How To Get The Red And Black Bedroom Mystery

How To Get The Red And Black Bedroom Mystery

Dec 02, 2023

A red and black bedroom


Thats right.

If you would never have thought about it before.

In reality, it can exude elegance and style.

Want to know some tricks of the trade?

Well, read on.

A Red And Black Bedroom?

Mix And Match Black Walls With Bedroom Furniture To Create A Harmony

Specifically, we will give you some ideas on how to mix and match black walls with bedroom furniture so that the interior decoration looks harmonious and pleasant.

Black bedroom walls are having a moment, and it’s not hard to see why.

As well as creating a bold, yet sophisticated backdrop to a bedroom, black paint can make a room feel inviting and full of character.

To prove my point, I have rounded up some ideas for those black walls.

Gorgeous Red And Black Bedroom Ideas

Here are some black wall bedroom ideas that will make you rethink what you once thought was a difficult shade to work with…

– Neutral Bedding To Balance Deep Black Walls

These provide a rich contrast to light earth-toned textiles, painted in an attractive, matte black hue.

Because the wall colour has so much character, especially in contrast to say different coloured bedding you do not even have to put additional artwork or accessories in the bedroom.

– Add A False Built-In Wardrobe

Don’t have a budget for built-in furniture in your red and black bedroom.

No problem…

Clean-lined black shelving pairs beautifully with Onyx-colored walls. Whether you want to colour them the same colour or something that stands out.

Red And Black Bedroom Decor: A Warmer Combo?

Black furniture paired with black walls can give you that custom looks for your red and black bedroom.

And the entire bedroom still feels light sleek and bright because of all the natural light coming through the window.

Sometimes it is the light that plays on the colour itself that creates the theme of cosiness.

– Play With Lighter Furniture

Put together a black-walled bedroom with white furniture and unbleached wood accents for a truly impressive display.

Black walls are often imposing enough on their own without artwork, but they also make a great backdrop for colourful pieces like wall art of an old map for instance.

Think about what sort of wall art you would like to put up.
It could be in the same theme of a colour theme.

Say a blue theme.

– Hang Your Hidden Shelves

Simple black floating shelves can dissolve into the walls of a deep black bedroom to forge a truly ethereal display.

The eclectic mix of art and decorative objects definitely helps create visual interest as well.

– Energize Upholstery With Navy

Who says you can’t combine black with navy blue?

Give it a go and see what you think. Even though it is said that you don’t put these two colours together.

That is really for dress but why not break the rules here and see the outcome? If you are not sure just buy one object and see what it looks like.

If it’s a go for you then buy more…

A Sophisticated Red And Black Bedroom Design

A sophisticated shade of blue-black paint can go a long way in your red and black bedroom…

Black blue for example highlights, like a stylish navy.

Upholstered headboards and bedside tables with a mirror and gold lamp add an element of glamour to the moody composition.

Without a doubt, only the combination of colours already makes clear an elegant and luxurious style to your bedroom.

– Let The Colourful Decoration Shine

Black walls, provide a dark yet elegant backdrop for warm earth-toned textiles like the rug and throw.

Once again, light-coloured bedding offsets the darkness of the walls, adding balance to the overall scheme of the room.

Also, don’t be afraid to put a bed in front of a window.

Sophisticated Bedroom With Red And Black Accents

Sometimes this unconventional move can create a dramatic focal point.
And not only that it will highlight the black walls.

– Show Off Natural Textiles

Choose a shimmering shade of black paint like Valspar’s Dark Kettle Black to bring out the natural fibres in the cool woven wall hangings.

You can have a black fabric that covers the headboard and echoes the colour of the wall.

– Contrast Black Walls With White Decor

You can’t go wrong with a black-and-white colour scheme.

Especially if you’re committed to seeing the combo throughout your room from the walls and bedding to the artwork and accessories.

