How The Natural Latex Mattress Topper Will Keep The Creepy Crawlies Away

How The Natural Latex Mattress Topper Will Keep The Creepy Crawlies Away

Dec 01, 2023

Natural Latex Mattress Topper

When I talk about a natural latex mattress topper I’m talking about the lack of use of chemicals when something is made – which is a good thing when it comes to the environment.

But not only that people…

Out there are allergies, yep…

There are many people who suffer from such afflictions and you could be one of them so let’s have a look at the word Hypoallergenic.

What Is Hypoallergenic:

Hypoallergenic means that a product contains far few allergy-producing substances known as allergens.

Now if you have allergies – you know, those itches and rashes that just drive you mad, it’s not fun.

And you don’t want to share your bed with all those dust mites and bugs that are going to trigger off these reactions.

And don’t you believe it, those little blighters are so small that they are going to be partying in your bed without being invited.

So, there are steps that can be taken to help you get that good nights sleep without itching, and also when you’re awake of course…

Yet, because there is no agreed-upon legal definition or scientific of the term, that’s right! the word “hypoallergenic” printed on that little label doesn’t necessarily protect you from these allergies.

So it is best to try and stick to the materials that are as natural as possible.

If your a sufferer of allergies this makes it harder when buying something for your personal use whether it be a mattress topper or cosmetics.

You need to go that extra mile to find a product, so enter the ‘Natural Latex Mattress Topper’.

So what is it made of?

Glad you asked…

Organic Latex?

Organic or in other words Natural Latex is a white liquid sap produced by the rubber tree.

The liquid is taken from the tree in a tap process that is cleaned and then transformed into a latex foam (and we’re not going into that process) phew…

All those allergies such as asthma, mold, dust mites, mildew, and bacteria have a hard time living in latex due to its open-cell structure and excellent ventilation that keeps the airflow through your mattress topper.

And! You are going to like this…

Latex is renewable and it does not put pressure on the environment being a natural product, and that no harmful chemicals are used in the production of making this product.

Being completely free of a wide range of harmful ingredients that are generally bad to the planet, some examples are:

  • Pesticides
  • Bleach
  • Carcinogenic Adhesives
  • Chemical Flame Retardants
  • Chemical Dyes

Though not all latex is certified as completely biodegradable, and I stress the word completely.

But it’s well on the way to being more guilt-free then some of the materials out there, which don’t even entertain the word biodegradable.

But I will not get in my soapbox about that.

Is A Latex Mattress Topper Any Good?

When it comes to all those types of sleepers such as side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and the combination – but I am sure most of us are a combination…

Latex mattress toppers are available in a wide range of firmness, and they all have a very different feel to them:

A ‘soft latex topper’ can provide comfort and that all-important pressure relief.

A ‘firm latex mattress topper’ provides additional support for say…
Back or stomach sleepers.

Do latex Mattress Toppers Sleep Hot?

Sleeping Hot:

Not the most pleasant issue when all you want to do is fall into bed and feel comfortable.

But even if you are not a hot sleeper, there are times for everyone when the Summer comes and the hot weather makes us all reach for the fan.

See also Why Should You Consider a Double-Sided Mattress? The Benefits Explained

But we can help that matter.

Latex Mattress Toppers do Sleep Cool: Latex foam rubber being natural, breathes, which helps to eliminate that body moisture when you sweat.

Not only can it keep you cooler in the Summer, but wait for it! it can also it can keep you warmer in the winter which I think the best of both worlds to having a good night’s sleep.

Do latex Mattress Toppers Smell?

Now, the stinky question that needs to be answered…

The mattress topper will put off a distinctive chemical smell for a little while, but what doesn’t.

You know the smell of new, whatever it is.

In fact, natural latex mattresses don’t off-gas – now that could be thought of as a little bit cheeky, anyway….

You might get a little smell but that won’t last for long.

How Long Does A Latex Mattress Topper Last?

Top-quality mattress toppers may last anything up to ten years, that’s if you take good care of them though.

But natural latex can last longer.

Is Latex Mattress Good For Back Pain?

Are they ever…

Latex has the body-cradling properties of the good old memory foam, with all that cushioned support that has shock absorption features, that’s right.

Which means that you or your partner won’t be arguing or bothering each other by each other’s movements while sleeping.

That’s got to be a big plus. It is also said that latex is firmer than memory foam with that all so soft feeling that is kind to the skin.

Oh sorry…

It’s not a cream commercial.

It also helps support proper spinal alignment while providing pressure relief too.

What Thickness Latex Mattress Topper Should I Get?

The thickness of latex mattress toppers can vary…

Yet typically ranging from 1 to 4 inches.

The thinner the foam the less drastic change the topper will have on your mattress.

The Latex Mattress Topper Price Compared To What

Some would question the price of the Natural Latex Mattress Topper as being a bit steep when considering buying one.

But when you think of it, to me price does not always sway my decision when you think of the benefits.

Sure you could go for a cheaper mattress topper, but are you going to get the benefits that this topper can give you.

Not only is it made of natural substances and the process most probably more labor-intensive, when you think of the people going out patting and collecting the latex rubber from all those trees.

The process of washing it with natural soaps and no harmful chemicals, we could go on.

When it comes to a process that is more labor-intensive as this product seems to be, you are paying for something that you be proud of buying because not are you going to benefit from something that is all-natural and has so many positive benefits.

You are also helping preserve the ecosystem which to many greedy people out there just don’t care about.

I for one am impressed with what this natural latex mattress topper has to offer that far outweighs the price that might be a bit more expensive than other toppers out there.

Mattress pads are there to put on top of the bed to help improve it and protection for the mattress, thus making the mattress last longer.

You are saving money buying a Natural Latex Mattress Topper than buying a whole new mattress if that’s what you are looking for right now, so make the most of it and remember that natural is better as they say.

When Bed Bugs have won

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