Bed Bugs That Bite You In Your Sleep

Bed Bugs That Bite You In Your Sleep

Dec 03, 2023

Bed Bugs

If you have not heard of them before.

They are going to make themselves known to you some time.

And they will announce themselves to sharing your bed – fine in one way the sinister thing here is that they are bloodsuckers!

Bed Bugs Can Be Everywhere

Most probably, your bed contains hundreds to thousands of bed bugs that crawl and creep into your body when you are asleep.

Bed bugs are like insects equipped with intelligence.

They really can get smart even though they have a little brain…

These bugs suck the blood of their host, which of course are humans, and sometimes animal pets like frogs, cats, birds and even bats.

A long time ago, they are most prevalent among birds’ nests.

But because just like the human species, the bed bug is evolving and adapting to environmental changes, they have learned to crawl into people’s homes, particularly beds and room surfaces.

They take their sumptuous meals by using their elongated beaks to pierce through the skin of the host.

After that, they start the feast and harshly suck on blood until they can no longer take more.
What a fortune!

While people find it hard to find food, in fact, these bugs find it very easy. And more often, they feast and do not run out of supplies.

Diseases From Bed Bugs

Doctors and medical practitioners assure, however, that bed bug bites are not that harmful.

Mosquito bites are far more threatening because they can sometimes transfer a number of serious ailments like malaria, dysentery, elephantiasis or h-fever.

In comparison, bites of the bed bug do not pose much of a health risk.
Bed bugs can be a host to a number of diseases but they seldom pass this on to their hosts or victims.

Good thing that bed bugs are safe biters when it comes to ailments and diseases transferred through that way.

Understanding How These Bugs Bite

As described earlier, bed bugs use their beaks to pierce the skin and get or suck the abundant supply of blood.

By doing so, it is inevitable for them not to transfer or leave their saliva into the pierced skin.

This saliva, thankfully, can never contain diseases or pathogens. But, this saliva can cause allergic reactions.

Some people’s systems will react harshly to such bites.

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Hence, most bed bugs’ bites swell after 10 minutes to 24 hours. Just like mosquito bites, they swell and appear reddish.

They are also accompanied by little discomfort and itchiness.

The itch from bed bugs’ bites can be so persistent and annoying that if you keep on scratching, you will be tempted to make it harder. By that, you will be creating little wounds.

At most, that is what bed bus bites can do.

Avoiding The Bugs Bite

Of course, the best and most effective way to prevent or avoid bug bites is by making sure the insects will not appear during sleep hours.

And how can that be?

By ensuring that your bed or your room as a whole is not infested by bed bugs.

To prevent bed bugs from attacking, maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Regularly clean the room and be thorough in cleaning crevices and cracks on floors and walls.

If you like travelling, make sure the place you are staying in is not infested with these little bugs.

Otherwise, the bed bug can get into your baggage, and voila, when you unpack your things at home and will be spread into your room.

There are also insect-repellant products in the market. There are those products that can be applied to your skin like lotion.

Once you have these repellants, bed bugs will be reluctant to get near you.

They will find your skin a danger zone and will find you unappealing as a food source. Isn’t that appealing to you?

Bed bugs, wrapping up
Bed bug bites are hard to avoid especially if you are not living alone in your room, or you have thousands of bed bugs families in your bed. Prevention is better than cure.

Might as well be very careful not to make your room and bed breeding grounds for bed bugs.

In the market, you can also find dozens of lotions or skin products that serve as repellants for bed bugs.

Being bitten by bed bugs can never be serious, don’t worry. All you have to do is treat the bitten skin part the way you would treat mosquito bites.

They normally fade out and heal by themselves over a little time.