Everything You Need to Know About Full Bedding Sets

Everything You Need to Know About Full Bedding Sets

Dec 06, 2023

What is a Full Bedding Set?

A full bedding set includes all the necessary pieces to make up your entire bed.
It typically consists of a comforter, pillow shams, sheets, and sometimes even a bed skirt or valance.

The main purpose of a full bedding set is to create a cohesive look for your bedroom while providing you with comfort and warmth at night.

Cost of a Full Comforter Set and Accessories

The cost of a full bedding set can vary depending on several factors such as brand name, materials used, and level of luxury.

Generally speaking, expect to pay anywhere from $50-$300 for a basic set that includes just the essentials like a comforter and sheet set.

However, if you want something more high-end with designer brands or specialty fabrics, prices can easily exceed $1000. Keep in mind that accessories like throw pillows and decorative accents will add to the overall cost of your bedding set.

Difference between Comforters, Quilts & Bedspreads

Comforters are thick blankets made from soft materials like cotton, down feathers, or synthetic fibers.

They’re designed to keep you warm during cold winter months by trapping heat close to your body. Quilts are similar to comforters but tend to be lighter weight and often feature intricate designs stitched into them.

A bedspread is a large piece of fabric draped over the top of your mattress and usually secures underneath it with ties or buttons.

While they don’t provide quite as much insulation as a comforter or quilt, they still offer some degree of warmth and protection against drafts.

How Often Should You Change Your Bedding Set

Experts recommend changing out your bedding sets every six months to a year, especially if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies.

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This helps prevent dust mites and other irritants from building up inside your mattress and sheets.

Additionally, rotating through different seasonal colors and patterns can help refresh your room and give it a new look without having to invest in expensive furniture changes.

Included in 5-Piece vs 10-Piece Bedding Sets

A standard 5-piece bedding set typically includes one comforter, two pillow shams, one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and occasionally a bed skirt or valance.
Meanwhile, a 10-piece set may include additional items like toss pillows, decorative pillows, and even a duvet cover.

Ultimately, whether you choose a smaller or larger set depends on personal preference and what specific features you prioritize most.

For example, if you love layering lots of textured throws and pillows onto your bed, then opting for a bigger set might be worth it.

But if simplicity and minimalism are more your style, sticking with a simpler 5-piece set could work better.

Does a Bedding Set include a Duvet Cover or Pillow, Shams

While not always included in every set, many modern bedding collections do come equipped with both a duvet cover and pillow shams.

These extra layers allow you to change up the look of your bedding quickly and easily without having to wash everything each time.

Plus, using a separate duvet cover allows you to switch out different inserts (like down or memory foam) depending on the weather or seasons.