Do You Desperately Need A Bedroom Night Light

Do You Desperately Need A Bedroom Night Light

Dec 02, 2023

Sometimes when you go to bed and turn off the light it is so dark that it can be a little unnerving.

That’s where a street light makes us comfortable when that little light just illuminates our bedroom as we rest.

So what about a bedroom night light then?

So A Bedroom Night Light Was Created

That’s right…

Some smarty pants out there decided that making a man-made light just powerful enough would be the trick in the bedroom.

After all…

There were night lights around the house.

So why not in the bedroom?

What Is The Purpose Of A Night Light?

We as living beings do not like total darkness when we are in our bedrooms, it is unnerving.

And this could possibly go back to our beginning as when darkness falls – we were on edge as predators can sneak up on us much more easily.

So being able to have some light, like moonlight at night keeps us safer.

This derives to the modern day.

Much like when we go out at night we are much more switched on for danger.
Bedrooms evoke safety and when we are at rest we are vulnerable.

So we need to have that sense of control.

So this is where bedroom night lights come in…

They create a sense of security and alleviate fears of the dark, especially for young ones and the elderly.

They also light up the bedroom just enough to see the general layout of a room without causing eyestrain as well.

The last thing you want to do is stub your toe on something because you did not see it.

Especially if you are caught short in the middle of the night and want to go staggering off to the bathroom.

What Type Of Night Light Is Best For Sleeping?

That is a good question as there are a number of different coloured lights on the market these days, so you want to be getting the right colour for your bedroom, don’t you?

Apparently red light is the best for a bedroom night light.

Red light is by far the best calming light colour for sleep and so for the bedroom…
Because that is where you sleep.

Most of the time anyway.

It is said that choosing a red light as a nightlight ensures that you do not disrupt your circadian rhythm.

And for those who do not know what Circadian Rhythm is.
Here is the explanation: Circadian rhythms are mental, physical and behavioural changes that follow a 24-hour cycle.

These are natural processes that respond primarily to light and dark and affect most living things…

We say MOST here…

So that red light should help you fall asleep easier.

How Much Light Is OK For Sleep?

They say that appropriate lux for pre-bedtime activities in the evening, like playing backgammon in bed or reading, should be less than 180 lux.

So this level of brightness will allow you to be quietly active…


And should not impede your body’s progress toward falling asleep.

So when you are ready to sleep and you turn off the light, your bedroom should be dark, with a night lights lux no higher than 5.

Studies have shown that artificial light at night can suppress melatonin levels.
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Now they say can…

Scientists have found a link between the disruption of melatonin and several diseases, but that does not mean that that disruption will happen with a bedroom night light.

You could be a bad sleeper – so do not get put off having a bedroom night light for this factor alone OK…

Where Should A Night Light Be Placed In A Bedroom?

Another interesting question…

Where to place the thing.

It is said that you should place the night light away from your bedding, curtains, or fabric of any kind or anything that might catch fire, especially if the night light does have a standard glass bulb that does get hot.

But that should be general practice…

Do Night Lights Use A Lot Of Energy

While lights in general use more energy, you know that today with being energy conscious lights have changed to be energy conscious and last longer.

While the LED night lights can use less than a single watt.

Running one of those traditional 7-watt night lights all year long can cost you a WHOLE six dollars’ worth of energy.

But really…

Bedroom night lights will hardly break the bank…

How Many Adults Sleep With A Night Light

It is said while 28 percent admit that they do sleep with the bedside lamp on just for the main reason to feel safer at night.

While there is a whopping 11 percent of people that would even leave the main light to help with their sleep.

Can Or Do Adults Use Night Lights

Of course, they do!

Many adults do incorporate bedroom night lights into their homes.

It is not just for the young ones with wild imaginations you know.
Adults have wild imaginations as well…

Does Sleeping With A Light On Cause Depression?

It is said that sleeping in rooms with even a little light can increase the risk of depression…

This study found that even just a little lighting can increase the risk of depression.

But as I said previously that I would not take this to heart.

And that some people may be affected by a little light at night would be minimal.
What I would say here, is try it out!

If you find that your moods are changing and you are having signs of depression, then turn off the light while you sleep and see if you return to normal.

How are you ever going to know?

I myself have had no issues whatsoever with having a bedroom night light on.
So you need to find out for yourself.

Just because a study was done, does not mean that everyone is the same.

So if you feel the need for a bedroom night light at any stage of your life just go ahead and get one and see how you do.