Best Waterproof Mattress Protector For What?

Best Waterproof Mattress Protector For What?

Dec 01, 2023

What is a waterproof mattress protector?

If you are not sure or what it is really for.

You better read along with me here and find out if a mattress cover is what you really need.

And the best waterproof mattress protector for your needs.

The Best Waterproof Mattress Protector For What?

Waterproof mattress protectors are what keep your mattress clean from any accidents and non-accidents…

Let’s explain the non-accidents.

Waterproof mattress protectors, or should I say the best waterproof mattress protector, protects your mattress by securing it from absorbing body excretions such as sweat and sweat from your body.


Your body secretes a lot of sweat during the night while you are sleeping, and you don’t even know it.

Now a mattress protector can take the form of flat rubberized flannel pads (commonly used under a bedsheet for infants) or special breathable fitted covers.

What Is The Best Waterproof Mattress Protector?

The Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors and Pads

  1. SafeRest- a Premium Mattress Protector. The best waterproof mattress protector
  2. Next- Priva Ultra Plus Sheet Protector. This is a waterproof pad
  3. Next- Linenspa Waterproof Sheet Protector
  4. Next- The Company Store Waterproof Cotton Mattress Pad. This is a waterproof soft topper

Do You Put A Fitted Sheet Over A Mattress Protector?


That depends.

If you feel that the mattress protector is slipping around because you toss around in bed a lot, then yes.

If you just want to feel the sheets, then yes again.

Though the downside is that if you are going to have an accident, you will have to take the bedsheet off and wash it.

So you need to think if you do want that extra work of unmaking your bed every time you have an accident.

But if these accidents only occur every so often, why not.

Do I Need Bed Sheets When I Use A Mattress Protector?

The mattress protector, in fact, is the best mattress protector is there for protection, but you will still really want to use a sheet on top of a bed topper when making the bed for your guests.

Who knows what they will get up to…

Putting a bedsheet over the top of mattress protectors will give added comfort for your guests and in turn, extend the life of your protector.

Should You Wash A New Mattress Protector?

Well, yes, it is a good idea that you should wash your mattress cover before putting it on your mattress because the fabric is starched during production for easy cutting.

Making it a bit like cardboard, not that it will stick up in the air when holding it upright.

I would not go that far…

But you want the soft feeling underneath you, not the feeling as though you are sleeping on a wooden board, right?

Therefore, washing the mattress protector will remove the starch from the product.

Is There A True Waterproof Mattress Cover?

There is a mattress protector brand called the GhostProtector from GhostBed is a waterproof protector that works with a wide range of mattresses.

It actually features proprietary materials that will be one of the best to safeguard your mattress against spills and allergens.

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So as the best waterproof mattress protector, it is right up there.

Should I Buy A Waterproof Mattress Protector?

If you have a new mattress, and not old which may already be stained, you do want your new mattress to look good.

At least for a while right?

So there is no need to purchase a mattress pad assuming you are happy with the mattress of course.

But a mattress protector on the other hand is all but required if you don’t want your mattress to get damaged if you have a lot of drinks, party in bed or just run amuck…

I don’t know what you get up to…
In fact, partying in bed could catch on.

Mattress covers are inexpensive, which is good, protects your investment – being your mattress, and has no visible impact, and shouldn’t dramatically change the way the mattress feels

Do Waterproof Mattress Protectors Make You Hot?


Even depending on the breathability of the plastic membrane that coats your waterproof mattress protector, you can either sleep very hot or not.
Even if it is the best waterproof mattress protector.

Additionally, the cover material of your mattress protector itself can also cause you to sleep hot you know…

So you do need to look into this.

What Is The Best Mattress Cover For Bed Wetting?

It does not matter if you are young or old, at any time in your life bed-wetting can come for one reason or the other.

The Best Mattress Protectors for Bedwetting.

  1. best for Overall – Saatva Waterproof Mattress Protector
  2. for the best Value – Viscosoft Micro Cotton Ring Spun Mattress Protector
  3. for the best Cooling ability – Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector
  4. for the best Luxury – Slumber Cloud Dryline Mattress Protector

How Long Do Waterproof Mattress Covers Last?

Even the best waterproof mattress protector will last one to two years.
Depending on how rough you are with it.

You should really replace your mattress protector when you notice that there are holes coming in it.

Or there are tattered and worn areas showing because that will compromise its protective qualities of course.


To keep that mattress cover of yours in shape, wash it along with your bedsheets and replace it about every one to two years, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

What Temperature Should I Wash My Mattress Protector?

You should be putting in your washing machine on a cold or lukewarm gentle wash and do not go using any harsh or abrasive cleaners on it.'

Do not even go putting it in the tumble dryer, let it dry in the sun or indoors where it’s warm.

Also, you should also never go dry cleaning a mattress protector either.

Even the best waterproof mattress protector will not last many years, but that’s what it’s there for, protecting your mattress.

Treat it right and your mattress protector will be there for maybe longer than you think.