Do You Know Your Waterbed Sheet Sizes

Do You Know Your Waterbed Sheet Sizes

Dec 01, 2023

So you have a waterbed, or you are thinking of buying a waterbed.

But what about the waterbed sheet sizes.

Are they the same?

Waterbed Sheet Sizes And Your Bed

Just like everyday conventional beds that most of us sleep in, waterbeds also come in a number of sizes as well.

Yes, there are different sizes of waterbeds these days…

It is important to buy the appropriate size sheet for your bed, or the sheets will not fit properly and make it difficult to sleep in.

In fact, you must take several factors into account before choosing what size sheet to buy.

The length and width of the mattress are the two most obvious things to consider, but what about the depth of the mattress?

That is also another important aspect to take into consideration for waterbed sheet sizes.

And the type of frame is also important.

You need to see whether the frame is hard or soft.

This also has an effect on how easy it is to fit the sheet over the mattress.

I know from experience…

Have you ever struggled with the corners of the bedsheet trying to get it over the mattress?

With success, just!


Some of the most commonly found waterbed mattress sizes are:

  • single size waterbed sheet sizes
  • super single size waterbed sheet sizes
  • queen size waterbed sheet sizes
  • king size waterbed sheet sizes

The one thing to remember though…

Is that many waterbeds with hard frames are in fact measured on what is called the California bed size chart.

Waterbeds are usually longer than those conventional beds of ours…

So the sheets are usually 84 inches long instead of the standard 74 inches for most general beds.

Most bed sizes do differ in their width rather than their length.

This is pretty common for waterbeds, but it is important to check for differences between these sizes and general size bedsheets.

As, with most bedsheets, they cost more depending on their size.

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The King is the biggest size bedsheet, so they are usually the most expensive.

And sometimes, all the sizes cost the same price.

Then you have the next biggest size being the Queen bedsheet size.

Now, Queen waterbed sheets are also pretty easy to find in the shops and online.
Full waterbed sheet sizes are not as common.

These full-size waterbeds sheets are smaller than Queen size but still big enough for two people.

And, if you did not know, full size is sometimes called double size as well…

Single waterbed sheets, of course, are designed to fit on beds made for one person.

Not two…

Just one, so don’t go struggling with this one on a double bed.

I am sure you wouldn’t…

There are super single waterbed sheets.

These, in fact, are a little bit wider than single size, but not as wide as a full size.

Not getting confused yet?


It is also important to know the depth, or you could say thickness, of the mattress you have as well.

And, if you have any mattress pads or other accessories that you might have added onto your mattress.

This is going to make the whole bed thicker for the sheets you get to fit on.

However, most waterbed mattresses have a standard depth, but still…

Check that the waterbed sheet sizes you get will in fact fit…

Or it will mean a trip back to the shop to exchange them.

There are a number of different sizes that waterbeds do come in.

And each of these sizes does come with sheets made just for them.

You want your waterbed sheet sizes to be right, in order to have a good fit for your mattress, which will give you a better nights sleep.

No ruffled bedsheets in the morning.