Bedroom Rug Secrets Exposed! Here’s The Juicy Details

Bedroom Rug Secrets Exposed! Here’s The Juicy Details

Dec 02, 2023

We have all heard about the rug next to the fireplace…

So what about the bedroom rug then.

So we are thinking about putting a rug in the bedroom.

But let’s find out a little bit more about the rug for starters.

The Rug That Was

Did you know that humans have made rugs out of every possible material there is throughout millennia?

Well, they have...

In the early ages when rugs first came on the scene, ancient tribes wove together grasses and reeds to make primitive rugs to keep their dwellings warm not only underfoot.

But also in those days, they would have also been to lay down and sit on, making it more comfortable and keeping the cold from seeping up into their bodies.

Which in turn in the colder weather would have caused colds and other illnesses.

So the rug had not only an aesthetic use that it also holds today, but was mainly used to keep the dwellings of ancient civilizations warm and more foreboding.

It was over 5,000 years ago, that nomadic tribes hand-woven rugs out of:

  • sheep
  • camel
  • goats hair

Archaeologists have also uncovered evidence of rugs in Mesopotamian and Egyptian tombs that were dating back more than 4,000 years ago.

The oldest known surviving rug is known as the Pazyryk Carpet, which dates as far back as 500 BC.

It was discovered in Siberia as early as 1949. And had survived for all this time.

I would like to see some rugs now survive all that time, it must have been well made and very prized to have survived all that time.

Despite the age of this rug, the carpet is proof of an extremely advanced and intricate technique with rich colour fibres woven into it.

So, over 5,000 years ago, these nomadic tribes hand-woven rugs out of animal hair as I have mentioned above.

Now, these animals were domesticated and were the source of hair that was plentiful enough to make rugs for their owners.

Rugs through time went from a necessity to a highly prized belonging, as early man had more materials and ways to colour them. Rugs flourished into what you see today.

The reason for this was most probably individuals wanting to show off in status of prized belongings and also storytelling.

They had devised methods that brought in intricacy and pictures. Making them symbols of culture and status.

Where Did Rugs Originate From?

Ancient Persia, we have all heard of the stoic Persian Rug, unless you have been living under a rock most of your life.

That oldest surviving woven rug dated back to the year 500 B.C. And was actually found in ancient Persia, or now, modern-day Iran.

Prefer that name Persia myself…

There were hand-knotted carpets that had probably existed even hundreds of years earlier.

So it is surmised that rugs dated back much longer than the one discovered.

Such areas most probably would have been, which is now Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

What’s The Difference Between A Carpet And A Rug?

Glad this has come up as they are different.

And it is a good idea to know as you would not want to go into a carpet shop without being armed without this information to dazzle the salesperson just how much you know, do you?

Both in the countries of the United States and Great Britain, the word rug is often used for a partial floor covering.

Whereas a carpet is which is frequently tacked down to the floor and usually covers the whole floor in a room, from wall to wall.

The 4 Types Of Rugs And Carpets

In our modern times, the west calls it Flatweave:

  • HANDLOOM RUGS. Handloom carpets are knotted by hand in three different styles.
  • BRAIS.
  • MACHINE-MADE RUGS. Machine woven rugs by heavy electrical machines.

What Kind Of Rug Is Best For The Bedroom?

So, we now come to the bedroom rug.

Yes, that rug in the bedroom…

As we all know the bedroom is a low-traffic area.

This is the space that you use to go to sleep, so it should be quiet and out of the way.

So you would be thinking about a comfortable soft fluffy bedroom rug.
I know I would…

You know…

Those plush, high-pile or even the famous shag pile bedroom rugs.

It is also sensible that if you want your bedroom rug to last, you should be thinking about the Polypropylene and wool varieties.

They are both durable, hard-wearing, and…

Those most important in a bedroom – soft rug materials perfect in this setting.

Is A Bedroom Rug Necessary?

Some might ask…

Is a bedroom rug needed in a bedroom?

That depends on you really.

Say if you have a bedroom that has a wooden floor. I think in this circumstance that it is highly lightly that you should have a bedroom rug in it.

As the older houses can have those old wooden floorboards that you just want to show off.

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You think of a bedroom as cosy, which means that the floor should also be soft and warm underfoot to create that atmosphere.

If you have a bedroom that has wall to wall carpet and this carpet in say…

A shagpile carpet, then you really do not want a rug in the bedroom.

Some bedrooms do have a rug on top of a carpet, but I would say that this is something you would be looking for if your carpet is a short pile carpet, and you are looking for something more luxurious.

If the wall to wall carpet is blended in colour you can well do with a fancy rug or even a colourful rug to make a statement.

Depending on a person’s financial situation, they might not have the money to have an expensive carpet put down in their bedroom.

And often enough, the quality of the carpet is not that good and also a bit hard, then there is a good enough excuse to also go out and get a softer and colourful rug if you want.

A rug to put say decide your bed when you get up.

As that feeling of a soft rug under your feet is a lovely greeting to the day.

How Do I Place A Rug In A Bedroom?

Some people would say…

What do you mean you just put it on the ground.

But that is not what it means…

The placement of a rug in the bedroom can depend on a whole lot of things.
The size of the rug for instance…

What is your bedroom like overall?

Many think of the first thing that has been done forever, and that is placing the rug with its length against the width of the bed.

Or you could also place it under the front two-thirds of your bed.

Whatever the overall size of your bedroom, it is a good idea to allow at least 2′ to 3′ of the rug to show on each side of your bed.

Protecting Your Floors

Apart from looking good, making a statement and keeping your feet warm, there is another reason for rugs.

They have also been used to protect the floor.

Say if you have a polished floor with expensive floorboards that you want to keep pristine…

The best way you can do this is to put a rug down.

As the rug then will take the punishment of the foot traffic and can always be changed very easily while the floor can not.

Can I Put A Rug Next To Bed?

Rugs for the most, have been placed beside beds for hundreds of years.

That’s really the first thing you think of.

So no problems there…

For the bigger bedroom, you could place small area rugs (mostly 3’x5 or 4’x6′ depending on the space you have of course.

On either side of your bed with 12” to 18” of the bare floor all around them.

There is no right or wrong here, as the overall design of your bedroom will need to be in consideration of what will look good and what will just not look good.

The bedroom rug is a cosy feel don’t you think

It not only adds interest to a bedroom but also can be a prized object.

Have you ever thought about getting a designer rug for instance, or a run that is handmade? And I am not talking about you going out or online to buy one.

I am actually talking about you yourself making a hand rug.

A rug made by you is something that will take pride and place in your bedroom. And it does not mean that because you did it yourself that it will not look good.

Have some confidence in yourself, there are a lot of patterns that you can use and even kits to make rung now.

But if you are more for the bought rugs just because you do not want to be the crafty person in this instance…

That’s ok too…

Just a thought.

But you can go both ways here.

I would however advise that you have a look online and also in the decorating magazines to see what sorts of rugs are out there on the market.

And that does not mean that you just have to go for the first rug that is sold down the road at the time.

Even if your budget does not accommodate an expensive rug that you saw online
That’s ok too.

Because these rugs are not nailed down. You can always change them and get the rug of your dreams later.

Or just mix and match and change them over.

Even the changing of the season, the lighter rugs for the warmer weather and the darker for the colder months.