Can You Really Get Custom Size Duvet Covers

Can You Really Get Custom Size Duvet Covers

Dec 01, 2023

Custom size duvet covers, who would have thought…

Why not!

You can get so many duvet covers in the stores and online now.

But what if you want something different, original.

Let’s talk about this.

Custom Size Duvet Covers And You

It’s not always that easy to find a website that allows you to create and customise your own made to measure duvet covers.

A duvet for your bed is similar to a comforter, with the exception that it is mostly filled with down.

And can come with a cover that is called a duvet cover.

Which has been made to protect the duvet from getting dirty and also acts as a cover-sheet, eliminating the need for a separate sheet if you so choose…

The duvet and cover have two main advantages over a comforter.

It eliminates the need to have to wash your entire bulky comforter every time you get it dirty.

And what would you choose to put in your washing machine?

A bulky duvet, or the duvet cover that is protecting your duvet.

By washing the duvet cover, the job is done, instead of filling up your washing machine with this one article then struggling outside throwing on the washing line and waiting for ages for it to dry.

In a cooler climate, this could take time.

What if you decide to change the colour of your bedclothes, changing the duvet’s colour is just a matter of changing only the cover to suit your new colour scheme.
All done…

Can You Design Your Own Duvet Cover?

Yes, why not.

  • single duvet cover
  • double duvet cover
  • queen duvet cover
  • king duvet cover

It does not matter what size your comforter is, if you are ambitious enough you can tackle the biggest of duvet covers.

Or, if you are not fancying making it, you can get one made-to-measure online if you look around.

Choosing one of those made to measure duvet covers is probably a better investment as you do have more choices for the exact type of cover you want.

Also, the made-to-measure duvet cover will be an exact fit for the duvet you have.

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Think about your surroundings in your bedroom…

What sort of theme would you like.

There are so many printed designs of material in the material shops now.

And have you seen some materials that have big scenes on them?

They might be more expensive as expected, but you are making something original for yourself.

You could mix and match materials if you wish.

Have a look at all the places you can get as well.

How about ruffles to add to the bottom of your duvet cover.

There are so many different ideas that I am sure will get you excited.

And would they cost you more than getting one made from a shop?

I doubt it.

How Do You Make A Duvet Cover With A Blanket?


A blanket!

Have you thought about that before?

Instead of going out and buying material, do you have a blanket that you would like to sew into a duvet cover?

Get the blanket you have or have gone and bought, lay the cover out making sure it is flat with no wrinkles in it.

If you do not have a big enough surface and for this project, I doubt you have.

Lay it on the floor.

Then go and lay your quilt on the floor on top of the blanket to get measurements.
Make sure that you also allow for the duvet cover at the sides.

Else you will end up sewing a duvet cover too small and will not fit outside the duvet itself.

I don’t want to see you jumping up and down because you got the measurements wrong.

Also do not forget at the bottom of the duvet cover, to make the overlap twice as big so to sew the opening reinforcement to sew the buttons on or ties.

Custom size duvet covers can be made from your own hands, or you can find a company online that does it.

But with custom size duvet covers…

Where is the fun in that!

Get creative and have a go yourself.