 3.5 mil thickness, so it’s a pretty durable strong plastic.

This is a little bit thicker than the one that even came on the mattress itself because you don’t want it to get damaged.

And you want to make sure that it’s thick enough that it won’t tear easily, so you can get two or three uses out of one bag.

For example, how to move a mattress safely with a hybrid mattress

Hybrid means it’s got springs, and it’s got two memory foam in it, so for those.

They are a little harder, you’re going to want it to spring open and stay flat.

So with this one, you would have to use a rope to help it stay secure because it’s full.

If you have a twin mattress you can get away with one rope, if you have a full or queen or king mattress for instance…

You definitely need at least two.

Do you use three with a king?

Yes, three with a king size mattress is okay, last of all you need tie-down straps.
So again…

For a full or queen mattress on how to move a mattress, you need at least two of these tie-down straps.

You can get them at a hardware store.


Don’t use twine, by the way, it’s just going to break on you.

And that would be a disaster if your travelling down to the road and your mattress ends up flying into the field, or worse.

If you need a lot of them, you can get them down to about five dollars or six dollars a mattress bag.

If you want to move one or two then have a look on Amazon.

You can do probably do this by yourself, but it’s easier with two people.

Step 2: is to fold the mattress in half Okay.

Now step 3:

You need to tie the mattress shut, you need to take the rope underneath the mattress and do a knot called the taut-line hitch.

So to tie this knot you do a regular half hitch, and then you want to loop it around one more time.

All right then we want to go around to the top of the knot and do one more half hitch.

Then you want to dress the knot which means bring it together and then with that you can tighten it or loosen it as you need.

All right after you tie your two ends, you’re going to put the mattress on end.

Make sure you tuck the sides, make sure your mattress is fully secured you need to tape the ends down.

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And then you can use the rope to lift and carry the mattress outside.

You don’t have to be very strong to lift that mattress this way by yourself.

The more it splays apart and the more distance you have.

The harder it gets, unwieldy…

So you just want to make sure it’s tight enough around the mattress itself, if a rope is too hard you can put the tie-down straps around and go underneath.

So two options: as far as tying it down either using the tie downs on how to move a mattress or using the ropes, you don’t have to use both.

All right now for method 2:

Using Painters Plastic

You will find this is in the painting aisle of a home-improvement store.

Be very careful that you get the thicker one, 3.5 mil.

You don’t want to go .7 mill or .5 mil, or it’s just it won’t hold up.

A 25-foot roll is about $11.

You will also need a measuring tape, some scissors to cut the plastic a tape gun with packing tape.

Now don’t go cheap on the packing tape.

Don’t get it from the dollar store or somewhere cheap.

I recommend getting a good quality one.

Last of all tie-down straps.

Okay, let’s get started.

Get out of your roll of painters plastic.

Do not unfold it and you need 7 feet for twin or twin XL.

You need 8 feet for a full or queen size mattress, and you need 9 feet for a king-size mattress, so you can get 2 Queens and a king of a 25-foot roll without any waste.
All right so let’s cut.

You are for instance going to do a queen size mattress.

The next step is to put the plastic at the foot of the mattress and undo half of it.

Fold the mattress in half.
Then take half the unfolded plastic and put it right under it.

Now you are going to need to tie it with rope first to keep it, so it stays folded.

So you are going to use the same taut-line hitch that you used earlier.

Now you are going to wrap it and make sure you have equal ends on both sides.
And you also want to keep it as tight as you can.

Now you are going to wrap the ends like a present.

Now that you have it secured like a package it’s not going anywhere.

You are now going to use the tie-down straps.

Now if you don’t have tie-down straps.

Would I recommend using the ropes on the outside then?

Now that you have these lined up…

So if you go through a door you want to make sure that these buckles don’t hit the door jam and do damage to your door, or any furniture, and having them lined up at the top is the best way.

So now, if you want to move it just put your hands underneath the tie-down straps and walk with it.

Did you know that some people actually put their mattresses on top of their car?
That’s really dangerous.


Don’t you go doing that, instead fold that mattress and put it inside.

If by chance you do not have a mattress bag, and you do not have painter’s plastic, there’s a third option you can use that works pretty well and that’s a tarp.
Method 3:

Use a Tarp

You can use a tarp with the same method that you learned with the plastic.
It won’t tape as easily though…

You might have to use duct tape or a heavier duty tape but it will work in a pinch.

Make sure to clean the tarp though if it’s dirty or it’s going to transfer that dirt right onto your mattress.

When you’re ready to unwrap your mattress at the other end, you just have to cut wherever you have the tape and it just all comes apart really easily.

We have come to the end of the lesson on how to move a mattress safely. I hope you now know that tying your mattress on the top of your car is not a good idea.

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