How To Cut The Cost To Paint A Bedroom

How To Cut The Cost To Paint A Bedroom

Dec 02, 2023

The cost to paint a bedroom does not have to have you cringing if think about different ways to do it.

In fact, there are many such interesting ways you can go about it.

Let’s have a look at some, shall we?

The Cost To Paint A Bedroom

Now don’t go cringing.

I have a few tips here that you might have never considered before.

How To Save Money On Wall Painting By Doing It Yourself

The cost to paint a bedroom…

The bedroom is not only a room for calling a night and sleeping.

It’s a private room used for relaxing chilling out even studying.

So it is important to keep it comfortable and cosy, no matter how the size is.

Since a small bedroom design requires plenty of consideration, some people might have lost their ideas in making it enchanting.

Some may just think a small space is only suitable for plain decoration.


Here I bring you 10 Unique Wall, Painting Ideas for Small Bedrooms…

How To Save On Your Bedroom Paint Project

The cost to paint a bedroom for less than $100.

Show your Artistic Side with Ombre Wall Ombre is a look that you can apply almost everywhere on everything let’s say:

  • clothes
  • shoes
  • makeup
  • wall decoration
  • hair

Although. This trend has been known for ages, but it never stops.

Mesmerizing our eyes. As I have already mentioned.

Aesthetic design can be applied to your bedroom walls to get a cosy look.

To get this look.

You will need at least two different colours that can be blended, well paint brushed, primed and taped.

First, prime, the wall with white primer, and let it dry completely.

This is to prepare a surface where paint can perfectly adhere to and seal out any discolouration from the wall.

Next …

Divide the wall into three horizontal sections using tape then start colouring.
How to save on your bedroom…

For the painting projects, you can make more horizontal sections to get more transition.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Your Bedroom? – Professional Tips

Colours for gradual fade ombre, especially if you use two different colours that contrast each other.

Start with painting the top and the bottom part of the sections with each colour and let them dry.

You can go either from dark to light, or vice versa.

Or the two colours… splash them into the middle sections.

Be sure the tape has been removed.

Before the paint dries quickly blend it to the colour on the top using a dry paintbrush.

Then with another clean brush blend the middle to the bottom of the wall
How off your Accent, Wall, A small bedroom doesn’t, have to be monochrome and leave the walls.

By sometimes, adding an accent. The walls will give different vibes to the room.
A room normally has four walls right…

Of course, they do unless you are living in a circle room…

Never seen one of those myself.

If. You find a wall with a different design from the others, it’s called an accent, wall.
By, applying an accent wall. You have a chance to use a bolder colour without overwhelming the room.

How to save money when painting your bedroom without sacrificing the look…
Another good thing about an accent wall is: it creates a focal point that will drag people.

That means getting attention instantly.

It has some advantages using the wrong colours on the wall may create a look.
You didn’t expect it.

If you choose to paint your accent, the wall go darker than the other walls.
This is one of the safest choices you can go with.

You can also just skip the painting and use patterned wallpaper instead

A Cabbage White Bedroom Idea

A bright colour is always preferred when it comes to small bedrooms due to its airiness that keeps the room feel open and larger.

One of many lights.

The Colour you should try is Cabbage White.

It is a subtle white with a slight bit of blue.

Combined with pale colour furniture. Cabbage White gives a fresh ambience to the room and it just looks so simple.
Yet fresh and calm.

Love At The First Blush Wall Colour Idea

If you are a pink lover but afraid that your bedroom might look too much with pink.

Think again…

There are many pick shades out there to suit a bedroom.

How to Save Money On Room Painting, Including A Small Bedroom

You should consider applying this shade of pink blush.

White paint with pink undertones will bring warmth to the room that will make anybody in the bedroom feel so much more comfortable.

Its bright colour will also expand your bedroom visually.

Combining it with a zebra-like rug and some grey furniture creates visual interest, so your small bedroom won’t look so much girly.

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More importantly, it still looks cosy.

Painting The Wall, The Same Color As The Ceiling

One painting trick must be considered.

If you want a small bedroom to look bigger is painting the walls, the same colour as the ceiling.

It can trick the eyes and make people think that the wall and the ceiling flow into one being the result the room will appear larger.

This doesn’t mean you have to keep your walls boring with one plain colour like the ceiling instead.

How To Paint A Bedroom For Less With A Mountain Mural Idea

Try a big chevron pattern with two contrasting: colours such as black and white.
This pattern will bring a fun look to the room as well as expand the room.

How To Paint A Bedroom For Less With Geometric Paint

Patterns DIY, Geometric Wall ideas…

The geometric pattern comes as a great way to add life to your plain bedroom wall and will transform it into a striking focal point.


Being easy to do…

Geometric patterns will save you money from unnecessary accessories on the cost to paint a bedroom.

To, create your geometric walls.

You have to prepare paint masking tape and roller. Begin with painting the whole wall with the colour.

If you want your geometric wall design to be, then let it dry.

Next create a geometric pattern, as you wish, on the wall with masking tape.
All the wall paint onto the wall then leave it dry completely.

Once it’s dry apply the second coat of paint and let it dry.
Peel the masking tape off carefully to expose your geometric pattern.

Add A Mountain Mural

Do you admire the beauty of mountains?

By adding a mural of a mountain on your wall creates a window into another world. Yes, you can get wallpaper that has scenes.

And it does not have to be a mountain scene – there are many to choose from that fit your theme.

I am sure you would like to wake up every morning at the foothill. You don’t need to make a bedroom in the mountains.

Though. You just need to bring the mountains to your bedroom.

How Much?

A Murial For A Bedroom

This is if you want to paint it yourself…

To make the mountain mural prepare 3 different colours of paint, ( base, colour white and dark ) paintbrush and a pencil.

Start with making a mountain sketch on the wall.

You don’t have to be a professional drawer or sketches.

To do this, just have fun with this part and let your creativity flow.

After, you get the sketch started, paint it with the darkest colour at the bottom and the base colour at the second or third range.

Next, carefully blend.
The remaining ranges get gradual gradation.
Simply mix the white or dark colour to get the different shades and leave it dry.

Painting Striped Wall Idea

When it comes to a small room wall design, with the cost to paint a bedroom, you need to pay attention to the pattern you choose.

Large vertical or horizontal.

Stripes are highly recommended to make a room visually larger.

Vertical stripes will make a ceiling seem taller, while horizontal stripes will widen a small room.

A void using a tiny pattern because it will be chaotic in a small space.

Try using Pastel Colors in the cost to paint a bedroom, is well known for making a room look more spacious.

Its bright colour reflects light, so the room will feel open.

Not only that its soft colour has a calming effect that can help you relax.
Lets Go Bold

The white colour is not the only option you have for your small bedroom. Although, it is true that white can make space feel larger.

It doesn’t mean you, can go bold.

With a trick.

Get the splash of your favourite, bold colour on your bedroom wall.

If you’ve decided to go bold.

You should balance it by making the other space as light as possible. You can go with an accent wall by having only one bold wall.

This technique will recede visually, making the space feel larger.

So decorating, a small bedroom can be so much fun with an amazing result.

Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom is your favourite and apply it to the room.

As you can see the cost to paint a bedroom does not have to break your bank balance.

There are different ways to paint with more than one colour and of course a few interesting tips.

Just go for it and give your bedroom a new feel to it.