Do You Know, Floor Lamps Are Not All The Same

Do You Know, Floor Lamps Are Not All The Same

Dec 02, 2023

Floor lamps

You know…

Those things that stand on the floor.

Handy and manoeuvrable, yet they have come a long way since the first one was invented.

Let’s have a look at 3 lamps that really…

Are not the same, and their advantages.

Floor Lamps Are Distinctive

Did you know that floor lamps add great aesthetics to your modern-day home?

More importantly, they function similarly to night lights in that they must meet your lighting needs while consuming minimal energy.


Minimal energy!

Floor lamps vary in features and functions which makes choosing the right one a bit.



So let’s have a look at 3 of the best floor lamps that you can find in the market today.

Rotogoon Floor Lamp

Now, the rotogoon floor lamp is made perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and study room setups.

It also has a 3000 kelvin natural led light which lessens the stress in your eyes.
This is important, especially at night.

The roto goon lamp is ideal for reading at night while working late on a project.

This product when fully assembled has dimensions of 9.84 by 9.84 by 61.22 inches and weighs over 12.16 pounds.

It is a sleek design floor lamp that has six colour variations which are:

  • black gold
  • oil rubbed bronze
  • silver

Including the package are a floor lamp and two lampshades.

And also one nine-watt led bulb and one user manual.

And it has a foot switch is very convenient.

Since we no longer have to stand and reach for the switch to just turn it on in this modern day life.

It also has an adjustable lamp head which makes it easy for you to position the lamp to provide better lighting in a specific area.

Must not forget…

There are two lampshades included with the purchase.

This way, you are able to change the shade depending on which of the two would fit well with our home decor.

If you do want to change the light bulb, do make sure to replace it with one that is not more than 60 watts overall.

And this floor lamp is easy on the eyes a great energy saver and is convenient to use anywhere inside the house.

Power Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

The lepower tripod floor lamp is made of natural rubber wood with a quality flexing lampshade.


I did say rubber.

This floor lamp has a unique classic retro look that would fit well with your living room or bedroom decorous.

And when it is fully assembled this lap has dimensions of 17.72 by 17.72 by 59.72 inches and weighs over 6.28 pounds.

Straight out from the box you get one the power wood floor lamp one 127 127.95 inch ac cord and one user manual.

Despite of its lower price point, it meets all your basic needs for lighting.
And it has a nice glow about it that you will find very relaxing while it won’t hurt your eyes.

Its flaccid lampshade and wood combo really adds aesthetics to the room making it feel much cosier.

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One of the best things about this floor lamp is that it is lightweight and portable which makes it very convenient.

especially if you’re fond of redecorating or reorganizing your home decor.
it also has a foot switch that’s proven to be quite convenient than reaching out to the lamp itself.

It is an extremely sturdy design which makes it wobble-free and safe around pets and children take note that you can only use light bulbs that range from 10 watts to 60 watts.

All in all, the power wood tripod floor lamp has a very classic design that will meet your lighting needs.

It will definitely make your home a bit cosier because of its warm glow.
While it is lightweight, you will have no trouble moving the lamp around the house with ease.

So, this floor lamp would be a great addition to your living room, bedroom study room and even in your college dorm.

Jufo Floor Lamp

This jufo floor lamp is a modern style lamp that has convenient features that will get you hooked.

As it has a durable metal construction.
And despite of its sturdy frame, this product is portable and lightweight weighing only 9.83 pounds.

It is also taller than most floor lamps as you can reach up to 68.9 inches in height.

And you can also choose between six colour variations which are:

  • avocado green
  • black brushed nickel
  • pearl white
  • rocky black
  • silver grey

Whichever colour you decide to choose, this lamp definitely adds a modern touch to your living room, bedroom, study room or even office setup.


The floor lamp is extremely bright reaching up to 2400 lumens when placed on its max brightness.

You can set the brightness from 5 to 100 with just a simple click of a button however.

In addition to this, it can be set to three colour temperatures which are:

  • three thousand kelvin warm light
  • four thousand kelvin cool white light
  • five thousand kelvin white daylight

Its head also features a 350-degree rotation which allows you to position the light at any angle.

And lastly, this floor lamp has a remote that grants you full control of its settings and functions such as on and off temperature control and brightness control.

it’sIt is also good to note that the remote works within a long distance of 32.8 feet.


This floor lamp boasts adjustable bright light settings temperature control easy access and remote-controlled settings.

So this gefo floor lamp is indeed a versatile and multi-functional option.
As you can see here.

I have only talked about 3 different floor lamps, and there are so many differences.

Who thought that floor lamps would become a full-time decision-maker when having to choose between them?

So when you say to yourself that you want a floor lamp.

There are going to be many choices to think about