Don’t Be Fooled By Pocket Spring Mattress Benefits

Don’t Be Fooled By Pocket Spring Mattress Benefits

Nov 30, 2023

Dogs Like the Pocket Spring Mattress

Those pocket spring mattresses have a lot to answer for…

If it was not for the spring mattress springing up in the early days of mattress construction over a hundred years ago.

Do you think they would be bragging about the pocket spring mattress benefits here today in modern times?

You bet they do, and here’s why.

In the year of 1899, Mr James Marshall introduced the world’s first individually wrapped pocketed spring coil mattress now commonly known as the Marshall coils…

A machinist and engineer by trade, James Marshall invented a radical type of spring system for mattress construction.

These pre-compressed cylindrical coil springs were also known as ‘Marshall coils’, ‘encased springs’ or ‘encased coils’.

The Defining Feature Of The Pocket Coil Mattress

Structured on a singular basis, these coils were sewn inside a pocket of material.
So, the name ‘pocket springs’ stuck.


The invention of the covered coils was of great benefit to consumers.

As the inclusion filtered down, they encountered unprecedented levels of that support and comfort that anyone would crave in a mattress.

This clever design meant that the individual springs could compress independently of each other.

Resulting in a suspension system that would contour to each person’s unique form and weight.

And let’s face it there are all sorts of shapes of people out there, fat, skinny, long, short…

I will stop there.

With these individual pocket springs, each pocket spring is enclosed within its own fabric pocket.

How lucky for them…

Working independently from each other, these individual springs react only to the pressure applied to that area…

Being pommeled, sat on, jumped on, and generally being squashed, only to bounce back when you get up.

Each of these pocket springs works individually to correctly support your body shape and weight.

Why Do Mattresses Have Springs?

Well, not all mattresses these days have springs, like latex rubber for instance.

But the springs in the mattress can distribute your weight evenly throughout the surface of the bed, this not disturbing your partner if you sleep with someone, but if you are on your own.

The more bed FOR YOU!
Also, you feel less pressure in certain areas, these meaning those extremities of your body, frame, such as your shoulders or hips for example.

The springs also ensure that the mattress holds its shape well which really is a must, you do want the mattress you bought looking the same as when you bought it don’t you?

Not a heap on the ground, I mean on a bed frame.

Oh! and also even if you tend to sleep in one particular place or position more often, you don’t end up with big crevices to fall into.

Are Pocket Spring Mattresses Good Or Better Than Others?

Going on pocket spring mattress reviews…

They are great for people who like a supportive mattress with a more firm feeling to them than some softer mattress out there on the market today.

The springs have a lot of positive responses to them and feel like they hold you up more than many other mattress types.

There again, the firm support from a memory foam mattress might be just as comforting if not more.

But we are not talking about them…

Did you know those spring mattresses also offer a great choice of natural materials?

And we all know that natural eco-friendly materials are an added benefit.
They are all good for keeping that optimal body temperature during your sleep which gives you a better night’s sleep.

You will like this!

These spring mattresses also come at a low cost, and keep their condition for up to 10 years!

Not bad for an old technology that hasn’t changed that much over 100 years.

What Is The Best Pocket Spring Mattress:

Is 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress Good?

Pocket sprung mattresses can boast anything from 1,000 to 2,000 individual springs.

That’s allot!

Unlike those open coil mattresses out there, the pocket sprung mattress has springs that move separately from each other.

The general rule is to go out and get a pocket sprung mattress that has 1,000 springs or more…

Anything below that is considered low quality so it seems…

Is A 1500 Pocket Spring Mattress Good?

You should also be aware that the pocket spring mattresses that do have a higher pocket spring count will tend to feel firmer.

So if you don’t like a firm bed then maybe this is not for you and you should be looking for a mattress with less pocket spring count to it.

A pocket spring count of 1500 and above is considered a highly supportive mattress.

But if you do suffer from back pain or chronic back pain then these mattresses are great for relieving back pain.

So sometimes firmer is better.

Is 800 Pocket Springs Enough?

If you decide that you want to be spending more money on a super-dooper spring bed for some reason..

This isn’t always a guaranteed way to get a better mattress…


So if you try to stay over 1000 pocket springs.

However, and I do say.


