Do You Have Carpets For Bedroom Boredom?

Do You Have Carpets For Bedroom Boredom?

Dec 02, 2023

Carpets for bedroom

That’s right! Did you move into a house and almost scream at the sight of the bedroom carpets?

Or do you just have carpets for bedroom boredom?

Is it time to change?

So where to go next?

Carpets For Bedroom Choices

Selecting Carpet For Your Lifestyle

Whenever you select a carpet, you have to consider many aesthetic as well as technical areas.

With well over a hundred thousand styles and colours being released every year, so that is a lot of carpets…

Selecting the right carpet to match your needs can be a very challenging task indeed.

Carpet is available in several different:

  • textures
  • constructions
  • colours
  • designs

Which, I may add…
Will open the doors to virtually any interior design that you can imagine.

The combination of texture and colour will complement the look of both formal and casual environments while helping to bring continuity to the overall room designs.

The most important thing to consider when you shop for carpet is the amount of traffic that will be on the carpet that is going to be installed as well as the area you hope to use it in.

As it will be in the bedroom you can therefore know that this area is not going to be a high traffic area.

Is it?

The construction and the texture are both key aspects when you select a carpet for a specified area and use.

Carpets such as:

  • nylon
  • polyester
  • olefin

Are the most widely used fibres in carpet manufacturing, with each one displaying qualities that make themselves great with specific applications and their uses.

Picking The Right Carpet For Your Bedroom

If you walk into any carpeting store, you’ll find yourself amazed at all of the choices that are there for you to pick from.

You’ll find textured plush carpets such as:

  • saxony carpets
  • berber carpets
  • commercial grade carpets

There are carpets that can be installed wall to wall, and carpets that can be cut to size with bound edges and carpet squares.

Your first consideration when purchasing a new carpet should not be colour, even though it is important.

Your plan is to put a carpet in the bedroom, then it won’t have as much traffic as a carpet in the living room right?
Stain resistance will also be important. Do not forget those wine stains.

You could be drinking wine in your bedroom.

This is something to think about with any carpet, even in the bedroom.

You will also want to inquire about the rating of the carpet as well.

Indoor carpeting is normally rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating.

Carpets with a 5 rating are considered the best for heavy traffic areas.

A rating of 4 is considered outstanding and recommended for heavy traffic areas of your home.

Ratings of 2.5 to 4 would provide normal durability for your home.

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Carpets that rate 2.5 or lower should only be used in light traffic areas, such as bedrooms.

Choosing a carpet based on the type of traffic it will receive can help you save a lot
of money down the road, although you should buy a carpet suited to your needs and requirements.

The highest quality of carpet you can buy is carpet made of wool.

Wool carpets are very expensive, although you’ll reap the benefits over years of
use as wool will easily outperform any man-made carpet.

So do think of this in your bedroom even if it is just your bedroom.

Two of the best benefits of wool carpets include their natural soil resistance and
their ability to retain appearance, meaning they won’t crush or wear down like other carpets.

You do want that thick luxury of carpet to put your bare feet in in the cols morning don’t you…

The downside to wool carpet is the fact that it is out of reach for most of us.

If you can’t afford to have to woold carpet installed throughout your entire house, then you should instead have it installed in the room that receives the highest amount of traffic.

There are several different man-made carpets that you can choose from as well.

If you have a high traffic area, then nylon would be an ideal choice due to its durability.

Nylon is stain resistant as well and repels mildew.

Carpets made of olefin are also a great choice for high-traffic areas as it is very strong and easy to clean.

Polyester is another good carpet as it is easy to clean and repels water-based stains.

Polyester is known for the look and feel of wool, although it is much less expensive.
The colour consideration is also important.

Light-coloured Carpets for bedroom create an effect of a larger space, although they do tend to show stains more easily.

Dark carpets on the other hand tend to absorb light, giving a room what many know as the “cosy feeling”.

So if you either have a small bedroom or a big bedroom you want that cosy feeling especially if you live in a colder climate.

When you find a carpet that appeals to you, you should ask to take a piece of it home.

Look at it during natural daylight and at night under artificial light to see if the colour changes at all.

Carpets for bedroom dilemmas will come up but with this guide, you will have a much better knowledge to know what will suit your bedroom the best.

If not…

At least you will have the heads-up to sort of get it right.


You will get it right won’t you? Just go for it.