– Put On Some Lights To Make The Black Walls Glow

A set or two of flickering string lights do more than illuminate the characterful greenish-black wall.

Bulbs also serve as a standout source of ambient lighting and add a bit of atmosphere to your sleeping space.

Why not get one of those lights that direct stars on the ceiling? Now there is a thought.

– Paint Only The Main Wall, Black Paint

The wall behind your bed and a stunning shade of charcoal make a witty statement of character in your room.

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Just one feature wall helps ensure your room doesn’t feel too dark or cave-like.

This is a good idea if you want this theme but have a small bedroom. As a painting, all the walls black will only make the small room feel even smaller.

– Light Up The Black Wall In Your Bedroom

A neon can instantly brighten up a black bedroom wall while standing out as a focal point of the space.

It also brings a whimsical dose of style to the room. There are so many lights out there on the market now, you are going to have a field day just choosing what you think will suit your bedroom.

Contrasting Colors In A Black And Red Bedroom

Another very interesting detail is how the black of the wall has been used to paint the area where you sleep.

And the rest of the house is white without a doubt, something not very common, and that will catch the attention of your visitors.

– Give An Original Touch To Your Black Wall

The bedroom’s black walls are the ultimate backdrop, giving the brightly coloured decorative baskets the platform to really shine.

You will love the way a matte black light fixture finish echoes the colour of the wall.

You can go for a modern feel or a more traditional feel.

– Room With Matte Black Walls

Matte black is perfect for transforming a bedroom into a cosy haven.
To create a dreamy space, the bedding contrasts with the inked walls.

Two mirrored end tables, add a bit of shine to the vanity and reflect light to make it look less dark.

– Room With Youthful Black Walls

Black Walls In A Bedroom Can Look Stylish

Yes, black walls can totally work in a younger person’s room.

To keep the space from feeling dingy.

Add big splashes of colour and light.

You can mix patterns and bright hues to enliven a space fit for a tween.
Without a doubt, a personality that the rooms of their friends will not have.

– Mix Black Walls And Bright Colours In A Room

Colourful bedding and a cute side table add a sense of playfulness that balances the black walls in this cosy bedroom in a home.

– Black Wood Plank Wall For Bedroom

Mandi of Vintage Revivals says that even if you’ve never done a DIY project, you can still make this feature wall with black overlaps.
If it’s as simple as he says, it’s worth a try, because the result is absolutely brilliant.

– Black Wall For A Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian decoration drinks a lot from minimalism.

So it is an unusual but interesting possibility to paint the main wall. If the bedroom is minimalist and in a colder climate the colour is going to make the bedroom feel more cosy and confined.

Black And Red Bedroom Ideas For A Sophisticated Look

This gives personality and breaks the monotony that white colour can give a beacon of colour that contrasts with black so well.
Why not go all the way and look at a chandelier on the ceiling?

The black theme will make those glass accents really stand out with the light and colour they will admit as they turn.

– Add A Single Black Wall To The Room To Give It Personality

A characterful wall makes a style statement in a bedroom.

You can also go with a herringbone pattern using stained wood planks if you like.

– Decorate The Black Wall In The Room

Add a sense of depth and dimension to a bedroom by painting a wall.
It can work perfectly highlighting the other white walls and the bed also in white.

To give the wall some texture and interest an oriental headboard and hanging wood trim have been added.

– Don’t Forget Plants For Rooms With Black Walls

A little Greenery goes a long way in a bedroom with black walls.
A couple of leafy houseplants add a splash of colour and character to the space.

If you want to go all out – get some more plants for the floor and also some artificial plants if you like. Such as vines that you can hang on the wall.

Create A Cool Red And Black Bedroom With Art And Shelves

A piece of art is a common solution to fill the blank wall space above a headboard, but why not combine that with a shelf too?

That way, the plants have a place to perch…

Why not think about a red and black bedroom? It is just a matter of being braver, but that cosy feeling goes a long way with this theme.