There are in fact some decent and rare pocket spring mattresses out there with around 800 pocket springs.

Is The Pocket Spring Mattress Better Than The Foam Mattress?

The pocket sprung mattresses tend to have a much higher spring count than the open coil mattresses, which offers you greater support, allowing you to confirm to the mattress…

Pocket sprung mattresses, however, are more breathable than the memory foam mattress.

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This is an added advantage especially if you live in a hotter part of the world, giving you a cooler night’s sleep.

Now Let’s Have A Look At Some Pocket Spring Mattress Benefits:

Zero Movement Transfer

What does this mean…

Well we know what zero means – nothing right!

Transfer, in this case, transfer of weight or movement.

So unlike other types of mattresses on the market, your whole body weight is spread across the surface of the entire mattress.

Now that the mattress has individual pockets, each pocket spring reacts independently to your weight and movements during your slumber.

Even for king size mattresses, yes, king size pocket spring mattress, you can get those also…

You can also get the mattress in:

  • pocket spring mattress queen
  • pocket spring mattress single
  • double bed pocket spring mattress
  • medium firm pocket spring mattress
  • pocket spring mattress in a box

So zero movement transfer does promote a good night’s sleep.

Is The Spring Mattress Consistently Firm

You will be glad to know that the level of firmness across the entire surface of a pocket spring mattress is hard to replicate.

The tension is very consistent, due to those individually-enclosed pocket springs we have been talking about.

So yes, this adds to the level of comfort when you are sleeping on these mattresses without the worry that consistency here is not going to go away any time soon.

I am not saying it won’t one day, as with anything nothing lasts to the best of its ability with constant wear year after year.

But compared to many beds out there, you’re going to have a good night’s sleep for a long time to come.

Total Pain And Pressure Relief For Your Body Total Pain And Pressure Relief For Your Body

One thing that cannot be guaranteed with any bed I feel is that at some time or the other you are going to have some aches and pains, depending on what you have been doing that day.

I won’t ask…

The pressure of sleeping on any mattress that’s either too soft or too hard can make it very uncomfortable indeed.

And those nights can become a bit of a nightmare if you don’t get your sleep for extended nights in a row.
This can make it a lot more stressful than it should be.

But, with pocket spring mattresses, each individual spring acts to support your entire body, supporting areas such as your shoulders and hips, so you don’t have too much pressure when your sleeping.

For this very reason, orthopedic patients with shoulder and hip problems, for instance, this bed is ideal.

You could also consider the medium-firm pocket spring mattress as an alternative.
It’s good to hear that they also make a mattress such as an in-between comfort level you could say…

Support For People Of All Shapes And Sizes

That’s right, If your a big hulking man with the constitution of an ox, or a petite lady.

The strength and durability of these mattresses and their pocket springs will make it a desirable bed to support nearly everyone of all sizes.

And if you and your spouse do have a notable size difference, either one of you will not feel as though you are losing the battle in the bed if you are either light or small by being catapulted out of the bed if one of you is heaver, yes…

When the much heavier partner jumps into bed.

And if you’re the biggie of the two, you’re not going to sink into your side of the bed while you watch your partner raise higher than you in the bed because you are just weighing everything down.

So those good old pocket springs will allow each of you to experience just the right level of comfort necessary and also level of being able to see each other on the same level if you know what I mean, for that good night’s sleep.

Are Pocket Springs Durable

As I mentioned before, your pocket spring friend will last you up to 10 years or more in tip-top condition.

So with that proper care and maintenance, you will be laying in the same bed for a long time.

Even though the pocket spring mattress might be a little on the pricy side, and even a little heavy to haul around if you like to keep changing your bedroom around.

That mattress of yours is going to be one of the best mattresses that are to offer in the market today as far as comfort and durability are concerned when it comes to a luxury mattress and a comfortable mattress.

As far as mattresses go, they will envelop you in their individual springs and keep you snug and sleeping well.

Well, after talking about this mattress it makes me feel as though you can’t go past it for a good night’s sleep.

The design has been around for a very long time and by the look of it – sometimes they are the best.

Maybe a little tweaked here and there.

But all in all this mattress sounds like it’s a winner for so many reasons.

As stated above, yes!

Above …

And if you have skimmed this article, I suggest going right back up to the top.
That’s right and read it again OK…