Do You Need A Partitioned Room For Your Bedroom Needs

Do You Need A Partitioned Room For Your Bedroom Needs

Dec 02, 2023

A partitioned room

Have you ever tried one before?

I have and it really makes you feel as though you are in a completely different space.

There are many different ideas you can for partitions.

Want to find out what they are?

Let’s talk.

A Partitioned Room For Your Bedroom

A partition produces privacy in a small room or defines a new area in a large one.

The partition is not only dividing the room but also infuses personality into it…


Some room partitions, such as sliding doors or folding screens, are moveable, while some others can be opaque.

Like a bookshelf or curtain for instance…

You can make your partition impermanence and flexible, so you can easily change a space when you need it for a partitioned room.
So what are they…

  • Use A Drapery Rod And Curtain

This is one of the most common room dividers and has been used for years. This idea really goes back.

The curtain is quite easy to install and inexpensive.

This partition works well in a small space such as an attic bedroom.

Not only that! You can add a little bit of your own personality by choosing what sort of curtain you want, colour or pattern.

Geometric Bedroom Partition:

A Unique and modern option for privacy with a geometric bedroom.

The curtain provides a sense of privacy by separating the sleeping area from the living room but allows light and air to go through it.

For, a small-spaced bedroom, a drapery rod and a curtain will be the best solution to add more privacy.

The partition can be quickly drawn or pushed back.

The type of curtain you are going to use depends on the privacy you need and the existing decor. Choosing the wrong fabric can make your bedroom feel too cramped.

Using a sheer or semi-transparent fabric in a small room provides light and a feeling of spaciousness

  • Geometric Bedroom Partition

Bringing geometric in your partition design to a partitioned room is both modern and unique. And this DIY divider is natural to make using a stack of plywood and lumber cut.

Then, the plywood is 10 inches square and then cut in half diagonally Sand.

Good Bedroom Ideas: 10 French Style Bedroom Partition Ideas

All sides of the triangles.

Then paint them to your liking, while waiting for the paint to dry start building the frame.

Bedroom Ideas… use a bookshelf, glue and nail lumber horizontally for about ten inches wide to make several rows.

Then add a smaller vertical division within each row.

Then sand the lumber to remove clumps and glue stains.

The next step is filling the gaps with the triangles.
Based on your geometric design. Then, you have finished, making three or more panels and connecting them using hinges.

You can protect the divider by coating it with clear varnish.
There… your geometric divider is ready to adorn your bedroom.

  • Turn Bookshelves As A New Divider

A bookshelf can make a very simple and useful room partition, whether you make it yourself or purchase a ready-to-use one.

The key is where you place it and how you arrange the items in it.

You can arrange your favourite books, DVDs or photographs in an attractive way when you decide to divide your bedroom.

10 Bedroom Partition Ideas

Using a bookshelf, choose a high-quality and sturdy one.
So it will stay firm.

Remember to display your items at a minimum. It is a partition, not a real bookcase.
So the items to be displayed should be considered.

  • Wood Pallet Bedroom Partition, Idea

This room divider is decorative, yet straightforward and eye-catching. It can be easily customized to fit inside your bedroom to create a sense of privacy.

It is also an excellent way to put those old pallets into use.

Let’s, get to work…

First sand down the pallets to remove any clumps, then coat them with primer.
So the paint will stay ideally on the pallets.

Arrange the pallets in two different ways. When all the pallets have been assembled paint them with your favourite colour.

The last step is to connect the panels with hinges so that you can easily fold up 6 frosted glass room dividers.

Besides, a curtain, a sliding door can be perfect for dividing a small bedroom as well…

10 Bedroom Partition Ideas To Inspire Your Design

How to decorate a bedroom by using an opaque material such as frosted glass can bring privacy but still allow light to come.

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Through you can transform wardrobe doors, which are large enough to cover your sleeping area.

The advantage of wardrobe doors is it usually comes with tracks so that the doors can slide effortlessly into a partitioned room. Since sliding doors don’t swing open.
They wouldn’t take up much space.

  • Fabric Room Divider Idea

Do you have unused fabric and are confused about how to make use of it?

Why don’t you try to make it into a room divider?

The things you need to prepare are lumber for the panels, fabric hinges and a 6mm staple gun here is how to do it.

Make three panels.

Add a natural element to your bedroom with bamboo dividers you can customize the height and width based on your need.

Cut the fabric to fit the panels fold the fabric over on itself and staple it on the back and mount the hinges on the alternating side.

So the divider can be folded when not in use this fabric motif will cheer up your bedroom.

10 Bedroom Partition Ideas: Get Creative With Your Space

It is like adding art to your bedroom.

  • Hanging Wood Panel Room, Divider Idea

Hanging hardboard dividers can turn your bedroom look.
Modern and chic.

You can easily customize it to fit your bedroom and bring style to it.

It is an easy and inexpensive DIY project.

Just collect a pile of different lengths, hardboard then sand them to a smooth surface, coat them with primer and then paint them with your favourite colour.

The next step is drilling holes on both sides.

Connect them with wire or rope. Then tie the connected board to lumber or rod. Arrange for them to make a curtain.

The last step is hanging it to the ceiling 3 Bamboo Room Divider.

Do you like something natural?

You should try this bamboo divider.

It softens a modern room and brings a rustic feeling to it.

Bedroom Ideas

Simple design for a partitioned room is often found in Japanese-style houses.

To make the bamboo stay in place, arrange them in holes that have been drilled into the frame and choose bamboo with a small stem 2 Beaded Curtain Idea.

Many things can be turned into a curtain, beads, styrofoam bottles or shells.
You can also make a flower partition made of plastic bottles. Why not try it as a way of recycling as well?

This exciting design adds a shimmering glitter with its light, transparent colour.
If you decide to make this one start collecting the bottles.

When you have obtained the bottles you need cut off the bottom and trim the edge carefully making it the shape of a flower.

Then immerse them in a preheated pan and sand them for a few seconds to puncture holes on the top and bottom of the flower.

Now use your creativity to connect them.

You can simply tie them with rope or insert beads between each flower.

10 Bedroom Partition Ideas: Cozy and Unique Options

  • Macrame Folding Screen Idea

The macrame folding screen is a unique and artistic addition to your bedroom it is affordable to build and the vintage look makes the room feel cosy.

It is perfect for a boho-style bedroom.

The design uses simple knots, which is easy to be done by beginners using a Lark’s Head Knot to weave 20 pieces of cord to the panel and then begin from the left.

A horizontal row of Square Knots Continues weaving and knotting. The cord follows your design.

There are many tutorials available.

Ten Bedroom Partition Ideas For A French Style

If you have difficulties following the Macrame instruction.

Although the primary purpose of a room partition is to bring privacy, why don’t you infuse some style into it?

Especially for the bedroom in which you will likely spend most of your time.

As you can see a partitioned room, any room really but especially a bedroom if you are needing another area whether it be for a sitting area or another bed.

There are many ideas.