And Why Would You Invest In A Custom Made Mattress

And Why Would You Invest In A Custom Made Mattress

Dec 01, 2023

Why would you invest in a custom-made mattress when there are so many mattresses out there for sale on the market now.

Let’s find out.

Custom Made Mattress, What For

Did you know that a custom-made mattress can be highly beneficial for you…

Especially if you are looking for a specific size mattress with certain features that are suitable to you.

You could be very tall, for instance.

Did you know that spend about 1/3rd of our lives sleeping on our mattresses?

This brings forth the question, is it crucial to make sure that your own mattress is cosy and comfortable.

Let’s have a look at why your next mattress should be a custom-made one: 100% Made to Your Specification’s and the key reasons for this decision.

There is a wide range of mattresses available on the market, so why a customised mattress?

Some mattresses are designed to maximise things such a comfort and convenience, while there are others that are designed to just address pain.

Now, each mattress has dimensions that vary slightly based on the thickness of materials used in the manufacturing of the mattress itself.

So for instance…

Say if you decide to add a gel mattress topper or foam to your bed, you could find that your bed’s dimensions just do not match up with what is commercially available on the mattress market.

So, choosing one of those custom-made mattresses can in fact have you avoid all these hassles as they are made to fit your own personal specifications.

Made To Utilise That Personal Space f Yours

What if you live in a small house, or a condo that is not suited to accommodate your needs in the bedroom space?

So, if your bedroom isn’t spacious enough, or it could even be shaped irregularly, a custom mattress is most probably the only viable solution that you have apart from sleeping on the floor…

Most pre-made mattresses do come in standard sizes, so, you can not get precisely what you are looking for, for all circumstances.

Even in the best-case or scenarios, it might take up a lot of your time and effort to be running around trying to find the mattress, and with the right materials that fits your space perfectly.

As you can see now…

In these situations, custom-made mattresses are starting to look like the best option.

Can You Get A Custom Made Mattress?

There is no problem with that, a customisable mattress can be made to your specifications, so you do need to do a little homework as to what materials you want on your mattress.

And you will get advice from the manufactures as to choices such as:

  • firmness options
  • design
  • height
  • materials
  • toppers
  • shape

How Much Do Custom Beds Cost?

You might start to think that custom beds and mattresses are pricey from the start
just because you are getting one personally made.

A standard bed can typically cost you as little as $400.
Usually not more than say $2,000.

When it comes to a custom-made bed now…

You will be looking at no less than about $1,800.

And I say But!

Because you can be reaching upwards to about $5,000.

Of course, the prices will in fact vary depending on the type of wood you might select as well.

So deciding on buying a customised bed, you also need to remember that with a different sized mattress, you will also be needing a bed frame that is going to be the same dimensions as your new mattress.

But you have such choices, as having it upholstered or not, and the size and also the complexity of the project in hand.

Reflecting Your Taste And Style

Investing in a custom mattress also means that you can express yourself, if you are paying for a custom-made mattress why would you not.

You might like the modern look or go for a more classic look depending on your tastes.

I would be careful at deciding on the look to your home, as it is customised you most probably want it around for quite some time.

So what if you move house?

Make the style your own.

You might want to incorporate an upholstered look, with a lush or stylised bedhead to create a vibe all to yourself…

No matter what sort of style or preference you have.

You have the luxury of making it your own.

With all the materials to choose from…

Where to start.

You may want this then change your mind.

Drive the mattress manufacturers crazy…
But that’s ok.

Because you’re paying for it, for what you want!

The Price Of Choice

Custom-made mattresses as you would assume are relatively expensive.
But don’t let that scare you off.

You can dabble with material choices to decide costs.

The overall benefits of a customised mattress does quickly outweigh that initial cost.

And the value that such mattresses offer to you is merely incomparable compared to a mattress bought from a store.

You get all those choices.

To choose everything…

Customizations, the materials, design, the add-ons, as well as other goodies you will find along the way.

Making the custom-made mattress an overall worthy investment for you.

That Good Night’s Sleep

Nothing is measurable to a good nights sleep to recharge your batteries overnight.

I mean, everyone has different sleeping patterns and sleeping styles.

So always choosing for a mass-produced pre-made mattress can often fall into misery if it does not suit you.

It’s like house buying.

If this house had that in it.

And if that house was on that ache rage…

You are the expert of what you need.

Your needs match up to the level of relaxation and comfort that only a custom mattress can offer you.

Custom-made mattress, are guaranteed to give you that restful, deep sleep every night.
In turn…

Looking after your overall health and wellbeing.

Your bedroom at most times reflects your sense of taste and individual style, its space promotes those feelings of satisfaction that actually do contribute to a better nights sleep.

And a custom made mattress could just play that crucial role in achieving your overall contentment.

So, do think of buying a custom made mattress if you are looking for something more.

And the shelf mattress is not giving you.