Bedroom Night Lamps That Will Enhance Your Space

Bedroom Night Lamps That Will Enhance Your Space

Dec 02, 2023

bedroom night lamps

When in a bedroom one needs bedroom night lamps.

But which one?

And how bright should they be?

I think we need to get into this subject to give you an idea of where to start in getting this right once and for all.

Bedroom Night Lamps are Illuminating

What are the Best Lamps for Bedroom Then?

It depends on what we are talking about here, as a trained Interior Decorator this question can be well…

A little broad indeed.

Are we talking about the lighting capacity or the design for your bedroom?
I think that we should cover both these topics, don’t you?

The bedroom lighting should be different to the rest of the house.

The reason being, that when in the bedroom you are going to relax, so the last thing you want is a strong light blaring at you.

This is not going to make the overall atmosphere of the bedroom relaxing.
And if you do have trouble sleeping this is not going to be a good start to the night is it?

Sleeping Problems and Bedroom Lighting

Your senses are adapted to the light factor.

This is what has been instilled in us through time.
You see…

Our time clock reacts to the light factors throughout evolution.

Rough Night

Have you ever felt if you slow down and have dim lighting, whether it be from a gloomy day or just a dim light in a room, that you start to feel drowsy after a while?

This is the light factor I am talking about.

And when you disturb your inner sensors to light timing, you are bound to have a great deal trying to fall to sleep at night.


Where do we go from here?

You need to not only consider the light factor but also what your bedroom lighting design is apart from just bedroom night lamps.

Some bedroom night lamps have material lampshading and others will let that light shine through a more industrial design.

You might be a modern person, but putting such a design of lighting such as this in your bedroom is bound to be a disaster for your sleep.

So you need to think about the surroundings for your light, or we could say light shades that are one important thing you need to consider.

Because whatever the wattage of your light is the light shade is also going to play a great part in how the light is filtered through.

How Bright Should Bedside Lamps Be

Brightness and Color Temperature

Yes, brightness and colour.

And you thought that this all was going be simple – here you are finding that lighting can be a lengthy subject.

But I am not going to bore you or make this article as long as.

Bedroom Lighting

Well… Until you find yourself falling to sleep anyway.


We can say for ambient lighting, you need to choose a bedside lamp that has at least 400 lumens.


If you do not know what LUMENS means – here is the answer.

A lumen measures how much light you are getting from an actual light bulb.

The more lumens mean it is going to be a brighter light, and the fewer lumens mean it is going to be a dimmer light.

A bedroom is going to be used for many things as it is also a place not only to sleep but also to rest and somewhere you can escape to and have some quiet time.

And you are not always relaxing.

I also use my bedroom to study for example.

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So, if you require light for other tasks such as:

  • reading
  • writing
  • studying
  • watching television
  • meditating

A lamp with between 450 and 850 lumens is ideal.

If you choose anything brighter than this would likely be too excessive for your bedroom.

What Kind of Lamp do You use for the Bedside?

Assuming that you might have a nightstand that is the same height as your mattress or a couple of inches higher.

Bed Lamp
You need to look for a lamp about the same height as your nightstand plus an extra 2 or 3 inches on that.

For example…

If your nightstand is say 24 inches high, a lamp that is around 27 inches tall will most probably look the best.

What Bulb is Best for a Bedroom

I have on the occasion brought a bulb that has been too bright for me in the bedroom.
These globes usually get the short shift out to another room.

I do not keep them in my bedroom just because I bought them.

At the end of the day, you want to go into your bedroom and unwind, which means avoiding melatonin – disrupting blue light at all costs.


Light bulbs in a bedside lamp should be very warm or you could say a warm white – opt for a colour temperature somewhere around 2,000 – 2,700K.

I know that bulbs are not that cheap anymore, not like in the old days. But we do have to remember that globes have changed.

They are more energy efficient – thus helping out the planet so we do have to put this in as a factor of price as experimentation has to be done to develop this new way of lighting right.

Different Types of Bedroom Lighting

If you are like me, I sometimes go back in time and just go for the old-fashioned candle.

That flickering flame can keep me amused forever, but mind that you put it out before you fall to sleep.

You can have all manner of lighting, night lamps are usually freestanding. Such free-standing light lamps are floor lamps which you can move around.

Table lamps that are always beside your bed.

Or the modern lighting that does not need a light shade.

Industrial Lighting

I am not going to go into detail here because you can write a book about this subject alone.

And really…

I think I would fall asleep writing so much of this subject, not the most riveting of subjects.

What I will say is that you first need to consider the strength of your bedroom night lamps, this is important.

Then if you like to keep your bedroom in a theme or are deciding to do this now after looking at your bedroom that is all over the place with odd furniture and embellishments.

Then you need to think of them and start to look at bedroom lighting that is going to fit into your theme.

And if you think you will be stuck for choice?

The only reason that you would be stuck for choice is because you will have too many to choose from.

So, we have touched on bedroom night lamps but it is a lofty subject. So focusing on the strength of lighting for your bedroom and a few other things such as bedroom themes and bedroom lighting designs is a good start.

It might just get you thinking more on the subject, or just how much is involved.